Loei’s Extravagant Holiday: Discover Thailand’s 9 Finest Experiences

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Drawing in tourists from around the world for generations, the North-Eastern province of Loei in Thailand has been the perfect destination for those willing to spend a few nights alongside the Mekong river. Offering something for everyone, Loei is renowned for its cheerful locals who keep the atmosphere lively here. While some tourists consider visiting Loei during their vacation in Isan, others simply come to Loei to enjoy their holiday in a relaxed manner. The Phi Ta Khon Festival here is a celebrated event that attracts people from all walks of life. Here is the compilation of activities to do in Loei that will allow you to experience this province at its finest:

Kaeng Khut Khu

9 Finest Activities To Do In Loei

The mountainous region of Loei presents the opportunity for you to rejuvenate yourself amidst nature. Whether you are eager to acquaint yourself with the plant and animal life, or you wish to explore some of the most breathtaking temples, Loei has it all. This guide provides you with the knowledge of 10 activities to engage in during your visit to Loei.

1. Kaeng Khut Khu2. Suan Sawan3. Phu Bo Bit Forest Park4. Cave Shrine5. Rock Garden6. Wat Si Khun Mueang7. Phi Ta Khon Museum8. Phra That Si Songrak9. Chateau de Loei Commercial Winery

1. Kaeng Khut Khu

Suan Sawan

The Kaeng Khut Khu is situated at a curve alongside the Mekong river. With the mountains serving as a backdrop, this popular stop allures tourists primarily due to its scenic landscape. If you are fortunate enough, you might catch sight of the waterfall here, which becomes visible when the water flow is strong. Located at a distance of approximately 5 kilometers from the town, this spot is perfect for savoring some Thai delicacies as well. You should definitely try the crunchy deep-fried shrimp or dancing shrimp. Another popular dish that people often sample here is the bowl of live shrimp.

Location: Chiang Khan, Chiang Khan District, Loei 42110, Thailand

person looking from the peak in the park

2. Suan Sawan

Allowing you to experience some excitement, Suan Sawan combines a rugged hiking trail and a vantage point. Recognized as the Divine Garden, this place is perfect for those seeking adventure during their journey to Loei. After trekking and scaling the rocks, you will arrive at the viewpoint where you can admire the picturesque beauty of the surroundings. The excursion lasts for approximately one and a half hours. Consider having a guide with you if you wish to learn more about the local area and stay on the right path. Your visit to Loei will be incomplete without experiencing these attractions in the city of Loei.

Location: 22/9 moo 5, tong nai pan noi Bantai koh phangan surat thani 84280, Thailand

3. Phu Bo Bit Forest Park

Cave Shrine

The Phu Bo Bit Forest Park requires little effort from you and instead rewards you with breathtaking visual delight. 1400 steep steps await you at the park only if you are prepared to indulge yourself in a 360 degree panorama of the vibrant town at the end. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Buddha Cave on your way to the summit. While this excursion can be completed in one and a half hours, the park itself is situated 3 kilometers away from the town center. This place is ideal for witnessing a serene and stunning sunset.

Location: Chaiyaphruek, Mueang Loei District, Loei 42000, Thailand

4. Cave Shrine

Situated on the border of Loei and Nongbualamphu, Tham Erawan provides the opportunity for you to burn calories and visit a cave shrine at the same time. You will need to climb 600 steps to reach the shrine. As you continue towards the cave, you will encounter the Buddha statue from where you will enter the cave. The lights will guide you through the chamber until you reach the other side of the mountain. Be mindful of returning early as the lights are turned off in the afternoon. The cave can be accessed from Ban Pha Wang, which is reachable by bus.

Location: Nong Bua Lamphu, Thailand

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5. Rock Garden

Frequently referred to as the Exquisite Rock Garden, the Sun Hin Pha Ngam entices visitors due to the weathered stones that bear resemblance to the Stone Forest in China. It is advisable to saunter along the labyrinthine trail traversing the forest under the guidance of an expert who can introduce you to the diverse aspects of the garden. Though the pathway may appear slightly demanding, the rewards that await you at the end make it all worthwhile. This is deemed as one of the most noteworthy activities to undertake in Loei, Thailand.

famous temple in LoeiRock Garden

Location: Moo 10, Pha Ngam Rd., Puan Phu, Nong Hin, Loei 42190 Thailand

6. Wat Si Khun Mueang

Constructed in the Lao style, this Buddhist temple combines elements of both central and northern Thai styles. It is believed to have been built during the reign of Rama III. The facade of the temple is adorned with a mural depicting Jakarta Tales. Despite its small size, the temple exudes elegance. The entrance is embellished with towering guardians and Singhs. Additionally, the temple houses a Buddha statue seated upon a Naga serpent. Accessible from Chai Kong Road, you can visit this temple during your stroll through the streets. Admission is free here.

Phi Ta Khon Museum

Location: Mak Khaeng, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand

7. Phi Ta Khon Museum

Situated in close proximity from the Wat Phon Chai, the Phi Ta Khon Museum takes you on a vibrant voyage of traditional Phi Ta Khon. Aside from showcasing various exhibits, this museum is residence to two distinct types of Phi Ta Khon. Phi Ta Khon Yai, available in both male and female versions, is designed for the predetermined ceremonies. Phi Ta Khon Lek, the second type, is typically observed biennially. Furthermore, you can witness the process of crafting the Phi Ta Khon mask.

Phra That Si Songrak

Location: Dan Sai, Loei, Thailand

8. Phra That Si Songrak

Constructed in the domain of 1560s, this Ivory Pagoda stands as the symbol of the act of goodwill between the Lao of Wiang Chan and Ayuthaya’s Thai kingdom. This place of worship is revered by couples who come to pray for eternal love. Wearing any form of red attire inside the temple is strictly prohibited. If you happen to be in Loei during the months of May and June, it is highly recommended to visit this site due to the Phi Ta Khon celebration. The museum here exhibits a selection of artifacts crafted by the locals.

Chateau de Loei Commercial Winery

Location: Dan Sai, Dan Sai District, Loei 42120, Thailand

9. Chateau de Loei Commercial Winery

One of the most thrilling activities to engage in while in Loei Thailand is a visit to the initial commercial winery in the nation. This establishment played a crucial role in the creation and introduction of the first Thail wine in 1995. By utilizing the cool climate of the Northern Highlands, this winery produces some of the finest wines in the region. Whether you desire to sample some or purchase some to take home, this is an essential destination.

Location: Rong Chik, Phu Ruea District, Loei 42160, Thailand

Despite the abundance of activities available in Loei, the following list has been compiled to ensure that you have the most spectacular experience during your vacation. Whether you have always desired to hike up a trail for an awe-inspiring view or indulge in some local wine tasting, this guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of the must-do activities in Loei. So, organize your travel plans to Thailand and discover the breathtaking vistas this country has to offer, alongside your cherished companions!

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