Unveiling the Spectacular Shopping Spots of Manila for the Ultimate Shopaholic Experience!

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The Philippines is one of the popular tourist destinations recognized for its shorelines, woodlands, isles, mountains, and much more. The country is also renowned for its distinctive style and fashion. The urban center of Manila has an eclectic mix of structures and an Americanised-southeast Asian way of life. This cosmopolitan city is recognized for its shopping centers, marketplace, outlets, department stores, and many more. These are the flourishing part of the place. Some of the spots for the top shopping in Manila are listed below.

Top Spots For Shopping In Manila

Discover and explore the top spot for shopping in Manila to unleash that shopaholic within you.

Sm Mall Of Asia

1. Divisoria Mall Market

Most of you might get a bit disheartened by looking at the banners hanging on the doors of the shops written ‘Fixed price’. Divisoria market presents a wide variety of good quality products at lower prices and all at bargains as well. If bustling places are not bothersome for you, it is the finest place for you to go shopping. We do have different tastes and preferences while buying a product. People who do not prefer shopping out in the streets can go for air-conditioned malls and shops near the market itself.

Hours: 5:30am-7:30pmLocation: M.De Santos street in the heart of Manila Chinatown

2. Sm Mall Of Asia

168 Shopping Mall In Manila

It is the largest shopping mall in Philippines located in popular area of Manila Bay Front with a floor area of 40 hectares, widely known for top shopping or western brands in manila. People who enjoy luxurious experiences, SM Mall is the prime choice. Its features are remarkable offering a vast selection for the customers in fashion boutiques, concert grounds, amusement parks, 3 movie theaters, branded products, and many more.

Hours: 10am- 10pmLocation: J.W Diokno Boulevard on Manila Bay frontTel: 6325560680

3. 168 Shopping Mall

Robinson Place Manila

The greatest spot for purchasing garments in Manila is the five-story complex situated close to the Division market. It not just offers garments yet additionally an assortment of items for individuals of all age gatherings, such as toys, footwear, bags, and much more. Around the complex, you can discover food and restaurants.

Operating Hours: 10am-10pmLocation: On Sta Elena Street in Binondo, Manila’s chinatownContact Number: 632247796

4. Robinson Place Manila

Wondering where to purchase inexpensive branded garments in Manila? This slightly old shopping center is the largest mall in the Philippines. It offers a variety of items and stores such as clothing, toys, accessories, and more for customers with a mid-range budget. The mall also includes food and restaurant options, as well as cinema halls.

Operating Hours: 10am-10pmLocation: At the corner of Adriatico and Pedro Gil street

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