5-Day Trip to Thailand in January: Unforgettable Activities and Adventures!

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Thailand is widely recognized for its tropical coastlines and islands that attract numerous visitors each year. Romantic sea voyages with an incredible shopping venture make this place popular for a tranquil vacation. Like countless others, going to Thailand in January was on our list of things to do. We desired to explore a lively beach destination, and what could have been superior to Thailand. Our marvelous tour consisted of destinations such as Phuket, Krabi, and Bangkok. Continue reading to discover the breathtaking experience we had on our journey to the Land of grins.

Phi Phi Island

Particulars Of Our Journey To Thailand In January

Journey Cost: INR 51,500/-Number Of Individuals: 2Journey Duration: 5 Days & 4 NightsInclusions: Government Taxes/VAT/ Service Charges, Airfare, Cab, Airport transfers, BreakfastExclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Visa fees, Honeymoon suppliments, Insurance

Our Journey To Thailand In January Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in KrabiDay 2: Krabi 4 Island by Speedboat or longtail boatDay 3: Phi Phi Island tour by cruiseDay 4: Arrival in Bangkok and Chaopraya Princess Dinner CruiseDay 5: Safari World and Marine Park

Climate In Thailand In January

January is one of the finest months of the year to visit Thailand as the climatic conditions are favorable all over the country. Thailand climate in January remains at an average low of 22°C whereas the average high reaches 32°C. It is the ideal period to explore Thailand on foot as the climate is neither excessively hot nor excessively cold.

5 Astonishing Encounters Of Thailand In January

These are several of the remarkable encounters we had on our journey to Thailand in January. We completely relished our time in Thailand, frequently referred to as the “Land of grins”.

Relaxing On Beach

1. Discover The Phi Phi Island Tour

More than what we heard about the captivating elegance of the Phi Phi island, the encounter of witnessing it was unparalleled. The island is renowned for its unique coastlines and exhilarating adventure pursuits like snorkeling and swimming. At Phi Phi Ley Island, there are abundant sightseeing options around Maya Bay, Pileh Bay, Loh Samah Bay, and Viking Cave to experience the azure crystal-clear water. We thoroughly enjoyed unwinding with vibrant tropical fishes at Coral Bay. Phi Phi island tour by cruise was certainly a marvelous experience for us.

Krabi 4 Island

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2. Thrilling Krabi-Four-Island Tour

4 island excursion by longtail boat is a must-visit when you are journeying to Thailand in January. It was extremely enjoyable to partake in snorkeling at Chicken Island. We had delectable Thai customary lunch on the island followed by fries and beer. The beer table tennis drinking games at one of the cafes added to the excitement. We spent the remainder of the time unwinding on the island basking in the sunlight.

Temple At Nightbeer drinks

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3. Bangkok’s Night Attractions

On the 4th day of our 5 days in Thailand, we indulged in shopping in Bangkok during the day. Experiencing Bangkok’s attractions at night on the renowned Chao Phraya dinner cruise was a one-of-a-kind experience for us. For anyone seeking a luxurious and ideal romantic setting, this is one of the best activities to partake in while in Bangkok. We relished our dinner, which included a wide array of Thai dishes to international cuisine, along with the option of an Indian buffet, all while the melodic singer performed soothing pop and jazz songs. There are also numerous opportunities for taking photos of the iconic Bangkok historical structures and religious temples.

On the same day, we also visited Soi cowboy, which is one of the most intriguing places to explore in Bangkok at night. The entertainment district is brilliantly illuminated and vibrant, with music playing loudly.

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4. A Day At The Renowned Safari World

Another captivating place we visited on our Travel to Thailand in January was the aquatic world and safari park in Bangkok. There were numerous displays like dolphin show, alligator show happening there which kept our enthusiasm intact. Exploring the well-known park was truly an unforgettable memory for us.

On the same day, we spent a significant amount of time around Sukhumvit area which is a center for shopping, dining and immersing ourselves in the lively nightlife of the city.

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5. A Food Enthusiast’s Delight

The greatest aspect of vacationing in Thailand is that you can easily find Indian cuisine here. Our most memorable encounter was at Ao nang beachside cafes and at the night market where we thoroughly relished the food and beers. These street food stalls offer a wide range of options at a reasonable price.

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Our Accommodation In Thailand In January

In Krabi, we stayed at Srisukhsant Ao nang beach and Poonsiri resort while in Bangkok, our chosen hotel was Holiday Inn Express Sukhumvit 11. The properties at both of these places were truly commendable. The rooms were spacious and the staff members were amiable in all the hotels. We stored our belongings in the hotel luggage room on the final day and requested the staff to open it for us multiple times, and they were kind enough to do so. The cuisine in Thailand is distinct from that of other countries, but the breakfast options in the hotels we stayed at never failed to impress us.

Window seat

Cuisine In Thailand In January

Thailand is a paradise for food enthusiasts. We primarily indulged in numerous street delicacies in Ao nang Krabi as we wanted to explore the street food scene. We even visited the Ao Nang night market area, which is again an open food court. The beach walk area in Ao nang provides an open space to dine with live cooking stalls. It was an incredible experience to try fruit shakes, beers, and seafood not from the menu but by directly selecting from the stall. We also savored burgers, pancakes, seafood, pork, and many other dishes at an affordable price.

While in Bangkok we visited the night cruise where the dinner was outstanding. On other days of our stay in Bangkok, we went to Chinese restaurants in China town area and Sukhumvit area where the food was incredibly astonishing. If you want to stick to Indian cuisine, worry not, there are numerous Indian restaurants serving Indian cuisine exclusively. Also, don’t forget to try pork, spring rolls, pancakes, some seafood, and other similar items.

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Shopping In Thailand In January

Shopping in Thailand is a paradise for all the shopaholics out there. This was on our to-do list and Bangkok and Krabi shopping didn’t disappoint us. The Indira square market is simply fantastic in Bangkok. Sukhumvit street market is equally impressive and the same goes for Ao nang night market and Ao nang beachside market. Ao nang beachside market is so vast that we couldn’t cover the entire area on foot even in 3 hours.

Some of the best things to shop include affordable electronics like the replica of speakers, garments, women handbags, travel bags, and more.

Tips For Thailand Travel In January

Below are a few Thailand travel tips for future travelers planning their trip.

  • Krabi is truly remarkable and therefore never skip traveling to Krabi on your trip to Thailand
  • Phuket and Pattaya are more or less the same, so you can skip one or the other
  • Keep your passports in the hotel lockers and just carry duplicates of the same while roaming around
  • Don’t miss out on the unique Thai cuisines and snorkeling experience in the open sea
  • Do visit the popular red-light areas just for the great outer experience
  • For Visa on arrival, as soon as you land, go and stand in the queue while your partner can prepare the documents in order to save time

Do’s & Don’ts On A Thailand Trip

    • Do not take Buddha Images without permission
    • Do dress appropriately when you are visiting a temple or a sacred site
    • Do not invalidate your travel insurance
    • Don’t touch anyone’s head in Thailand. It is not considered as welcoming

What To Pack For A Thailand Trip

  • A sunscreen lotion, cap, and a hat
  • A mosquito repellent
  • Your identification proofs and their duplicates
  • Bathing suit or a swimsuit
  • Adequate currency
  • Universal power adapter

Our Experience With Fred and Fuzzys

We had an incredible experience with Fred and Fuzzys on our trip to Thailand in January. There were a few obstacles here and there, but if you are traveling internationally and have a contact number, you can always reach out to your travel advisor and they will resolve any confusion or issues.

We were quite content with their services and this was my 4th trip with Fred and Fuzzys and I don’t think I need to elaborate any further about how it went.

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Are you also considering traveling to Thailand in January? Take note of some suggestions from our travel experience and begin planning your own trip to Thailand. You can check out the exciting offers on the Fred and Fuzzys website and customize the itineraries according to your requirements. We assure you that you won’t regret your journey to Thailand and will return with beautiful memories for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions You May Have About Visiting Thailand In January

Is Thailand warm in January?

January is one of the coldest months of the year in Thailand. Since Thailand is situated near the north of the equator, the country experiences tropical weather throughout the year, resulting in only a slight drop in temperature compared to the hottest months.

Does it rain in Thailand in January?

If you are traveling to Thailand in January, you will be in the northeast monsoon season, which experiences more rainfall compared to the southwest monsoon. Even if there is rain in January, it is usually brief.

What currency is used in Thailand?

The currency of Thailand is Thai Baht. The most suitable option for Indians traveling to Thailand would be to convert INR to USD here in India.

Why is Thailand renowned for tourism?

The tropical climate and beautiful beaches alone are sufficient to make any country popular. Thailand boasts exotic beaches, rich culture, a notable history, well-developed infrastructure, excellent restaurants, and delicious street food that attract tourists from all over the world.

What are some essential items to pack for a trip to Thailand in January?

Ensure that you pack slip-on shoes, a water bottle, insect repellent, sunscreen, rain gear, a sweater or sweatshirt, lightweight clothing suitable for warm weather, hiking shoes, and a power converter, regardless of the time of year.

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