Promoting Indian Artisans: Etsy India’s Digital Initiative

by operator

Etsy India’s initiative ‘Desi for Pardesi’ is aimed at creating global awareness for Indian brands – Etsy- Facebook Etsy India is using this initiative to showcase and promote Indian-made products to an international audience, with a specific focus on the Indian diaspora. The company made this announcement on its India-specific Instagram page. The campaign is designed to encourage both artisans and buyers to appreciate and support Indian heritage crafts, thereby increasing the demand for such products.


As part of this initiative, Etsy India is hosting a series of ‘conversations’ that delve into various aspects of Indian craft traditions. These conversations aim to educate and engage viewers and entrepreneurs. The platform has already conducted conversations like ‘Empowering rural artisans’ featuring fashion designer Rahul Mishra and ‘Celebrating the legacy of India’s artisans on a global stage’ featuring craft entrepreneur Maximiliano Modesti.

In addition, Etsy India is also sharing mini-tutorials on its Instagram page to inspire people to try their hand at crafts. These tutorials include topics such as creating a paper bookmark and making terracotta earrings.

Etsy India is also revealing information about Indian crafts as segment of the initiative. A few of the Indian enterprises showcased in the initiative involve attire label Resha by Medhavini, which produces loose-fitting men’s and women’s clothing with fanciful patterns and Delhi-based jewelry label Abhika Jewels.

With cyber commerce progressively becoming indispensable to the Indian retail panorama, Etsy India strives to inspire craft-oriented enterprises to seize this expansion potential.

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