Thailand Excursion 2023: 10 Tranquil Escapes near Chiang Mai That Soothe Your Thrill-seeking

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All the thrill-seekers should read this one! Because it is time to gear up for some captivating hiking in a lesser known city of Thailand. Letting you go international and take the offbeat path, Chiang Mai hiking is a unique experience that allows you to embark and witness the beauty of different landscapes. Be it the mountains or the rivers, jungles or the waterfalls, Chiang Mai hiking is all about satisfying your excitement.

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10 Top Chiang Mai Hiking Sites

Hence, here’s a list of ten hiking sites that one must explore on your next trip! Go off the beaten tracks in Thailand and explore the natural wonders of nature on this less trodden path in Chiang Mai in Thailand. Chiang Mai Hiking sites are going make you fall in love with Thailand and its breathtaking beauty. Let’s have a look at some of the best sites for hiking.

1. Trek Across Mae Taeng River

It is one of the jungle treks where you cross a river, move through varied terrains and experience amazing things along the way making it one of the best treks in Chiang Mai. The time taken is depending upon your speed as the distance is not that much. But the waterfall along the way, the river will entice you to stay there for few minutes at least. And also the fact that the websites and online sites suggest its difficulty level to be of moderate level. You could move there at any time of the year.

3-Hour Waterfall Trek

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2. 3-Hour Waterfall Trek

This is a fairly easy and pretty much desirable for a fun trek when the whole family is around. The waterfall gives you and option to revive yourself in the soothing yet chilly waters making it one of the best treks in Chiang Mai. Various tour operators get you the facility of changing your clothes, bathing using hot waters, etc. the round trip takes around 3 hours until you come back to the starting point. It is an easy level trek and should be tried as the terrain is also not very challenging or varying.

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3. Forest Hike

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Among the finest Chiang Mai hiking options, this particular one is an intriguing excursion as it necessitates a total of 6 hours and could potentially be longer depending on your schedule. You can discover an enchanting village called Lahu. It is exceptionally beautiful and is located on the route of this forest hike. Furthermore, you will encounter another village and a series of rejuvenating waterfalls throughout your journey. These can serve as your opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation before continuing your walk. The difficulty level of the hike is moderate and demands a significant amount of physical stamina and time.

4. Stamina Hike

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For a testing Chiang Mai hiking experience, this hike is designed to challenge your endurance and willingness to walk a distance of 14 kilometers. From the moment you embark on this journey, after a few hours, you will find yourself at a high elevation. The terrain continues to rise, and it takes approximately 6 hours to reach the endpoint. There are picturesque views along your uphill journey, including orchards, farms, and more. It is one of the more difficult hikes available on this island.

Samoeng Area

5. Muang Kurt To Huay Kukap

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This hike offers its participants a plethora of visually stunning delights. Everything you could wish to see from a hilltop is accessible during this trek. As you hike, lush greenery is a common and expected sight, accompanied by breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenes that resemble works of art. It is an interesting 600-meter hike that provides a glimpse into the culture of the hill tribe. And to add to the experience, there is a creek where you can relax and unwind.

6. Samoeng Area

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If you desire to plan a hike between the months of November and March, this hike will surely catch your attention. It may not take hours or a day, but it will lead you on a journey of walking, stopping, resting, walking again, and returning, turning it into a two-day trip. So, it’s a hike within a trip or vice versa that this place offers. You will have the opportunity to observe a variety of natural and verdant vegetation, as well as different bird species and animals. This hike begins in the Samoeng area and ends in the Mae Wang area.


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7. Mae Wang

This region can initiate your next hike with a simple, joyful, and cheerful ambiance. This harmonizes with the picturesque natural environment and abundant natural scenery. For those who are unaware, Mae Wang boasts a Mae Wang national park. Additionally, since this is a village, the village lifestyle could be an intriguing aspect to explore while trekking. You can visit this area at any time throughout the year.

Mountain Doi InthanonMae Wang in Thailand

8. Mountain Doi Inthanon

A hike without a mountain is comparable to a stroll in your neighborhood. Thus, this trek to the mountain provides an authentic hiking experience. Its highest summit is situated on the southwest side of the city. If you employ a local guide, they might charge approximately 200 baht or more for the journey to the park.

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9. Mae Tang Area

It is one of the simplest treks and most adored by tourists as it is available year-round. It offers everything that a profound, captivating nature stroll would provide. The seamless brooks, the mae tang river, the entertainment activities all act as a magnet for this place. The most enjoyable part of this trek is the flexibility regarding the required time.

The Baan Pha Dang Trek

10. The Baan Pha Dang Trek

It commences from this location and concludes at the huay kukap area. It encompasses diverse terrains and several villages to traverse. You can relish the customs of hill tribes as you pass through different villages. It only takes 3 hours, making it an easy trek to embark on.

Trekking in Chiang Mai, for adventureous experience in Thailand

Optimal Period For Chiang Mai Trekking

While Chiang Mai serves as the perfect destination for exploring the wilderness and allowing trekking enthusiasts to experience a taste of nature, it is wise to be aware of the best time to visit the adventure capital of northern Thailand for trekking and engaging in this exhilarating activity. It acts as a gathering place for backpackers and globetrotters who delight in sharing their common interests and passion for trekking and adventure sports in general.

Prepare yourself and pack your bags for an adventure in the northern region of Thailand. The most suitable time of the year for trekking in Chiang Mai is throughout the year. Before finalizing your trip, take into consideration the areas you intend to visit and create a schedule for your visit.

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What Are The Three Seasons For Trekking In Chiang Mai?

However, Chiang Mai generally experiences three seasons, including the dry and cool season, wet season, and hot season.

1. Dry Season

The dry season commences around October and extends until March, typically serving as the prime time to go trekking in Chiang Mai as the weather is mild with no extreme temperatures. The gentle breeze during this period makes the climb easier and allows for the enjoyment of breathtaking views.

Chiang Mai

2. Summer

The hot season starts around April and continues until June. This period entails hot and humid weather that trekkers usually attempt to avoid. The temperatures can soar up to 40 degrees, making trekking a challenging endeavor. It is generally recommended to avoid trekking during this weather.

3. Monsoon

Finally, the moist season, which is the peak monsoon season, starts in June and continues until halfway through September. It can be a challenging undertaking to trek during this period, but at the same time, it is not impossible. Some trails become truly splendid, and the weather becomes pleasant and refreshing, making it perfect for a trek.

Pointers for Trekking

While it’s beneficial to plan your trip during the optimal trekking season, it’s always preferable to follow some safety suggestions to simplify and streamline things. So, here’s a brief checklist for you:

  • Always carry the appropriate equipment for trekking and pack additional layers as the temperature tends to drop during the night or early mornings at higher altitudes
  • Select comfortable attire that is not overly snug, as it can become suffocating
  • Always wear trekking shoes or sturdy hiking shoes with reliable grip
  • Always have a water bottle with you to stay hydrated
  • Carry sunscreen to prevent sunburn or tan lines
  • Bring insect repellent to avoid mosquito bites or encounters with other insects
  • Always have a first aid kit so you can address minor medical emergencies

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking In Chiang Mai

Which are the finest trekking spots in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai offers numerous excellent trekking spots. Some of them include Mae Taeng River, Waterfall hike, Jungle expedition, Endurance trek, the route from Muang Kurt to Huay Kukap, Samoeng Area trek, and many others.

How much time does it take to complete the waterfall hike in Chiang Mai?

The journey to the waterfalls in Chiang Mai is fairly straightforward. It takes approximately three hours to go to the destination and return to the starting point. The path is not overly challenging, so you can visit with ease.

What takes place during the Jungle trek in Chiang Mai?

The jungle trek in Chiang Mai is relatively easy and allows you to visit a village named Lahu within the jungle, along with waterfalls. The entire trip does not consume much time, and within six hours, you will be back at the starting point.

How long does the Samoeng trek in Chiang Mai last?

The trek is relatively long. You will begin from the Samoeng area, and the journey concludes in the Mae Wang area. It takes around two days to return to the starting point.

How much does a trekking expedition to Mountain Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai cost?

A trekking expedition to Mountain Doi Inthanon typically costs around 200 baht per person.

How many days are sufficient to explore Chiang Mai?

If you allocate three days to your visit, you will be able to explore the entirety of Chiang Mai quite comfortably.

What should you pack for a trekking trip to Chiang Mai?

Don’t forget to pack lightweight running shoes, sunglasses, caps or hats, rain gear, shorts, light cotton t-shirts, and other essential items.

When is the ideal time to visit Chiang Mai?

The optimal time for trekking in Chiang Mai is from November to April. While Thailand is usually hot, the weather during those months is comparatively more favorable.

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