Thailand or Kerala: Which One Captivates You More for Your Next 2023 Journey?

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The concept of traveling to an unfamiliar place and immersing oneself in the local culture has always intrigued everyone. Whether you desire to explore the urban adventures or go hiking in the rural areas, there are numerous locations scattered across the world that satisfy the internal longing for travel. That being said, it is also true that if the places you plan to visit are diverse in every aspect, then the overall enjoyment gets multiplied exponentially. Yes, we are referring to the ‘enchanting land of Kerala’ and the ‘awe-inspiring destination Thailand’. Despite how different these two destinations may seem, they both ignite a desire to embark on a journey towards them in every daring traveler. If you are still uncertain about choosing between Thailand and Kerala, do not fret as we have compiled this guide to alleviate your stress and cover all the distinctive features of both places, along with other important facts.

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Scenic Beauty

Whenever we plan a visit to any destination, the primary element that sets it apart is the natural landscape. Not only is it the most remarkable characteristic of any location, but these exquisite destinations are also blessed with the captivating allure of nature. Situated on the western side of peninsular India, Kerala is also known as ‘God’s Own Country’ for several reasons. Tropical beaches, azure lagoons, pleasant climate, and above all, a rich culture, this place strikes a chord with every traveler. The further you delve into this destination, the deeper your love for its scenic beauty and warm culture will grow.

Natural Landscape

On the other hand, Thailand is marked by splendor alongside breathtaking seascapes. While ancient monuments, misty forests, and delectable cuisine dominate the land, stunning islands brimming with water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling will certainly rejuvenate you.

Climate and Ideal Time to Visit

While the weather in Thailand is tropical with high humidity, Kerala’s climate is starkly different. The climate in Kerala remains relatively cooler, making it ideal for a trip. The best time to visit Thailand is from November to February, excluding the shoulder seasons which fall between April and June. On the other hand, one can plan a trip to Kerala between September and February when the climate is cool and perfect for hopping from one destination to another.


Optimal Duration: Thailand Vs Kerala

A maximum of 10-14 days is necessary to explore Thailand in its entirety, encompassing the islands and other terrestrial locations. However, if you have previously visited this captivating country, you can reduce your trip to 5-6 days. For an ideal vacation in Kerala, spending a maximum of 6 days would be perfect as it allows you to discover all the important destinations.


The currency used in Thailand is Thai Baht, denoted as THB, while in India the currency is called Rupee, symbolized as INR. 1 THB is equivalent to 2.34 INR. The other currency exchange rates are as follows, and it is important to determine beforehand whether to exchange currency at the airport or not. 1 USD = 70.87 INR or 30.28 THB 1 EUR = 79.03 INR or 33.06 THB 1 GBP = 92.47 INR or 39.53 THB


Typical Budget

Before embarking on any trip, it is essential to consider other relevant factors that significantly impact the overall budget. We have thoroughly examined the entire trip budget and highlighted various aspects such as meals, sightseeing, and other miscellaneous expenses to provide some assistance. Therefore, when comparing Thailand vs Kerala, it is important to keep the budget in mind.

The Average Budget For Thailand Trip

Average Flight cost: INR 32,460. For a round trip per couple (booking should be done approximately 30 days in advance). Average Accommodation: INR 6000-7000 approximately for a double room in a luxury hotel. Meals: INR 234-350. Sightseeing: INR 6000. Miscellaneous: INR 3000. The average cost per day per couple is INR 15,234 or approximately 6514 Baht.

The Average Budget For Kerala Trip

Average Flight cost: INR 14,017. For a round trip per couple(booking should be done before 30 days approx).Average Accommodation: INR 500-3,000 approx. (for a double room in a luxury hotel).Meals: INR 150-400.Sightseeing: INR 2000-10000Miscellaneous: INR 4000The mean cost per day per couple is INR 6,650 or 2843 Baht approx.


  • The cost of hotels, meals, sightseeing, and miscellaneous have been included in the budget.
  • The cost of flights on an average is excluded as it varies with location, trip timings.
  • Also, the flight cost may be cheaper if booked from major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Trichy, Jaipur, and so on.
  • The sightseeing cost per day might also vary as it depends on how many attractions one is planning to visit. Eg – The price for booking a houseboat in Kerala might be costlier than scuba diving in Thailand.
  • Also, while calculating the average cost per person on a daily basis has been done by taking the lower unit into consideration.



For everyone planning to visit the alluring places of Thailand can avail of a tourist visa for no more than 15 days at immigration checkpoints in Airport. When applying for a Thailand tourist visa make sure that you carry documents like passport, visa form, photograph, and air ticket. The fee starts from INR 2,126 and is subjected to change, so stay updated accordingly.

For everyone who wishes to travel to Kerala can have the visa processed in a very short span of time ranging from 3-5 days to one week. Short term visas to India are valid for 90 to 180 days and can particularly take a longer time to get processed.

Places To Visit On Your Trip

Comparing Thailand vs Kerala must be a exhausting task. To decrease your burdens, we have sorted the list of tourist attractions that you will find at both the places. So, are you ready to see the magic before your eyes? Then let us take a trip down the tailored list that covers important places to see in these two destinations.

Visit In Thailand

Places To Visit In Thailand

Image OriginThailand exudes a great deal of allure with its comprehensive selection of locations. The nation enables adventure seekers to craft new memories on every occasion they visit this exquisite nation. Here are a few of the finest locations to explore in Thailand:

Bangkok: The capital metropolis of the nation possesses a distinct following regarding allure and beauty. The bustling cityscape is teeming with towering skyscrapers, ancient landmarks, bustling shopping districts, and delectable cuisine. Amidst all the locations to explore in the capital, one must also indulge in a dining experience aboard the River Cruise at Chao Phraya.

Phuket: Also recognized as the residence of some of the well-known beaches in Thailand, Phuket is another perfect destination to venture into. Apart from the beaches, the town features renowned resorts, wellness retreats, and the colossal statue of Buddha. Another significant site to visit in Phuket is Patong, which is renowned as the resort town of the nation and boasts an equally stunning nightlife scene.

Pattaya: A scenic fishing village, Pattaya has emerged as the primary tourist center in recent times. Scattered throughout the city are shopping malls, bars, and clubs that provide an ideal avenue for relaxation. Another location that will undoubtedly captivate your heart is the Floating Market, where you can shop to your heart’s content.

Planning your holiday but unsure about where to go? These travel tales assist you in discovering your ultimate trip!

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