Must-Try Travel Experiences: 13 Unbelievable Japanese Adventures in December

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On journeying to Japan in December, you’ll experience a enchantment unlike anywhere else in the world. Being a predominantly mountainous area, there is a plethora of snow that descends here and hence, there are a myriad of snow-related activities to engage in Japan in this season. We aspire to lead you through the nation by handpicking 13 things to do in this exquisite country. Take a look!

Climate In Japan In December

13 Astonishing Things To Do In Japan In December

Sapporo Snow Festival

From ice skating to attending the Sapporo snow festival, there are copious activities to engage in Japan in December. We’ve handpicked 13 things. Take a look:

1. Sapporo Snow Festival: Delight in observing the snow sculptures


Pay a visit to the Sapporo Snow Festival, which is the Largest Snow Festival in Japan and is considered one of the grandest in the world. Dating back to 1950, the festival encompasses immense snow sculptures crafted by artists, ranging from Pikachu and Hatsune Miku to the Historical Samurai Figures and colossal sculptures of Buddha. Even teams from the western countries like USA, Germany and Canada come and participate in this festival. This is perhaps one of the most superb ways to spend your time in Japan in December.

2. Tokyo: Delight in the stunning illuminations

Shirakawa Go

Although Christmas is not a big festival in Japan and people work on the day of Christmas, what is worth a watch is the stunning lights and illuminations that are done up all across Japan, especially in the Tokyo Region. In big urban regions like Tokyo, there are many spots to see these stunning lights. In small regions like Marunouchi and Otemachi, there is a 1.2 km line of trees illuminated in champagne gold color. These are some of the must see sights of Japan in December.

3. Shirakawa Go: Embark on a pedestrian excursion

Chichibu Night Festival

Be sure to explore the village designated as a UNESCO world heritage site: Shirakawa Go. This is a diminutive village in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan. The village comprises 114 houses with thatched and sturdy roofs, which may give the impression of being distinct from the usual houses found throughout Japan. This discrepancy arose due to its isolation from the rest of Japan in the past. The village exhibits exceptional splendor during the winter season and enjoys immense popularity among tourists. Gazing at the illuminations with your significant other is undeniably one of the finest endeavors to undertake in Japan during the month of December.

4. Japan: Participate in the Chichibu Night Festival

Fuji Q Highland

Chichibu Yomatsuri, commonly known as the Chichibu Night Festival, symbolizes a traditional Japanese celebration held at the Chichibu Shrine starting from the 1st of December and lasting for 5 days until the 6th of December. Despite the duration of the festival being 6 days, the highlight of the festivities is deemed to be the 3rd of December when a majestic procession featuring enormous floating vessels and spectacular fireworks takes place. This event epitomizes one of the primary festivals avidly attended by people visiting Japan in December.

Rokuon-ji Temple

5. Fuji Q Highland: Engage in Ice Skating

Fuji Q Highland stands as an amusement park situated at the base of Mt. Fuji in the city of Fujiyoshida. This park proudly presents the largest ice rink in the country, which converts into a pool during the summer season. Apart from the rink, the park offers a variety of rides, including roller coasters and Ferris wheels. The rink is meticulously maintained, while the park affords extraordinary views of the revered Mt. Fuji. Engaging in ice skating ranks among the foremost activities to partake in during a visit to Japan in December.

japan new year

6. Rokuon-ji Temple: Discover

The sanctuary is a Zen Buddhist retreat situated in Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto. It was established in 1397 AD and used to showcase a mansion of a prominent politician. A must-visit destination in Kyoto, the sanctuary offers some of the most awe-inspiring vistas in Japan. Despite the harsh conditions in Japan during December, many individuals come to explore this location.

7. Japan: Welcome the New Year

The significant New Year’s Eve tradition of Joyo na Kane holds great importance for the Japanese. The tradition involves striking a large bell at a Buddhist temple using a substantial log of timber. The bell is struck 108 times, representing the total number of human desires that exist worldwide. Following the bell-ringing, one enters the temple and prays to the deity for a favorable end to the year.

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