Paradise Unveiled: A Spectacular Japanese Retreat for Avid Nature Lovers!

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The majority of us have plans for an ideal home where we would like to spend our days after retiring. While we’re still considering it, two retired women from Japan are succeeding in a breathtaking hidden forest residence. Take a look!

Immersing ourselves in the embrace of nature, “Jikka” which signifies home in Japanese, is a collection of five tent-like structures. Situated in the heart of Japan’s main island Honshu, Jikka is constructed on the crest of a mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Forest house in Japan also known as Jikka

Renowned for its verdant tea plantations and estates, Shizuoka is also the dwelling place of the illustrious Mount Fuji. What makes this hidden gem amidst the Japanese forest such a captivating locale in Japan is its close proximity to the seas and mountains.

Originally conceived as Project Jikka, this masterpiece is designed by Issei Suma, a Japanese architect who regards this creation as modest as a primitive hut and as sacred as a chapel. (Source: The Huffington Post)

View of the Mt Fuji from the forest home Jikka

Serving more than one function simultaneously, this is the largest tent-like structure that functions as a café in the afternoon and as a base for a food delivery service for two elderly retired women for whom it was initially intended.

At 60, these exceptional women are a team where one is a chef and the other is a social worker. With a similarity to a campsite, Jikka is a combination of wooden elements on the inside and a concrete exterior.

View of the Jikka from the top

All the structures possess a flat square base with lofty ceilings where the conical roofs act as natural skylights and the concrete floor eliminates the need for cooling and heating.

The most remarkable aspect is that this forest residence also operates as a rehabilitation facility for individuals with disabilities who require nursing care. In this manner, the women feel they are making the best possible contribution to society.

Interior and exterior view of the Jika

But that’s not all. Jikka includes all the conveniences such as a spacious kitchen, a dining area, an accessible bath and pool area, bedrooms for the owners, and a guest room.

For those who yearn to escape into nature, a place like this would undoubtedly fulfill their desires without them having to leave their comfort zone. With the feeling of a dream come true, Jikka is truly a symbol of elegance with a magical essence!

Inside view of Jikka

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It seems that J.R.R. Tolkien was correct in his statement, “Not All Who Explore Are Without Direction”.

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