First-Timer’s Ultimate Japan Cherry Blossom Guide 2023

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Sandwiched between the harsh winter and the humidity of the summer, spring is undeniably the most popular time to visit Japan. The ambiance during this season is infectious. All the grocery stores in Japan are filled from top to bottom with drinks that taste like blossoms. Essentially, everyone is swept up in the excitement of the cherry blossom festival in Japan.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom in Japan commences in southern Okinawa in February and gradually makes its way to northern Hokkaido in May. Several factors can impact the blooming of cherry blossoms: a snowy winter can delay the cherry blossom season until April. The Japanese celebrate this time of year enthusiastically with Japanese cherry blossom viewing parties. Colleagues, friends, and family members gather and sit on plastic mats underneath the pink trees to sing, drink, chat, or simply appreciate the beauty surrounding them.

Cherry Blossom Japan 2022 Dates

Cherry Blossom

You have a one-week window starting from when the cherry blossom buds emerge to when they begin to wither. Once the cherry blossom buds unfold, a cascade of blossoms follows. You might start to feel like you’re in a Barbie wonderland, with pink flowers dangling from the trees and some scattered on the ground.

Cherry blossom in Japan 2022 will begin earlier this year, with the initial blooming taking place in March on the Shikoku island. The duration of cherry blossom tree blooming varies from year to year depending on the weather and other factors:

  • Nara: March 27 – April 3
  • Kanazawa: April 1 – April 7
  • Hakodate: May 1 – May 4
  • Fukushima: April 5 – April 10
  • Hiroshima: March 22 – April 1

Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Significance Of Cherry Blossom Month In Japan

Observing cherry blossoms in Japan has been a beloved national pastime since the 8th century. Cherry blossoms are not indigenous to Japan. There are numerous cherry species now compared to the medieval era, some of which have been created through hybridization. They were cultivated as a decorative flower in the 14th century, and ever since then, the cherry blossom festival has gained momentum.

In the 19th century, a type of cherry blossom known as Somei-yoshino was introduced to Japan. From the 20th century onwards, it was cultivated throughout Japan, making it the most abundant species of cherry tree.

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