Discover the Enchanting Kashmiri Ambiance: 15 Unforgettable Experiences in Srinagar

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An earthly paradise for thrill-seekers, a mystical sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, and an otherworldly home for culture aficionados, these activities in Srinagar create an ideal destination for every type of traveler. From seeking respite from the scorching summer heat to reveling in the enchanting winter snow, Srinagar is a place where you can visit any time and experience everything!

However, to ensure that you don’t miss out on essential experiences, here’s a comprehensive list of things you must do in Srinagar on your next trip. Take a look!

Top 15 Experiences in Srinagar

Planning to visit the breathtaking Heaven on Earth in the near future? These are the top 15 activities to indulge in for a thrilling and memorable vacation in Srinagar.

  • Receive Blessings at the Shankaracharya Temple
  • Embark on Famous Point Treks
  • Savor the Delights of Local Cuisine
  • Shop Like a Local
  • Stroll Through the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden
  • Engage in Birdwatching at Manasabal Lake
  • Marvel at the Hazratbal Mosque
  • Experience Rafting in Sonmarg
  • Enjoy Skiing in Gulmarg
  • Have Fun at Cricket Bat Factories
  • Visit the Famous Jamia Masjid
  • Stay in a Stunning Houseboat
  • Try Paragliding
  • Explore the Lush Mughal Gardens
  • Experience a Serene Shikara Ride on Dal Lake

Visit Shankaracharya Temple, One of the best things to do in Srinagar

1. Receive Blessings at the Shankaracharya Temple

Also known as the Jyesteshwara Temple, this Hindu temple situated on Shankaracharya hill is a must-visit attraction in the city. Undoubtedly, the temple’s beauty and divine aura will tempt you to prolong your stay. However, the most captivating aspect is the breathtaking view of the city and mountains, making it one of the most recommended activities in Srinagar during January.

Timings: Open every day of the week from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Entry Fees: There are no charges for visiting the temple.

Location: Durgjan, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


2. Embark on Famous Point Treks

Srinagar is not only about gardens and temples, making it a year-round destination worth visiting. Alongside thrilling activities like paragliding, skiing, and horse riding, trekking is a prominent way to explore the place like a local. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature as you trek through the lush green hills.

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