Etsy’s Utilization of Facebook Friends for Gift Inspiration

by operator

Gift shopping is difficult. You have to consider someone’s hobbies, determine what he or she might desire, eliminate the things he or she already possesses, and then select something special that communicates “I put a great deal of effort into this, even though I did a horrible job with the gift-wrapping!”

Fortunately, Etsy – a popular website that allows people to buy and sell handmade and vintage items – has a tool that should assist with most of these challenges.

The tool is easy to use. Simply allow Etsy to connect to your Facebook account, so it can scan your friends’ preferences and interests. Based on that information, it will generate gift recommendations.

And thanks to the wide range of products available on Etsy, you can be certain that the recommendations will include plenty of distinct items. (A quick scan of my friends yielded a list of things such as a “Embrace a Tree, Rescue a Pikachu” button, handcrafted scarves, comical t-shirts, unique necklaces, a Facebook-themed bra, and so on.)

Oh, and to make things even simpler, Etsy categorizes suggestions by price range (any price, up to $25, $25-$50, $50-$100, and $100).

Etsy’s gift recommendation tool isn’t flawless, as it depends on Facebook likes – which don’t always accurately reflect your friends’ genuine interests – but that doesn’t diminish its usefulness. After all, it provides a solid starting point for your holiday gift-seeking missions.

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