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Ocean Park Hong Kong is the largest amusement, animal theme, marine mammal, and oceanarium in the world. It is one of the most visited parks and is by far, one of the most astonishing destinations to explore in Hong Kong. There are over 80 rides and attractions in this park – all of which combine to provide an exceptional natural and entertainment experience like no other. 

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1. Who is it for?

Ocean park hong kong fun

Ocean Park Hong Kong Families and kids and everyone else who wants to have a wonderful time engaging in some exhilarating rides and observing wildlife.

2. Where is Ocean Park located?

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Ocean Park, Hong Kong (Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong).

3. What are the Ocean Park timings?

  • Ocean Park Timings: 10 am – 7 pm
  • Summit Closing Time: 7 pm

The summit of Ocean Park Hong Kong

4. How to reach Ocean Park Hong Kong?

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By Automobile

If you are traveling by automobile, then drive through the Aberdeen Tunnel from its Wan Chai Entrance via the Canal Road – Wong Nai Chung Road Overpass. The toll for the tunnel is HK$5 (one-way).

Once you have passed through the tunnel, you will be on Wong Chuk Hang Road where you must turn left onto Ocean Park Road and then left again at the Ocean Park Road roundabout to reach the Main Entrance.

Although it is easy to reach Ocean Park by car, it is recommended to utilize the well-connected public transport to promote environmental sustainability.

By City Bus

According to the new schedule, Citybus 629 service has been converted into a single bound service from Central Ferry Piers to Ocean Park, which is available every day from 9:30 am to 11:30 am (5 Departures Daily).

By Public Transport

  • MTR (Mass Transit Railway)

The MTR South Island Line commenced operations on 28 December 2016. Visitors can disembark at Ocean Park Station for direct access to the park entrance.

Bus routes are available from all the major companies and it is recommended you contact these respective companies for timings and schedule.


5. Where to purchase Ocean Park Tickets?

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Visitors can obtain tickets at the following locations in the park:

  • Ocean Park Main Entrance
  • All 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong
  • Ocean Park Online Ticketing System

Ocean Park Ticket Prices

  • HK 438$ (above 12)
  • HK 219$ (between 3 – 12)*The Ocean Park entry fee includes most of the facilities, except skill games and coin-operated games

New Ocean FasTrack

Visitors can also purchase the newly introduced Ocean FasTrack pass that allows priority access to designated rides and attractions. For more info, one can visit the website here.

  • HK 250$ (7 priority accesses for designated rides and attractions)
  • HK 350$ (Priority access for all the designated rides and attractions)

ocean park hong kong attractions

6. The Park

Divided into two and separated by a substantial mountain (yes!), Ocean Park has two sections, The Peak (Headland) and The Waterfront (Lowland) and have further eight subsections. To travel within the park, visitors can use a 1.5 km cable car system or the Ocean Express funicular railway which gives a visitor a sense of going under the ocean through simulated screens and effects. Also, to ascend the hills, visitors get to use the second largest outdoor escalator in Hong Kong.

ocean park emperors of the sky

If all of this doesn’t give you an idea of how magnificent the Ocean Park Hong Kong is, we don’t know what will.

7. Ocean Park Hong Kong Attractions

The attractions in Ocean Park Hong Kong are a delight for all age groups. From the crimson pandas to the magnificent aquarium to thrilling rides, the park is designed for an incredible experience to all. Although, there are more than 80 Ocean Park Hong Kong rides and activities to choose from, here are some of the finest ones as per the following categories:

the rapids ride ocean park hong kong


  • Fascinating Bird Theater: A presentation of ten fascinating birds of prey along with 70 other species highlighting an up-close encounter in the lives of these birds.
  • Ocean Theater: Explore the majestic wonders of the ocean from the perspective of a diver, get close to ocean animals and understand why Oceans are so crucial for us.
  • South Pole Spectacular: Witness various types of penguins here and observe their life and times in both the polar regions of the world. See adorableness come alive at subzero temperature.
  • Enormous Panda Excursion: Huge Salamander, Red Panda, and Enormous Panda all reside here and invite you to a thrilling panda celebration.
  • Encounter and greet the most adorable and greatest animals of Australia in this specially dedicated zone for everyone.
  • family rides ocean park hong kong

    Finest Ocean Park Hong Kong Rides

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    • Hair Raiser: As the label implies, this ride is not for the faint-hearted!
    • Arctic Blast: Delight in a roller coaster ride against the extraordinary arctic backdrop
    • The Abyss: One of the most exciting rides in Ocean Park Hong Kong, the Abyss will exhilarate you by taking a 20 story plunge before you even have the time to appreciate the view from the top.
    • The Rapids: Sit on a raft and drift on the water current that shall not only transport you through the dim spots of the jungle but also through patches of blinding sun and rough terrain! A proper rainforest wet adventure we say!
    • The Eagle: This spinner soars up in the sky and divides into four individual pods of passengers shrieking for their life. Swirling at a max 8 revolutions per minute, this is one of the wildest rides in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

    ocean park shows

    Family Attractions

    • Castle of Redd: Explore this astonishing castle of mazes and adventures with your children and pay a visit to your childhood once again.
    • Jungle of Giants: A brand new playground specifically designed for kids who want to have all the enjoyment in the world.
    • Mine Train: With the sea on the side, nothingness below, and a roller coaster ride from one hill to another, you really cannot ask for more on this ride.
    • Old Hong Kong: Relive the Hong Kong of the 50’s and the 70’s in this retro area dedicated to making the past nostalgic memories come alive. Sense the vibe of Hong Kong here.

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    Special Displays

    • Incredible Avian Theater: A close-up view and presentation of 10 birds of prey and 70 other species.
    • Sea Theater: Experience the enchantment of the ocean coming to life in this awe-inspiring program.
    • Symbio!: An evening fountain show with captivating sounds and lights that will capture your heart.
    • Whiskers Theater: A family-friendly show featuring marine and aquatic creatures that will bring joy to your face.

    8. Ocean Park Hong Kong Transport Attractions

    The transportation within Ocean Park is not only one-of-a-kind and top-notch but also highly entertaining. Here’s what you’ll experience when you take a ride within this expansive amusement park:

    • Cable Car (The Summit & Waterfront): Enjoy a round trip from the Waterfront to The Summit on a mesmerizing cable car ride. Delight in the breathtaking views of the sun, sky, and sea as you travel through the park with your loved ones.
    • Ocean Express (The Summit & Waterfront): As its name suggests, the Ocean Express transports you back and forth between the Waterfront and The Summit in a thrilling 4-minute train journey. But this is no ordinary train ride. Inside the train, you’ll experience simulations that make you feel like you’re underwater in a submarine. It’s a fantastic ride indeed!
    • Escalator: Immerse yourself in the true spirit of the park as you journey from Marine Land to Adventure Land on the second-largest outdoor escalator in the world. Shielded by a glass tunnel, you’ll witness the park’s natural beauty along the way.

    food kiosks in ocean park hong kong

    9. Cuisine in Ocean Park Hong Kong

    There are eight dining establishments scattered throughout Ocean Park, offering visitors a variety of culinary options. These include:

    • Lakeside Chill Bar A fantastic spot to enjoy some snacks in the afternoon and evening.
    • Aqua City Bakery The perfect choice for those craving baked goodies and refreshing beverages.
    • Neptune’s Restaurant Indulge in international cuisine all day long, set against the backdrop of the expansive main tank of the Grand Aquarium.
    • Panda Café Experience a range of Asian cuisines, including specialties like Dim Sum and Siu Mei, in a charming panda-themed setting.
    • Tuxedos RestaurantExperience an extraordinary meal here with your loved ones. Choose from an international menu and environmentally-friendly meals and enjoy them in the presence of 70 penguins frolicking on ice.
    • The Bayview RestaurantDelight in breathtaking views of the ocean as you indulge in a lavish meal at this open kitchen restaurant.
    • The Terrace CaféAn outdoor dining option with the Chef’s special menu, seasonal dishes, and a seaside atmosphere.
    • Café OceanSavor Hong Kong favorites and Southeast Asian cuisine while taking in breathtaking views of the water.

    food in ocean parkocean park hong kong shopping

    • Food KiosksIn addition to the aforementioned restaurants, there are over 25 food kiosks scattered throughout Ocean Park Hong Kong to satisfy your hunger. And yes, there is McDonald’s too!

    10. Shopping in Ocean Park Hong Kong

    Whether it’s panda-themed goodies, baked treats, or souvenirs with an oceanic theme, there are more than 17 outlets in Ocean Park where you can find the perfect gifts for your loved ones and take some home.

    11. Tips For Travelers Visiting Ocean Park Hong Kong

    • Purchase your tickets in advance for a hassle-free entry
    • Allocate at least one full day for this amusement park as it usually takes that much time to experience all the activities and attractions
    • Check the daily schedule and attractions before planning your itinerary
    • Public transportation is the most convenient way to reach Ocean Park Hong Kong
    • Bring your own cloth bags as plastic bags are chargeable
    • Under no circumstances should you attempt to tease, interact with, or disturb the animals in the park

    We would love to hear your thoughts on this amazing place. And if you’re considering a fantastic vacation in Hong Kong, choose one of our customizable Hong Kong Packages and let us handle the planning for you. Peace!

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