Prepare for an Unforgettable Getaway in the Enchanting Land of South Korea in November 2023!

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As one of the most popular economic and cultural leaders in Asia, South Korea is the ideal fusion of ancient history and modernism. The captivating land of South Korea invites every traveler to experience the numerous marvels. Offering an incredible array of urban pleasures and unexplored natural destinations, South Korea presents diverse trendy cities and traditional villages along with awe-inspiring magnificent islands. South Korea in November is one of the prime periods to visit this paradise and delve into urban indulgence. Learn more about what to do and where to go in South Korea in November, the perfect time to explore its stunning beauty.

Climate In South Korea In November

November brings the initial hints of cold weather to Seoul, with a significant drop in temperature. The place witnesses remarkably clear and sunny days, with an average temperature ranging between 3.3 degrees to 11.1 degrees. As the monsoon gradually fades away around this time, South Korea experiences a substantial decrease in humidity. The days become shorter during this season, with an average of 5 hours of sunshine per day. The nights are typically chilly, so remember to bundle up with warm clothing and enjoy hot beverages. Autumn brings a refreshing breeze and a vibrant palette of colors, making it the perfect time for tourists to explore.

Activities To Engage In South Korea In November

1. Fall Fantasy At Nami Island: Participate And Enjoy

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In Gapyeong, you will be mesmerized by an abundance of colorful trees. Creating a enchanting ambiance resembling a fairy tale, the island is perfect for relaxation and ensuring your Instagram feed is captivating. Visitors can observe squirrels and rabbits freely roaming in the island’s natural surroundings. Take a leisurely stroll amidst the pine trees located near Central Korean Pine Tree Land.

You can also engage in various activities such as visiting the Garden of Morning Calm and the Chrysanthemum Festival or taking a journey on the old rail track to experience its nostalgic charm. The island transforms into a vibrant canvas adorned with essential autumnal colors of orange, red, and gold. It serves as an ideal backdrop for capturing photographs, and additionally offers the village Petite France or Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park for a taste of European atmosphere.

Location: Nami islandRenowned for: Scenic beauty

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Take A Historical Tour

2. Gyeongju: Embark On A Historical Tour

The excursion is one of the top historical tours to participate in South Korea in November; Gyeongju is situated in North Gyeongsang Province. A fantastic historical city aids in safeguarding the treasure from the Silla dynasty and was initially the capital of the dynasty. The city is renowned as an open-air historical museum and does not consist of a roof. Witness numerous temples, royal tombs, palace, Buddhist figurines, and others during your historical tour in the province.

Some of the major highlights of the town are the Seokguram cave, Anapji Pond, the Bulguksa temple, and others. Observe a magnificent appearance of the temple during the autumn month where it is surrounded by the red-orange foliage of trees and provides an authentic aspect of a monument. The distinct architecture along with the artifacts it preserves makes the monument quite an indispensable asset in Korea.

Location: GyeongjuPopular for: Historical exploration

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3. Mountain Trekking: Attempt Some Excitement

best things to do in south korea

If you adore trekking, this is another mountain to encounter trekking at its finest. The name of the mountain alludes to a mountain that holds numerous secrets and undoubtedly proves enigmatic. Offering a soothing atmosphere for adventure enthusiasts, this is indeed the prime mountain to behold the crimson leaves. Aside from the beautiful leaves, two distinct waterfalls dominate the landscape which includes Guam Seon Falls and Dodeok Falls. November makes it an ideal time to explore the picturesque mountain ranges that offer a fantastic view.

The marvel of nature is as exquisite under all weather conditions, including winter, autumn, summer, and spring. In the midst of the beautiful treasure, you can witness a quaint Baekyangsa Temple. The temple offers stunning scenery and is positioned in a valley that separates two mountains. Perfect for photography enthusiasts, Baekyangsan in Korean signifies a mountain of sheep. The name has originated from a tale that surrounds a sheep that descended from the mountain to the temple to listen to a sermon. While visiting, do not overlook the pond that provides breathtaking views.

Location: Seongsan, BukhansanPopular for: Mountain trekking

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4. Seoul Lantern Festival: Join In

Be A Part of this festival

The Seoul Lantern Festival occurs in November, from the first Friday of November to the third week of the month. The lanterns are observed being ignited from 5pm to 11pm along the Cheonggyecheon Stream until Supyogyo Bridge and Cheonggye Plaza. Together with the lanterns, it also promotes a specific theme each year.

The year 2017 was dedicated to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Along with the spectacle of lanterns, the lantern festival also provides a variety of activities to enjoy. You can also release a wish lantern while writing a new year’s wish note and create your own lantern. Similarly, you can also explore the Korean street food while observing the parades that illuminate the night of Seoul.

Location: CheonggyecheonRenowned for: Lanterns

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5. Asan Gokyo River: Explore The Beauty

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best place to visit

Journey to Asan to admire the stunning autumn views. Asan is situated in Chungnam province which is approximately 1 hour away from Seoul by car. The city is exceedingly renowned for its tranquil ambiance and spa amenities. This is a picturesque place to be discovered in autumn, particularly for the Gingko Tree road and Ginkgo River. The transition of seasons can be witnessed during this time with green foliage transforming its colors into a beautiful hue of golden yellow. To learn more about the city and its history, tourists can spend time in the Folk Village located in Oeam, a rural village consisting of rice fields, traditional noble houses, and straw houses.

Location: South Chung Cheong ProvinceRenowned for: Tranquil ambiance

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Tips To Visit South Korea In November

Amazing places to visit in south korea

Before you embark on your journey to South Korea, it is important to follow a few essential tips. Let us explore some of the tips here:

  • Learn Hangul: There cannot be enough emphasis on the significance of learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet. It was devised to be user-friendly for individuals to comprehend and learn more effectively.
  • Learn a little about Korean history: Before traveling to the destination, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with a bit of Korean history. In order to truly appreciate the country, conducting some research is necessary to gain insights into its rich history and culture. If you desire a deeper understanding, feel free to explore the history section and delve into topics such as the Korean War and Joseon Dynasty.
  • Exchange currency: South Korea uses the won as its currency, with approximately 1000KRW equal to $1USD. There are various denominations of notes including 1000, 5000, 10,000, and 50,000, as well as coins such as 500, 100, 50, and 10. However, during your trip, cards can be used almost anywhere in the country, although smaller, more traditional establishments may prefer cash payments. Every convenience store should have an ATM that accepts foreign cards.
  • Unique beverages: South Korea offers a variety of distinctive beverages for adventurous explorers to try. Some popular options include Soju, Makgeolli, Cider, Omijacha, Hallabong drinks, and more. Soju is particularly favored as an alcoholic choice in Korea.
  • Local transportation: Local transportation is readily available throughout the entire country. The most convenient option is taxis, which can be found at every train station and bus terminal. Taxi drivers are typically friendly and welcoming. The starting fare for taxis is usually around 2,800 KRW, and rates may increase further in rural areas.

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We wish you an unforgettable experience during your South Korea tour. November is the perfect time to explore the country and its surrounding areas with numerous festivals, activities, and delightful weather. Offering breathtaking views, unique local beverages, and delicious cuisine, South Korea is a fantastic destination for an autumn getaway. If you are planning a vacation in South Korea, make sure to take full advantage of November, which is the best time to visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About South Korea in November

What is the official currency of South Korea?

The official currency of South Korea is the won. However, most places in South Korea accept international cards.

What is the best time to visit South Korea?

The optimal time to visit South Korea is during the autumn months of September, October, and November. Throughout this season, the climate is usually arid and bright, providing a pleasant average temperature.

What is the cost to travel around South Korea in November?

The typical expenditure to visit and explore South Korea is 110,217 won ($92), with the average daily cost of traveling and dining out being 24,191 won.

What is the nation South Korea most renowned for?

South Korea is most renowned for its culinary delights, such as Kimchi, Bulgogi, Bibimbab, Kimchi-jjigae, and others.

When is it most economical to travel to South Korea?

The most economical time to travel to South Korea is during May, June, and July. The most budget-friendly month is April, as it offers an incredibly warm and sultry climate.

Do I require a visa to visit South Korea?

To visit South Korea, you must possess a valid passport to enter the Republic of Korea.

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