Your Personalized March 2023 Travel Guide for Switzerland

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Switzerland is a hilly country situated in central Europe and is home to a plethora of lakes, stunning villages, and towering Alps. It is renowned worldwide as an ideal destination for winter vacations due to the abundance of thrilling activities available here. The numerous ski resorts make it a beloved choice among many travel enthusiasts. Switzerland in March signifies the perfect time to indulge in the various attractions and experiences this country has to offer. In fact, numerous travelers opt for Switzerland as a honeymoon destination in March due to the unique experiences it provides. Switzerland is a destination that resembles something straight out of a fairy tale. From grand castles to lush verdant forests, this place is truly one-of-a-kind. Continue reading to discover the various activities you can engage in during a visit to Switzerland in March.

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Climate In Switzerland In March

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The weather in Switzerland in March 2023 marks the beginning of the Spring season in the country. At the start of the month, there is still snow in several regions across the country, creating the perfect conditions for enjoyable activities like skiing. The climate in Switzerland in March revolves around snow, transforming it into a winter wonderland. Keep reading to discover the best places for skiing in Switzerland in March. If you’re curious about how cold the weather in Switzerland is in March 2023, it is expected to have an average temperature of 6 ℃ or 42.8℉ in Fahrenheit. The highest recorded temperature is around 11 degrees. The weather in Switzerland at the end of March is also pleasant.

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12 Outstanding Destinations To Explore In Switzerland In March 2023

Visiting Switzerland in March presents numerous opportunities to explore the diverse and captivating destinations that this country has to offer. Here are some of the places you can visit. Delve into the destinations listed below:

  • Matterhorn – Peak Covered in Snow
  • Chateau De Chillon – Ancient Castle
  • Jungfrau Area – Enchanting Alpine Region
  • Swiss National Park – Abode of Forests and Waterfalls
  • Lugano – Town with Italian Influences
  • Bern – Emanating a Medieval Aura
  • Lake Geneva – The Epitome of Serenity
  • Appenzell – Embracing Cultural Traditions
  • Swiss Grand Canyon – Treasure Trove of the Rhine
  • Bahnhofstrasse – A Shopper’s Paradise
  • Saut De Brot – The Concealed Enchanting Bridge
  • Lavaux – The Swiss UNESCO World Heritage Vineyards
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    1. Matterhorn – Snow Covered Peak

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    This is a pyramid-shaped snow-laden mountain peak and is one of the most frequently visited Alpine peaks in Switzerland. The altitude of this popular mountain is approximately 4,478 meters and it attracts mountaineers from every corner of the globe who await the chance to tackle this striking peak. The highest cable car station in the Alps is hosted by this peak and the cable car journey to this summit must be experienced by every traveler in this area. 

    Location: Zermatt, SwitzerlandThings to do: Take the cable car journeyFamous For: Breathtaking scenery, snow-laden mountain peak, highest cable car station

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    Jungfrau Winter Daylight View

    2. Chateau De Chillon – Centuries Old Castle

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    This colossal castle is perfectly situated along the shores of Lake Geneva and in the heart of Swiss Riviera. This water fortress is nearly four centuries old and has a long history of serving as the residence of the immensely affluent Counts of Savoy. One can relish the astonishing panoramas of this castle by strolling along the shores of the lake or one can even venture inside the castle and admire the towers, paintings, and bedrooms that date back to the 14th century. Even if you are visiting Switzerland in late March and are here for a brief vacation, this place must be included in your itinerary.

    Location: Avenue De Chillon 21, 1820 Veytaux, SwitzerlandActivities: Delight in picturesque panoramasRenowned For: Grand castle with breathtaking views

    Swiss-National-Park_22th oct

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    3. Jungfrau Area – Alpine Wonderland

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    Jungfrau is an absolute Alpine utopia and is one of the finest places in Switzerland in March as it offers the perfect setting for serene getaways. The “Big Three” Alpine mountains which are Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau extend over the flourishing green meadows and offer captivating views to all the visitors here. These glacial monoliths are a feast for the eyes. Every visitor here must take the train ride to the Grindelwald-First peak. If you are going on your honeymoon in Switzerland in March, make sure you plan to witness this beauty!

    Location: Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandActivities: Delight in the train rideRenowned For: Serene getaways with flourishing green meadows

    Lugano view

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    4. Swiss National Park – Home To Woodlands And Cascades

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    Swiss National Park is the sole national park in Switzerland and a highly renowned tourist attraction. This 172 square kilometers sized national park encompasses verdant pastures, snow-encrusted glaciers, lush woodlands, and crystal-clear waterfalls, making it one of the prime places to visit in Switzerland. Hiking in Switzerland can be enjoyed by accessing the 21 hiking trails offered by this national park. Hiking here is one of the finest adventure sports in Switzerland.

    Location: 7530 Zernez, SwitzerlandActivities: Engage in hiking and trekkingRenowned For: A natural park showcasing exclusive flora and fauna

    old city

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    5. Lugano – Town with Italian Influence

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    When one visits Lugano, they can have a distinct and extraordinary experience due to its proximity to Italy in the south, where the Italian influences are evident in this city. By exploring this small Swiss city, one can enjoy their stay at romantic villas and relish the exceptionally delicious dishes. The local language spoken by the city’s residents differs significantly due to the Italian influences. Despite being a landlocked country, people here can still savor the warm Mediterranean breezes.Location: Lugano City, SwitzerlandActivities: Indulge in a stay at charming villasRenowned For: Delicious dishes and tranquil ambiance

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    6. Bern – Medieval Atmosphere

    The medieval city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is one of the top destinations to explore in Switzerland in March. Its historic old town has been acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The renowned ancient city also showcases a captivating botanical garden and a thrilling weekly market. Additionally, the country’s oldest art museum houses an extensive collection of 3000 paintings and sculptures. While spending your vacation in Bern, you can also partake in hang gliding in Switzerland.  

    Location: Swiss plateau Activities: Wander around the old town, visit the Cathedral, historical museum, and Baren parkRenowned For: The capital city is famous for its botanical gardens, weekly markets, art museums, etc.


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    7. Lake Geneva – Tranquility At Its Finest

    Lake Geneva is a retreat for those who visit this place in March. One can engage in downhill skiing, ice skating, spa indulgence, and ziplining. You can also enjoy a warm atmosphere with indoor or outdoor fireplaces. For shopping enthusiasts, there are various boutiques that will provide you with a unique shopping experience. It is one of the most stunning lakes in Switzerland and therefore worth a visit!

    Location: Switzerland, FranceActivities: Attend a live entertainment show, relish relaxation by the fire, go ice skating, snowboardingFamous For: Adventure sports, natural beauty, cozy ambiance

    Swiss Grand Canyon

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    8. Appenzell – The Culturally Aligned


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    One of the most culturally aligned destinations to explore in Switzerland in March, Appenzelle is a town located in the northeastern region of Switzerland. Transporting travelers to a parallel universe entirely, this place has its streets adorned with narrow pathways, vibrant buildings with patterns of landscapes, flowers, animals, etc., and an atmosphere filled with traditions. Appenzelle is one of the most picturesque villages in Switzerland renowned for its local craftsmanship, embroidery, and, of course, the cheeses!

    Location: Foot of the Alpstein mountainsThings to do: Taste the beer from a local breweryFamous For: Picturesque village known for local craftsmanship, cheese, and embroidery


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    9. Swiss Grand Canyon – Rhine’s Hidden Gem

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    March in Switzerland is simply breathtaking, and the Swiss Grand Canyon is a testament to that. Created nearly 10,000 years ago, the Swiss Grand Canyon was formed by a landslide triggered by the retreat of the Rhine Glacier. This Grand Canyon is filled with lush greenery and dense vegetation, exuding nothing but invigorating vibes. Nowadays, one can also witness the Rhine meandering through the valleys, creating a visually captivating landscape. The river’s rapids are gentle, making it perfect for a rafting excursion!

    Location: Graubünden SwitzerlandActivities: Engage in hiking and white-water raftingFamous For: The picturesque scenery and abundant verdant and dense flora

    Saut De Brot

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    10. Bahnhofstrasse – Retail Therapy Haven

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    An answer to where to go in Switzerland in March for all the shopaholics out there, Bahnhofstrasse is a pedestrian-only zone nestled in Zurich. One of Zurich’s premier shopping districts, this locale is teeming with thoroughfares adorned with merchants vending an array of goods, ranging from roasted almonds to apple cider. The regal trees flanking both sides of the street provide a splendid canopy, shielding one from the sun’s rays. This thoroughfare stands out as one of Switzerland’s most opulent shopping avenues.

    Location: ZurichActivities: Indulge in a shopping spreeFamous For: Shopping


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    11. Saut De Brot – The Enchanting Hidden Bridge

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    Adorned with foliage-covered rugged stone walls on both sides, Saut De Brot captivates as a concealed bridge, making it one of the most splendid gems to explore in Switzerland during March. Nestled within the verdant Areuse Gorge in Brot-Dessous, this bridge is accompanied by gushing water below, forming a breathtaking landscape that astounds the beholder. Moreover, this gorge serves as a favored destination for numerous hikers seeking to venture off the beaten path on their escapades. This stone arch alone can transport one into a realm reminiscent of a fairytale book, while the lush green foliage cloaking the area further enhances its allure, evoking a sense of seclusion.


    Location: Brot Dessous, SwitzerlandActivities: Embark on hiking and capture photographsFamous For: Breathtaking landscapes

    12. Lavaux – The Swiss UNESCO World Heritage Vineyards

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    If you are a wine enthusiast, then indulging in a glass at Lavaux will undoubtedly be one of the finest activities to engage in Switzerland in March. Situated on the northern coast of the renowned Lake Geneva, the vineyards encompassed within this region are approximately 800 years old and are believed to have been cultivated by the monks of a specific local abbey. When visiting this location, one can witness an intricate labyrinth constructed from the vineyard terraces along the mountainside. With the lake in the backdrop and the Alps forming the scenery, these vineyards offer picturesque sights.

    Location: Lausanne, SwitzerlandActivities: Savor a glass of wine and capture photographsFamed for: Vineyards and breathtaking landscapes

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    Top 11 Activities to Engage in Switzerland in March 2023

    March provides ideal weather for enjoying both summer and winter activities in Switzerland. Driving in Switzerland in March is an unparalleled experience. Here are a few other pursuits one can partake in. Finalize your itinerary before booking your tickets:

    • Alps Mountains – Embark on a Skiing Adventure
    • Davos – Take a Train Ride
    • 1636 Broc – Explore The Chocolate Factory
    • St. Bernard Pass – Take a Leisurely Stroll With Dogs
    • Hell Grottoes – Discover the Unique Stone Formations
    • Rietberg Museum – Uncover the Archaeology of the World
    • Altstadt – Visit the Historical Town Center
    • Zurich Zoo – Observe the Diverse Wildlife
    • FIFA World Football Museum – For Enthusiastic Football Fans
    • Swiss Museum Of Games – Experience Different Cultures Through Board Games
    • Cern – Wander Around the Museum

    Train on small bridge

    1. Alps Mountains – Embark on a Skiing Adventure

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    A visit to Switzerland would be incomplete without experiencing skiing in Switzerland in March. Skiing in the snow can be enjoyed at numerous ski resorts situated at higher altitudes during the month of March. For those who do not possess their own skiing equipment, it can be rented at various rental establishments for affordable prices. Adventure enthusiasts can plan a full day of skiing in the Alpine mountains, immersing themselves in the sport while marveling at the stunning views.

    Chocolate Factory

    Skiing Rates: Lift Prices commence from $110 USD; Snowboots rentals begin from $30 USD; Sled rentals start from $20 USD.

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    2. Davos – Step Aboard A Train

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    Each day, a train sets off from Davos and travels to Tirano via St. Moritz. This train is commonly referred to as the St. Bernina Express, providing breathtaking scenic views throughout the journey. It meanders through numerous tunnels, adding to the thrill. The striking panoramic vistas of the lakes and green landscapes are certain to entice any visitor to return for more.

    Dog Sledding

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    3. 1636 Broc – Explore The Chocolate Factory

    Image Source

    In addition to time machines, Switzerland is renowned for producing a wide array of delectable chocolates. The premier chocolate factory in this country is the Cailler Chocolate Factory, where one can savor various flavored chocolate samples while embarking on a tour of the factory and gaining insights into the creation of this mouthwatering delight. Visitors even have the opportunity to craft their own personalized chocolates.

    Hell Grottoes

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    4. St. Bernard Pass – Take A Walk With Dogs

    Pay a visit to St. Bernard Pass, where an animal care facility is located. This is a must-visit destination for dog enthusiasts, as walking alongside the St. Bernard dogs is an absolute delight. If you are traveling to Switzerland with your family in March, don’t miss out on this priceless joy, as it will be cherished by your children.

    Rietberg Museum

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    5. Hell Caves – Discover The Unique Stone Formations

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    Replete with extraordinary and curving formations of stones, rocks, and underground lakes, Hell Caves is a perfect place to explore for those who desire excitement in some form. It requires a considerable number of hours to fully explore every corner of this location. Rapidly emerging as a favorite spot for all the thrill seekers out there, the caves are illuminated and have well-maintained walkways to ensure the safety of travelers. Do not miss out on uncovering the enigmas of Hell Caves in late March!


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    6. Rietberg Museum – Discover The Archaeology Of The World

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    If you are an aficionado of history and contemplating what to do in Switzerland in March, make sure you consider the Rietberg Museum. Housing some of the finest artwork and archaeology from every corner of the globe, Rietberg Museum is unparalleled. From Asian Egyptian sculptures and African sculptures to South Sea sculptures and the Buddhist Art from East Asia, all of the captivating and intricately designed artwork can be found in this destination.

    Zurich Zoo

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    7. Altstadt – Explore the Ancient Town

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    One of the historical towns of Zurich, Altstadt is a town renowned for offering the finest fusion of medieval and early modern vibes to travelers. From delightful cafes and eccentric shops to lively nightlife and traditional customs, this town provides the best of everything to its visitors. The Old Town is home to one of the most immaculate waterfronts called the Limmat that is a must-visit for those who wish to witness stunning medieval architecture.

    FIFA Museum

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    8. Zurich Zoo – Observe the Wild

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    If you are a lover of animals, a trip to the Zurich Zoo will undoubtedly bring you joy. Unlike other zoos, the Zurich Zoo ensures that the wildlife residing here have ample space to roam around. The most impressive feature of the Zoo is the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park, which is also home to some magnificent Indian elephants living in the modern ecosystem. They can also be observed taking a dip from the underwater viewing areas. With a total of 4,000 animals, this zoo is filled with excitement.

    Swiss Museum Of Games

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    9. FIFA World Football Museum – For Football Enthusiasts

    Image Source

    If you are a fanatical follower of football, you should definitely visit the FIFA Museum. Launched in 2016, this museum occupies three floors of a building, boasting interiors and layout that amaze visitors. The museum takes visitors back to the early days of football and showcases everything from the first-ever World Cup held in 1930, including documents and artifacts. There are also numerous videos and football-themed games for children. Now, who wouldn’t want to see the legendary and original World Cup trophy in person!


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    10. Swiss Museum Of Games – Experience Different Cultures Through Board Games

    Image Source

    One of the most enjoyable activities in Switzerland in March is embracing your inner child. The Swiss Museum of Games is housed in a medieval Swiss castle with two towers that are charming both inside and out. Games from various cultures, eras, and categories can be found here. Mahjong from China, Parcheesi from India, Oware from Africa, vintage slot machines, and many other games can be seen here. From card games and puzzles to casino games and board games, this museum is a treasure trove!

    Beautiful flowers and parks of nature

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    11. Cern – Explore the Museum

    Image Source

    The headquarters of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Cern is the site of historic scientific experiments conducted in the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. Cern is home to two museum exhibitions, one showcasing the facility and the other highlighting its research. Cern is not only a scientific marvel but also a feast for the eyes. Its dome-shaped structure never fails to impress individuals. This museum attracts not only science enthusiasts but also those who appreciate architecture.

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    Essentials to Pack When Traveling to Switzerland in March

    Image Source

    From knitted gloves to leather jackets, we have listed below the essentials that should be packed in your suitcase when preparing for a trip to Switzerland in March. Here are all the answers to your questions about what to wear in Switzerland in March!

    • Make sure to carry warm clothing.
    • Don’t forget essential documents such as passport and ID proof.
    • Take a camera to capture the picturesque views offered by the many places in this country.
    • Carry waterproof footwear and clothing for walking in snowy regions.

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    During the late evenings and nights, the temperature can drop as low as 1 degree Celsius in Switzerland in March. There is no humidity in the air during this month, which can otherwise make traveling in Switzerland quite uncomfortable. Plan your trip to Switzerland and explore its beauty.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Switzerland in March

    Is Switzerland beautiful in March?

    Yes, Switzerland is a beautiful country and the month of March marks the beginning of the Spring season here. The entire country looks even more lush and colorful in March. It is considered one of the best times to visit Switzerland, as the weather is ideal for sightseeing and adventure sports during this season.

    How cold is it in Switzerland in March?

    In March, temperatures in Switzerland range from 11 degrees Celsius to 1 degree Celsius, with an average temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. The month offers awe-inspiring experiences and attracts visitors from around the world to Switzerland.

    Does it snow in Switzerland in March?

    Yes, it does snow in Switzerland during the month of March. Different regions in Switzerland receive different amounts of snowfall. If you want to experience the best of Switzerland, March is a great time to plan your trip.

    Is March a good time to visit Switzerland?

    Yes, March is a good time to visit Switzerland. It is a time when different regions in Switzerland receive heavy snowfall, making it a picturesque destination.

    Can you go skiing in Switzerland in March?

    Yes, you can enjoy exciting activities like skiing in Switzerland during March.

    Is Switzerland an expensive country to visit?

    Yes, Switzerland is known as one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit. However, with proper planning, it is possible to visit this popular travel destination on a budget.

    What are some places to visit in Switzerland in March?

    Some of the places that you can visit in Switzerland are Bern, Apenzelle, Jungfrau Area, Saut De Brot, Matterhorn, and many more.

    What should I pack for Switzerland in March?


    Warm clothing, important identification documents, a camera, charger, waterproof bag, waterproof clothing, and a medical kit are some of the things you should pack when traveling to Switzerland in March.

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