Witness the Magnificent Landscapes of Spain: 7 Days of Experiencing the Spectacular Sceneries in this European Country in 2023.

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Europe is a renowned destination to maximize your vacations. The laid-back nature of Spanish individuals will immerse and flourish in your spirit. The splendid way of life and traditions depict the vibrancy of the culture. The local populace of this country enjoys relaxing more frequently, various excursions around the areas will provide you with more than just recollections, particularly when you engage with the individuals around. Moreover, you can indulge in numerous experiences throughout the country, including their cuisines and exploring the historical sites, there is always space for more. So, why delay? Contemplating planning a vacation for 7 days in Spain is definitely something you can do to astonish your friends and family!

Finest Time To Visit Spain

Famous city Madrid

Both the time periods of spring and autumn are ideal for visiting the stunning country of Spain. Exploring this country in April, May, June, September, and October is recommended as you can witness the picturesque vistas at their prime during this time.

7 Days In Spain: Places To Explore

Take a glimpse at some of the things you can do around the scenic locations of the country for a week’s excursion while you’re out and about in this breathtaking country! With this guide, you can make the most of your 7 days Spain expedition.

1. Madrid

Barcelona city

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Commence your 7 days journey to Spain with the capital city of Madrid. You will never have enough of Madrid in a single day and it will leave you yearning for more. However, if you can wake up early after a long flight and manage your time efficiently throughout the day, proceed to explore Madrid, which is the epicenter of Modern Spain.

Take the subway to navigate Madrid and witness the world-class museums, cosmopolitan nightlife, cafes, and tapas brimming with greatness, and of course, not to forget Barrio de las Letras, a neighborhood with Spain’s oldest taverns and restaurants.

You can pay a visit to the Prado Museum, Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS), and El Rastro, in the morning. During the afternoon, after a light lunch, take a stroll from Plaza Mayor to the Royal Palace. It is a place where you won’t mind losing your way. You can also embark on a hop-on hop-off Madrid city tour bus that will cover places from Atocha to Cuatro Torres Business Area.

All these streets and locations are the essence of Madrid. They possess museums, cafes, parks, churches, and palaces, and you will delight in wandering through these streets on your own.

As the sun sets, the city of Madrid becomes more lively. As they say, the city never sleeps. It’s the perfect time to go on a tapas tour in Barrio de las Letras, a renowned spot for its culture, food, and cafes. For those who adore clubbing – Gran Vía, Malasaña, and Chueca are the nightlife hotspots of Madrid.

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costa brava

2. Barcelona

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Your seven-day stay in Spain commencing from Barcelona corresponds to your second day. There are numerous places to select as your accommodation, but I would suggest the Las Ramblas real estate sites.

Initiate your Barcelona sightseeing by taking a stroll from Las Ramblas and Passeig de Gracia, the most frequented tourist destination. Following this, you can find an array of food and drinks in the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter.

The Las Ramblas, Hotel 1898, showcases architectural elements from the end of the 19th century, and its interior design is what attracts tourists the most. However, modern amenities and exceptional service are also offered by this hotel. Let’s not forget the rooftop pool of Hotel 1898 that provides a stunning panoramic view of Barcelona.

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Bridge and river

3. Costa Brava

In Barcelona, soak in the culture, while in Costa Brava, relish its beaches. Spend the night in Barcelona and embark on a day trip to Costa Brava. It is a Catalan countryside and an interesting fact is that some scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed here.

Costa Brava encompasses twelve towns, hence providing various options to choose from. If you are visiting during summer, consider visiting Pals. This charming village is situated atop a hill and transports you back in time.

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architecture on riverside

4. Segovia And Toledo

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Segovia and Toledo – Sister Cities

Segovia and Toledo are sibling walled cities located just 30 minutes away from Spain via a high-speed train. You have two options available to you.

If you have the opportunity for a 7 or 8-day trip to Spain, you can explore both of these cities on separate days while spending the rest of your time strolling around Madrid. However, if you are limited to a 7-day tour, you can choose to visit either one or both of these cities.

If you inquire about it, Segovia is more enchanting of the two. It is also more affordable if you have a tight budget. Every single street in Segovia is a feast for the eyes, no matter which path you choose. If you only have one night to uncover a taste of Spain, head to Segovia as its sibling, Toledo, offers equally magnificent attractions but requires more time.

First and foremost, Toledo is situated on a hilly area, which can make walking around a bit challenging. It is also slightly more perplexing, and if you are in a rush to reach your destination, getting lost in Toledo does not have the same charm as getting lost in Segovia. Therefore, depending on the time you have, the choice between Segovia and Toledo is yours to make.

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Amazing place

5. Cordoba

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Cordoba is just a 45-minute journey by high-speed train from Madrid. It is an Andalucían city with Moorish architectural influences, situated by a riverside adorned with cafes and bars. It offers a relatively tranquil environment to enjoy some peaceful moments, surrounded by amazing wine-drenched tapas. The Mosque-cathedral is a popular tourist attraction, originally built as a mosque but later transformed into a cathedral in the 10th century. If you’re looking for a change of pace, you can rent a bicycle to explore Cordoba, Spain in Europe, especially if you have already done a lot of walking.

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6. Seville

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Today, you will embark on a journey to Seville, a place that can be likened to an open-air museum. After treating yourself to a traditional Spanish breakfast, begin your day by visiting the Alcazar castle complex and the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza. Make sure to also explore the awe-inspiring Gothic Seville Cathedral. Due to its proximity to the coastal area, the city offers a wide variety of delectable tapas, particularly seafood options. Consider making a reservation at El Rinconcillo, Seville’s oldest restaurant, for a delightful dinner.

road trip to Spain

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7. Malaga

Malaga possesses a youthful energy that presents a multifaceted history. It boasts several art museums and it is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. However, our purpose in visiting Malaga is not solely for its art but for the thrilling hike to Caminito del Rey. This trail, spanning five miles, was reopened in 2015 following extensive renovations. After exploring the various cultural attractions in Spain, this adventurous path should not be missed.

How To Arrive In Spain

Eurail in Spain

While you may be journeying to this enchanting country from any destination worldwide, it is always beneficial to know the most suitable means of transportation. Continue scrolling to learn more.

By Road

Image SourceSpain shares borders with France and Portugal. Therefore, if you are traveling from either of these countries, you have the option of driving or renting a taxi.

Reach by air

By Train

Image SourceConsidering that Eurail offers seamless connectivity between Spain and other European nations, it is advisable to embark on a train journey. Undoubtedly, traveling by train amidst the captivating landscapes of European countries is always a splendid choice for any type of traveler!

By Air

Image SourceIf you are traveling from any other part of the world, including European countries, and it is convenient for you to take a flight to Spain, both Madrid and Barcelona offer international connections with regular flights from numerous destinations across the globe.

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This is the ultimate schedule if you have a week to explore Spain and you desire to immerse yourself in its heritage, cuisine, and nightlife. This 7-day journey through Spain can be accomplished successfully with the assistance of Spain’s high-speed trains and your desire to visit these cities. Now that you are aware of the ideal destinations for a 7-day trip to Spain, organize your travel there for an enchanting experience with your companions and loved ones like never before! Enjoy your 7-day vacation in Spain!

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Commonly Asked Questions About a 7-Day Trip to Spain

What sights can you visit in Spain for 10 days?

One can effortlessly explore all the attractions Spain has to offer in a span of 10 days, including prominent cities like Madrid, Seville, Malaga, and Barcelona.

What sights can you visit in Spain in 3 days?

In a duration of 3 days, one can either explore the enchanting city of Barcelona or the capital city of Madrid in Spain.

What sights can you visit in Spain in 14 days?

A 14-day stay in Spain can lead to an incredible journey as all the popular tourist spots can be easily covered. One can start with Barcelona, then visit the cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao. Afterward, Seville and Granada can also be included.


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