Useful Words and Phrases for Traveling in Spain and Latin America

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Do you speak Spanish? Are you fluent in Spanish? Yes, this is the interpretation of the first sentence, and if you are planning a journey to Spain or any of the Latin American nations, but do not have knowledge of the Spanish language, then this convenient Spanish travel guide is here to assist you. Listed below are some Spanish travel terms and phrases to aid in communication in Spanish-speaking countries. Take a look at the commonly used Spanish expressions for travelers.

Simple Spanish Travel Vocabulary And Expressions

A tour guide will ensure a seamless journey, but what if he/she isn’t available when you’re at a bar, trying to figure out what’s “una cerveza” and what’s “un vino”? To help tackle these issues in Spanish-speaking countries, here’s a basic list of phrases and Spanish travel vocabulary that might be useful during a trip to Spain or Latin America. Continue reading.

1. Fundamental Spanish Expressions

Here are some fundamental Spanish terms and phrases for common courtesy to help you greet people and ask some extremely basic questions in Spain and Latin American countries.

  • Hello – ¡Hola! (o-la)
  • Good morning – ¡Buenos días! (bway-nos dee-as)
  • Good afternoon/good evening – ¡Buenas tardes! (bway-nas tar-des)
  • Good night – ¡Buenas noches! (bway-nas noh-chays)
  • How are you? – ¿Cómo está? (koh-moh eh-stah)
  • I’m fine, thank you – Bien, gracias (bee-en gra-see-as)
  • Nice to meet you – Mucho gusto (moo-choh goo-stoh)
  • Do you speak English? – ¿Habla ingles? (ab-la in-glays)
  • I don’t speak Spanish – No hablo español (noh ah-bloh ess-pah-nyohl)
  • I (don’t) understand – Yo (no) entiendo (yo no en-tee-en-doh)
  • What time is it? – ¿Qué hora es? (keh oh-rah ess)
  • I don’t know – No sé (Noh seh)

getting around

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2. Directions And Navigating

Often, without knowledge of the native language, it becomes challenging to move around in a foreign country. So, here are some basic Spanish travel terms and phrases to help one navigate through any Spanish-speaking city. Let’s start with what to do if you get lost 😉

  • I’m lost – Estoy perdido (eh-stoy per-dee-doh)
  • Where is the bus stop? – ¿Dónde está la parada de autobús? (dohn-deh ess-tah lah pah-rah-dah de ow-toh-boos)
  • Where is the train station? – Where is the railroad station? (don-day eh-stah la es-tah-see-on de ferro-carr-eel)
  • I require a map – I need a map (Neh-seh-see-toh oon mah-pah)
  • I desire a taxi – I want a taxi – (Yo kee-eh-ro oon taxi)
  • Correct – right (deh-reh-chah)
  • Left – izquierda (ess-kee-eh-dah)
  • Road – Street (cah-yay)
  • Airport – Aeropuerto (i-roh-pwehr-toh)
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    3. Lodging

    Presented below are some crucial Spanish travel words and phrases that could be useful when searching for accommodation during one’s journey. Take a glance

    • I am searching for a hotel – I’m looking for a hotel (boo-scoh oon oh-tel)
    • I require – I need (yoh nay-say-see-toh)
    • I need a room – I need a chamber (yoh nay-say-see-toh oon cwar-toh)
    • I need a room with a bathroom – I need a chamber with a bath (yoh nay-say-see-toh oon cwar-toh cohn ban-yoh)
    • I possess a reservation – I have a reservation (ten-goh oo-nah reh-sehr-vah-see-ohn)
    • What is your name? – What is your name? (koh-moh se ya-ma)

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    4. At A Dining Establishment

    At times, it becomes challenging to communicate one’s food and beverage preferences in a foreign country. For instance, if you desire red wine, you might simply translate red and wine and request for rojo vino. However, that is not the term for red wine, and there is a possibility that the waiter may not understand. Red wine is called vino tinto, and to navigate through such situations, here is an attempt at a few words that might prove helpful.

      • I want a menu – I want a menu (yo kee-eh-ro oon me-noo)
      • I want a beer – I want a beer (yo kee-eh-ro oo-na ser-vay-za)
      • I am a vegetarian – I am a vegetarian (soy beh-heh-tah-ryah-noh/-nah)
      • The bill, please – El pago, por favor (el pah-go, por fah-vor)
      • Morning meal – First meal (furst meel)
      • Midday meal – Lunchtime (lunch-tahym)
      • Evening meal – Supper (suh-per)
      • Broth – Broth (broth)
      • Sweet course – After-meal treat (af-ter-meel treet)
      • H2O – Water (waw-ter)


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    5. Retail therapy

    If you are out shopping for local items and keepsakes, then here are a few words that might aid you in enhancing your shopping experience. Take a look.

        • Where can I find an automated teller machine? – Where is an auto-teller? (wair-iz an aw-toh-tel-er)
        • What is the price? – How much is it? (haw muhch iz it)
        • I require proof of purchase – I need a document of payment (I need a dawk-yuh-ment of pey-ment)
        • Funds – Currency (kur-uhn-see)
        • Plastic money – Credit card (kred-it kahrd)
        • Low-priced – Inexpensive (in-eks-pen-siv)
        • High-priced – Pricey (prahy-see)

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    These were some of the typical Spanish travel words and phrases that will assist you in navigating your journey to Spain or Latin America. Reserve your excursion to Spain with TravelTriangle and experience a smooth trip!

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