Unwind Your Inner Zen: Exploring 12 Invigorating Hot Springs across Alaska

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Alaska is located in the northwest region of Canada, it is the biggest state in the United States known for its diverse landscape that includes mountains, forests, abundant wildlife, and many small towns. This is the least densely populated state in the US. Alaska is renowned for outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking.

When it comes to exploring hot springs in Alaska, the destination being a haven for nature enthusiasts also offers various invigorating and soothing options to choose from. The 49th state indeed has a multitude of natural marvels to offer, but not all of them are easily accessible. So, if you are wondering about the existence of hot springs in Alaska, we have compiled a list of some of the finest hot springs in Alaska that will lead you off the conventional path to the serene natural hot springs of Alaska. Enjoy!

White Sulphur Springs

1. Chena Hot Springs Fairbanks

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The Chena hot springs in Alaska are the most popular and frequently visited hot spring in Alaska. It is situated approximately 57 miles northeast of Fairbanks, the golden heart city of Alaska, near the Chena River State Recreation Area. It is perfect for spending time with family, friends, or even enjoying a romantic getaway. If fortunate, one might have the opportunity to witness the vibrant colors of the aurora borealis dancing above in the sky while indulging in the spring. The place was discovered by a duo of gold mining brothers roughly a century ago.

Location: Alaska 99712, USA

Hot Springs Sitka

2. White Sulphur Springs

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The Chichagof Island lies on the Bertha Bay, precisely on the northern shoreline of Southeast Alaska. The White Sulphur Springs is situated in a secluded location within the wilderness, surrounded by towering spruce and hemlock trees. The view from this spring offers a breathtaking sight, unlike anything you have witnessed before, overlooking the ocean. It is important to be cautious and conduct thorough research before visiting this area, as large brown bears are commonly spotted here. The island can be reached by personal boat, charter, float plane, or kayak.

Location: Fairbanks North Star borough, Alaska

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charming oasis in between the woods

3. Goddard Warm Springs Sitka

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The Goddard warm springs is one of the earliest Alaskan mineral springs. This warm spring has modern cedar bathhouses for the visitors and is visited by people all year long. The warm spring is about 16 miles south of the city Sitka on Baranof Island. The place can be accessed by a boat or a float plane.

Location: Sitka, Alaska

Chief Shakes Hot Springs

4. Manley Warm Springs

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Located on the end of Elliot Highway that begins at Fox town, Manley warm spring is a charming oasis in between the woods. One can choose from three concrete tubs all of which are fed natural spring water at varying temperatures. Space is full of exotic plants as it is in a private greenhouse. As the place required advanced reservation, don’t forget to make one before heading for the long highway drive.

Location: Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska

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Baranof Warm Springs

5. Chief Shakes Warm Springs

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Chief Shakes Warm Springs is a famous and highly desired tourist attraction in Southeast Alaska. The place is by the Ketili River and is nestled by the Tongass National Forest. The warm spring has two tubs one of which has a screened structure while the other is a wooden porch. The place also has changing areas, picnic table and a fire spot for the outdoor fun that one desires. Two wilderness cabins are located just upriver from this spot that is maintained by the forest service.

Location: Wrangell, Alaska

6. Baranof Hot Springs

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This thermal spring is situated on Warm springs bay near Chatham Strait. The place is exceptionally picturesque and in close proximity, there is the glacially supplied Baranof Lake. There are no paved streets in this region neither are any vehicles present nor is the area accessible by sea transport. The place can only be reached by float plane from the city of Sitka.

Location: Baranof Island, Alaska

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