Unveiling Unexpected Winter Delights: Five Extraordinary European Experiences in December

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Winters in Europe are the most captivating time and nothing appears more appealing than the European winter. With the entire continent bursting with Christmas joy, cities are illuminated on the streets spreading a joyful atmosphere. The snowfall in the mountains creates an opportunity to add a unique element that makes the season ideal for a wide range of exciting activities. The cities in Europe are prepared to offer the most splendid winters to its tourists traveling from all around the globe with the assistance of numerous enjoyable activities to engage in and places to explore. Without further delay, let us all embark on the top thrilling experiences to have in Europe in December.


Climate In Europe In December

December is a remarkable time to discover Europe and experience a winter wonderland. The average temperature in December ranges from -1 degree Celsius to -3 degrees Celsius. With such extreme cold, it is certainly the time to bundle up. Visitors usually relish visiting Europe during this month to encounter the chilly weather the place has to offer. While some European cities may witness snowfall in December, others provide pleasant weather that is perfect for showcasing your Christmas outfits. Make sure you equip yourself with some winter necessities during this month and come prepared to face the weather conditions.

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Why Should You Explore Europe In December?

Now that you are well-acquainted with the weather conditions of Europe in December, let us delve into the reasons why you should visit Europe during this month. European cities truly have a distinctive character and each city is bustling with its own liveliness and atmosphere, celebrating festivals that are noteworthy.

Visit Europe

Travelers can make the most of the cold season with the winter festivals in Europe that encompass a wide range of activities such as snowboarding, skiing, comedy shows, carnivals, and more. Here are a few notable festivals that are a must-attend.

  • Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam
  • Snowbombing, Mayrhofen, Austria
    • Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival, Zwolle, Netherlands
    • Altitude Comedy Festival, Mayrofen, Austria
    • Tomorrowland Winter, Alpe d’Huez, France
    • Fete du Citron, Menton, France

    Popular Festivals

    Avoid Peak Season In Europe

    Visiting these European cities in December can be very cost-effective, as the summer months are typically considered the peak season. Therefore, economically speaking, December is one of the best times to visit. On the other hand, it is worth noting that December is a popular time for adventure sports, so the demand for these sports is high and prices may be inflated. If you are planning a trip to the cities in Europe, consider traveling in December.

    Peak Season

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    5 Things To Experience In Europe In December

    The vast continent of Europe offers a wide range of cities to explore. Let’s examine some of the top cities that should be on your list for a memorable December trip.

    1. Amsterdam: Embracing the Festive Atmosphere

    2. Zwolle: An Enchanting December Experience

    3. Mayrhofen: Enjoying Adventure Sports

    4. Barcelona: A Vibrant City to Discover

    5. Paris: Immersing Yourself in Festive Celebrations

    1. Amsterdam: Embracing the Festive Atmosphere

    Amsterdam in December is a magical time filled with frozen lakes, cozy winter mornings, cultural festivals, and an overall festive atmosphere. During the cold winter months, Amsterdam truly comes alive. The freezing weather sets the perfect backdrop for the festivities that December brings.


    Early December in Amsterdam is marked by mesmerizing snowfall, while the month ends with Christmas decorations and the sound of bells ringing through the streets. With a variety of warm restaurants offering delicious local cuisines, Amsterdam is a must-visit in December.

    Activities to try in December: Ice skating, attending a concert or football match, exploring the Amsterdam Light Festival, and more. The Amsterdam Light Festival is one of Europe’s most popular events during this time, attracting visitors from all over the world.

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    2. Zwolle: For An Enchanting December

    If you are a winter enthusiast, Zwolle is the perfect city for you to explore in December. For travelers who adore cold weather and cozy atmospheres, you must visit Zwolle to experience the most mesmerizing December ever. With an average temperature of 1 degree Celsius-8 degrees Celsius, the city is a winter wonderland in itself. Furthermore, the Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival takes place during this time, providing a delightful experience.


    Things to do in December: Skiing! With skiing being the main attraction in the city, Zwolle is one of the most popular cities to indulge in this sport at its finest. As there are designated areas for this activity, tourists enjoy discovering the best of this city.

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    3. Mayrhofen: Delight in Adventure Sports

    Mayrhofen is the perfect destination for adventure sports in December. If you desire to explore skiing and enjoy this unique sport, you must head out to Mayrhofen in December. Offering a vast expanse for the sport, the city itself is a delightful experience. There are several designated areas in the city that are perfect for engaging in this activity. Given that the city is located at a lower altitude, sports enthusiasts need to ascend to higher elevations.


    Things to do in December: Paragliding, sledding, snow limo tours. If adventure sports are your thing, you should definitely try out these activities in December.

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    4. Barcelona: A Major City To Discover

    Barcelona in December is another prominent city to explore. This is a stunning city located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Moreover, it is also one of the most frequently visited destinations due to its ancient allure. The city becomes even more beautiful during this month with clear winter skies; Barcelona witnesses a surge in tourism during this time.


    The streets are well adorned in every corner and are bustling with Christmas festivities. Moreover, it is also the perfect time to indulge in traditional cuisine and relish delectable food.

    Activities to experience in December: Ice skating arena, visit and explore the harbor swim, attend the Three Kings Parade. Barcelona, which offers pleasant weather conditions in December, attracts a large number of tourists to the city.

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    5. Paris: Warm Up And Discover The Celebrations

    Paris, the most romantic city in the world, is a cherished destination that is a delight in December. The city requires no introduction as it is renowned for its old-fashioned charm. The cultural capital of France is chilly in December, with an average temperature ranging from – to 8 degrees Celsius.


    The city comes alive with enchanting Christmas markets that are beautifully decorated. It also provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to warm up inside cozy cafes in December. The city offers ample opportunities for exploration and to make the most of the holiday season.

    Activities to experience in December: Ice skating, holiday lights and window displays; attend a classical music concert, and more. Due to the favorable weather conditions in December, it is common to see a large influx of tourists enjoying various activities in Paris.

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    We trust that this fulfills your quest for information on things to do in Europe in December. This month is a splendid time to visit the cities here and immerse yourself in the festivities at their finest. Prepare for Christmas by booking your next holiday in a European city. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed and you will create lasting memories next December. Don’t delay, and book an incredible journey to Europe as you wouldn’t want to miss out on the vacation vibes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Europe In December

    What makes Amsterdam Lights festival unique?

    The innovative air exhibition known as Amsterdam Light Festival is a massive event in Europe that lasts for a period of 53 days. It brings together national and international light artists to showcase their work. The picturesque canals provide the perfect backdrop.

    What is the typical temperature in Europe during December?

    The average temperature in Europe during December ranges from below zero to 8 degrees. Numerous places experience heavy snowfall during this time.

    What types of adventurous activities are practiced in European cities in December?

    There are a variety of adventure activities to experience in Europe in December, including skiing, sledding, trekking, hiking, camping, fishing, ice skating, and many others.

    When is the best time to visit Europe?

    Europe is a beautiful destination to visit throughout the year, but in December, it attracts tourists who want to experience its cold weather and Christmas atmosphere.

    Where can I go skiing in Europe?

    Tourists can enjoy skiing in various locations across Europe, with Zwolle being a top choice due to its designated and dedicated areas for practicing this activity.

    What is the average cost of visiting Europe in December?

    The average cost of visiting Europe in December ranges from [insert amount]. While some cities experience peak season, others do not. Therefore, the average expenditure tends to vary depending on the city you are visiting.

    What are some enjoyable activities in Europe during the winter?

    During winter, you can partake in a range of enjoyable activities in Europe, such as ice skating, building a winter bonfire, winter camping, sledding, and engaging in cross-country skiing, among others.

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