Unmissable Getaway: Discover Malaysia’s 8 Tranquil Lakes

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8 Lakes In Malaysia That Will Bring You Closer To Nature

Scroll down and discover these 8 natural and man-made Malaysian lakes.

1. Lake Chini

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Chini lake in Malaysia is recognized as the largest freshwater lake of Malaysia which is a habitat to a vast variety of vegetation and wildlife still unfamiliar to the world. As the largest lake in Malaysia, it is frequented by travelers from all over the globe who are captivated by the tranquility of the lake. There are a few resorts nearby where you can lodge and bask in the sunlight while admiring the view of the lake.

Tasik Biru Seri Kundang

Location: Pekan District, Pahang

2. Tasik Biru Seri Kundang

Lake Kenyir

Situated in the Selangor region of Malaysia, Tasik Biru Seri Kundang is also famously known as The Blue lake and is popular among travelers as it offers numerous recreational activities and water sports. A weekend escape for travelers who are interested in jet skiing and canoeing, the blue lake is a must-visit lake in Malaysia. There are several restaurants near the lake where you can spend time with your family and enjoy the recreational activities during your weekends.

Placement: 48020, Selangor, Malaysia

3. Kenyir Lake

Timah Tasoh Lake

Being one of the biggest bodies of water in Malaysia, Kenyir Lake is quite popular among the travelers. An engineered lake which is known as the paradise for freshwater fish also having exceptional wildlife around it, Kenyir Lake is a fusion of pleasant weather and various caves worth exploring. There are numerous cozy resorts near the lake so that you can completely relish your vacation.

Placement: Hulu Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia


4. Timah Tasoh Lake

: Shee Lee Tai by Flickr

A man-made reservoir located in Perlis, Malaysia, Timah Tasoh lake is one of the primary tourist attractions in Malaysia as it is a habitat for migratory birds. A bird sanctuary is established in this lake due to which it ranks high on the list of bodies of water in Malaysia. Travelers who are tired of their bustling lives in the city must visit this lake to rejuvenate themselves.

Placement: 01000 Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia

Putrajaya lake

5. Lake Bera

: Saitok by Flickr

Lake Bera is the largest natural body of water in Malaysia and is renowned globally for its diverse animal life. A location where numerous turtles, pythons, birds, and endangered reptiles reside, this lake offers an exciting adventure for travelers. Explorers can learn about the local inhabitants and easily discover the peculiar anecdotes about this lake in Malaysia. If you’re seeking an exhilarating journey, then a visit to this enigmatic lake should be on your list of stunning water bodies in Malaysia.

Chendroh Lake

Location: 28050 Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia

6. Putrajaya lake

A city adorned with magnificent architecture, the splendid Putra bridge, and the beautiful Putra lake, Putrajaya is one of the top tourist attractions in Malaysia. Situated in the heart of Putrajaya, Putrajaya lake will mesmerize you as it is the most exquisite among all the bodies of water in Malaysia. Visitors can enjoy recreational activities and water sports at the lake.


Location:Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia

7. Lake Chenderoh

: Neko. D 13 by Flickr

Considering fishing this weekend? Lake Chenderoh is a natural lake in Perak, Malaysia and is the perfect spot for enjoying a fishing trip with your family. Being one of the main weekend getaway spots on the list of bodies of water in Malaysia, it has several local restaurants that will serve you delectable regional cuisine.

Location: Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia

8. Temenggor reservoir

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Housing various types of fishes like Toman, Kelah, Sebarau, and Baung, Temenggor is an artificial reservoir situated close to Banding Island, which serves as a popular spot for travelers, offering excellent opportunities for sightseeing. One of Malaysia’s significant man-made bodies of water, Temenggor reservoir is frequently visited by many explorers who want to discover this remarkable human-made creation.

Location: Hulu Perak District, Perak, Malaysia.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Reservoirs In Malaysia

What kinds of reservoirs are found in Malaysia?

Malaysia features natural reservoirs and artificial reservoirs. Both types of reservoirs are considered among the top tourist attractions in Malaysia.

What is the geographical uniqueness of the reservoirs found in Malaysia?

The geographical features of the reservoirs found in Malaysia include surrounding rolling hills and lush green plant life.

Can swimming be done in Temenggor reservoir, Malaysia?

No, swimming is strictly prohibited at this reservoir. This is because it is the deepest reservoir in Malaysia, with a depth of 450 feet below sea level.

When is the best time to explore the reservoirs in Malaysia?

The ideal time to visit and explore the reservoir attractions in Malaysia is from March to December. These months provide pleasant weather without rain. Visitors can also engage in activities such as birdwatching and various recreational and adventure sports.

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