Unique Kansas Travel Destinations: Discover the US Heartland’s Memorable Gems

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“Oh, bestow upon me a dwelling where the Bison roam

Where the Deer and the Antelope engage in play;

Where never is heard a disheartening word,

And the sky is not obscured all day.”

Yes, you guessed it correctly. This is the state chant of the “Grain Capital of the World,” Kansas, the 34th state in the United States of America. Kansas acquired this designation because it generates over 400 million bushels of grain every year. So fundamentally, the amount of grain produced in Kansas can produce approximately 33 billion loaves of bread, more than sufficient for the world’s populace! But not only grain, the state also leads in generating corn, alfalfa, sorghum, and hay. Also titled as the “Sunflower State,” because of the breathtaking sunflowers you can discover in the state’s prairies. Nonetheless, Kansas is not solely about farms and sunflowers; you can also experience a variety of terrains in the state that encompasses sand dunes, hills, woodlands, grasslands, and well-maintained cities.

Spots to explore in Kansas

So, if you are in Kansas and finished with admiring the stunning sunsets and a heated basketball match between Jayhawks and K-State Wildcats, finished dining at a BBQ joint, finished enduring a hailstorm, finished searching for Clark Kent aka Superman’s residence, and finished capturing images of sunflowers and landscapes, here is a list of top places to visit in Kansas.


1. Monument Rocks

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Among the numerous spots to explore in Kansas, this one warrants a distinctive mention. Famously created approximately 80 million years ago, the chalk pyramids, known as Monument rocks is a natural marvel discovered in the north-western part of Kansas. This national natural landmark is one of the extraordinary spots to explore in Kansas. Enveloped by level, desolate lands on all sides, these chalk formations unexpectedly ascend from the ground, creating awe-inspiring monuments of diverse shapes and sizes. Each monument is distinct, some surpassing 70 feet in height, and in certain ones, you can observe embedded shells and fossils of various aquatic creatures. It is a bit distant from the city, on private property. So, be prepared to drive along a gravel road and respect the surroundings.

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Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

2. Wichita

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One of the finest spots to visit in Kansas is the Wichita city. Although it is not the capital of Kansas, it is the most populous city of this stunning state. Wichita, also referred to as the “air capital of the world,” is a city brimming with attractions that enrapture people of all ages during their visit. It is indeed one of the spots to explore in Kansas state that should not be bypassed. From the Sedgwick County Zoo that boasts of a collection of more than 2500 animals to the Botanica, a charming landscaped garden extending over 18 acres of land, this city creates beautiful memories for every visitor. The art and culture aficionados must unquestionably explore the numerous museums and galleries in the city like the museum of world treasures, old cowtown museum, exploration place, etc. These museums are also spots to explore in Kansas City for free if you are visiting on the final Friday of the month. There are other attractions like the Arkansas river trail, the original Pizza Hut, Sedwick park. The shopaholics can head to the Delano district to shop to their heart’s content.

Drinkwater and Schriver Flour Mill, Cedar Point

3. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

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If you have read about prairies solely in books and you are in Kansas to have a closer glimpse at them, make your way to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. It is situated in the core of the Flint Hills, sprawling over 4,000,000 acres and is currently the only remaining tallgrass prairie in the world. The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is the habitat for over 500 species of plants, over 30 species of wild animals, and 150 species of grassland birds too. So, if you are in the mood for some excitement, pay a visit to the preserve and hike through the trimmed paths and gravel trails to explore one of the most esteemed Kansas tourist attractions.

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Oz Museum

4. Drinkwater and Schriver Flour Mill, Cedar Point

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The Cedar Point Mill is one of the historical sites to explore in Kansas. Positioned in Cedar Point, Chase County in Texas, the stone building has a lengthy history. Positioned on the banks of the Cottonwood River, the mill was employed as a wooden sawmill in 1867, and in 1870, the mill was used to grind wheat for the local bakeries. It was deserted in 1961 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This historical landmark that is placed in an exceptionally stunning location is presently undergoing renovation to enhance its appeal to the visitors.

5. Oz Museum

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One of the amusing destinations to visit in Kansas is the Oz Museum in the tiny city of Wamego. The museum, located on the banks of River Kansas, is dedicated to all things associated with the Wizard of Oz. Step onto the yellow path and get transported to the vibrant world of Oz in this colorful museum. View over 100 years of history tied to the Wizard of Oz through the scarce objects, original books, production notes, photographs, and props on display. You can also watch the authentic silent movie in the museum. So if you are an enthusiast, you should include this captivating museum in your schedule during your Kansas sightseeing trip.

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