Unforgettable Destinations Around Naples That Will Encourage You to Prolong Your Vacation in Italy

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When you envision Italy, the images that come to mind are Rome and Venice…and of course, pizza! Italy is much more than that. The small towns and cities of this marvelous country possess the finest of art and a breathtaking architecture that will leave you speechless, and Naples is one such city worth visiting. While some may argue that the city is overcrowded, we believe that is part of the city’s charm, and when you venture outside the city, there are countless wonders that await you. There are numerous remarkable places near Naples that are mind-boggling and deserving of a visit.

Locations Near Naples

When you inquire about the top destinations to explore near Naples, there are numerous options that spring to mind. However, here are a few select places that should undeniably be included in your itinerary when you visit Italy.


1. Pompeii

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One of the finest sights to behold near Naples, Italy undoubtedly includes this location. It is no secret, as every tourist visiting the country ensures they explore the ruins. This was once an ancient Roman city that was buried under volcanic ash. But since its excavation, it has provided a glimpse into the Roman way of life from centuries ago; history truly comes alive here. From the houses they resided in and their workshops, to the furniture they used, the artwork on the walls, and the language they spoke – the entire civilization is laid out like an open book, waiting to be explored by history enthusiasts.

Distance from Naples: 26 kilometers. You can either take a train to the ruins, which is the quickest and most convenient mode of transportation, or explore other options.

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2. Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius

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A visit to Pompeii would not be complete without experiencing Mount Vesuvius. It is a thrill to hike up to the summit and gaze into the crater, although it is recommended to have an experienced guide accompany you. Another reason it is exhilarating is because it is still an active volcano and one of the most dangerous in all of Europe. However, that being said, it is also one of the most breathtaking mountains you will ever lay your eyes on, with an incredible view from the top. You can see the towns of Pompeii, Naples, and even the Amalfi Coast in the distance – a perfect backdrop for a picture. Definitely Instagram-worthy! The hike itself is an adventure and worth it for the view alone. It is also known as the mountain that Hercules traversed. Now, who wouldn’t want to brag about climbing the same mountain that the strongest man who ever lived once ascended!

Distance from Naples: 14 kilometers

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3. The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast

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The shoreline of Amalfi offers breathtaking views and resembles it has leaped out of a postcard. A fantastic place for shopping and investigating the countryside, a day-trip to the Amalfi coast is a necessity. Positano is the most well-liked town along the coast and the photograph of this town, with vibrant structures is what you witness as the initial few pictures of Italy when you search for it. The place has one of the greatest shoemakers in the world. Yet another town that you need to explore is the modest fishing village of Praiano. Why? Well, it is near to another village named Conca dei Marini, where you can embark on a journey of lemon orchards! Yes, they do exist… and while you are at it. you can sip on some limoncello alcoholic beverage, which you will also find out how to create. With its astonishing design and cathedrals that stand as proof of it, Amalfi is certainly worth a visit. Added to that, it has some impressive beaches and vibrant alleyways to explore.

Distance from Naples: 61 kilometers

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4. Herculaneum


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When Mount Vesuvius erupted many centuries ago, Pompeii is not the only town that got buried in the lava that it spewed; the town of Herculaneum, home to Hercules, was also destroyed. This is less-crowded than Pompeii and has a wealth of knowledge to exhibit. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and the town is pretty much preserved to a great extent. You can witness the residences and the temples of that time period and take pleasure in the architecture of the forgotten ages. The frescoes of that era provide you with a glimpse into the arts and culture of those times. One intriguing thing that you will view when you visit this town is the Villa dei Papiri, which belonged to Julius Caesar’s father-in-law!

Distance from Naples: 12 kilometers

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5. Sorrento


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Yet another seaside town, this one is just as magnificent as Amalfi and provides ample opportunities to marvel at stunning architecture. One of the must-visit places is Piazza Tasso. Why? Well, because it was constructed above one of the canyons, and these canyons were formed by rushing streams from the hills behind Sorrento. It’s a natural wonder at its finest! As you walk down to the lower part of these canyons, you can see the remains of a water-powered mill, one of the many that can be found in this area. There is also the Museo della Tarsia Lignea, a wooden museum…isn’t that fascinating! You will find exquisite furniture and an abundance of wood-related objects at this location. This coastal town is teeming with cathedrals, each one more impressive than the last. So, make sure to take a comprehensive tour of this town and take the time to admire the architectural brilliance of these cathedrals.

Distance from Naples: 49 kilometers

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6. Capri


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The island of Capri offers so many attractions that one day is simply not enough; you might want to return the next day as well. Your first stop should definitely be Monte Solaro, the highest point in all of Capri. The views from Monte Solaro are absolutely breathtaking, to say the least. Another gem of a place to explore is the splendid landscapes of Villa San Michele. It was constructed by a Swedish doctor and boasts one of the most well-maintained and enchanting gardens in all of Europe. The abundance of greenery here will soothe your senses and transport you to a magical place. And don’t forget to venture into the underwater cave of Blue Grotto; experience the diverse marine life that the coastline has to offer and embark on a thrilling adventure.

Proximity from Naples: 39 kilometers

7. Royal Palace of Caserta

Royal Palace of Caserta

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This is unquestionably one of the most expansive palaces in the world, as some say. It possesses the same beauty and magnificence as any other palaces in the world, just on a much larger scale. The palace consists of four external wings, two internal wings, and four immense courtyards. They feature regal chambers, numerous in number and each distinguished from the rest. The murals, the flooring, and virtually everything else, provide you with the impression of the splendor of a royal existence. The stroll from the entrance to the palace is a lengthy one, accompanied by fountains and majestic sculptures. Make sure not to overlook this gem.

Proximity from Naples: 35 kilometers

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These are our selections of locations near Naples that you absolutely must explore. However, there are numerous other delightful towns and islands surrounding Naples that are awaiting discovery. So, the next time you embark on a journey to Europe, you now know where to set your sights!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Locations Near Naples

Is Naples Italy worth exploring?

This splendid city of Italy harbors some of the most magnificent forms of art and breathtaking architecture which contribute to the beauty and allure of this marvelous city, making it a must-visit destination on your Italy excursion.

Where can I visit from Naples for a day excursion?

Here are a few extraordinary opportunities for your day trip from Naples: 1. Pompeii 2. Mount Vesuvius 3. Amalfi Coast 4. Capri Island

5. Ischia Island

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