Turkey’s Historical Gems: Uncover Tales of the Past at 10 Remarkable Sites

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1. Ephesus

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Constructed in the 10th century BC, this city thrived under the Roman Republic. It was established as a harbor and served as a significant hub for trade. Either opt for a taxi or rent a bike. Alternatively, choose mini-buses – the most economical mode of transportation.

Tip: Do not overlook the souvenir stores at the exit gates for handmade Turkish crafts.

Statue of Zeus outside the Aizanoi Zeus Temple is one of the best historical places in Turkey

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2. Aizanoi

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Aizanoi, a city housing numerous artifacts of universal importance, held great significance during the Roman rule. Its role as a hub in the commercial road network was of utmost importance.

Unmissable: When in Aizanoi, be sure to explore the Zeus Temple, the Stadium Theatre Complex, the Macellum, and the Kutahya Museum.

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Antalya Museum

3. Antalya Museum

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There are numerous popular historical sites in Antalya – the most renowned being the Antalya museum. One of Turkey’s largest, it has 13 exhibition halls and an open air gallery. This museum showcases the history of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia regions. The impressive presentation of artifacts makes the visit to this place worthwhile.

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4. Aphrodisias

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Aphrodisias, the city of Aphrodite (the deity of love), is one of the most remarkable historical sites in Turkey. Explore the remains, tour the museum, and to properly appreciate the beauty of this place, you will need to spend at least 3 hours.

Side city

Tactic: Avoid visiting during winters, the frequency of buses is quite sparse in this weather.

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Side, an ancient Greek city, is home to many tourist spots that are both enjoyable and historically significant. The temple of Apollo, the Aspendos, the Roman ruins, the Pamukkale bath, and the Duden falls are a few must-visit places. Parasailing, rafting, scuba diving, and jeep safari are a few must-do adventures while in Side.


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6. Anadoluhisari

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Anadoluhisari, a stronghold situated in Istanbul, was constructed by the Ottoman Sultan between 1393 and 1394. One of the finest historical sites in Istanbul, it is also the oldest Turkish architectural structure built in Istanbul and was transformed into a museum during the 1990s. Although the interior of the museum is not accessible to the public, the outer walls can still be visited and are worth exploring.

The Blue Mosque

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7. The Azure Mosque

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One of the most picturesque structures and renowned historical sites in Turkey, the Azure Mosque resembles a social center. It showcases a mosque, a madrasa, Sultan Resting Mansion, a Turkish bath, a fountain, a hospital, Mekteb-I Sıbyan, rental rooms, and residences. During a trip to this highly acclaimed tourist attraction, it is essential to make a stop at ‘Arasta’, located at the rear of the museum, which is encircled by the Mosaic Museum and shops selling souvenirs.

Alanya Castle

8. Alanya Fortress

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If you are intending to explore the most remarkable historical landmarks in Turkey, it would be unfortunate to overlook Alanya Fortress. Once a fortress, it now functions as an open-air museum, offering breathtaking views of the aquamarine waters that flow alongside it. This fortress is encompassed by a four-mile wall featuring approximately 140 towers.

Topkapi Palace

Tip: Remember to browse through the small shops that showcase handmade knitting and sewing items, as well as lamps!

9. Topkapi Palace

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Pilgrims, historians, architectural enthusiasts, romantic couples, and even casual tourists, all find this place appealing. The exotic structures and expansive gardens make a visit to this location a memorable experience. Allocating at least half a day is recommended to fully explore this site.

Anzac Cove

Tip: Carry a guidebook or hire a local guide, as having a guide is essential.

10. Gallipoli Peninsula

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The most youthful amongst the historical places in Turkey, the Gallipoli Peninsula – a site of World War I – served as the primary base for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) for a duration of eight months during one of the military campaigns of the war.

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Thus, with this digital guide, you can now plan your tour of Turkey in a more tranquil manner! Keep exploring and share with us your favorite historical site in Turkey!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Historical Places In Turkey

Is Turkey secure in 2022?

According to the reports by FCO, Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, and Ankara, the capital city, are generally safe for travelers. However, it is advisable to exercise caution before visiting any of the major cities in Turkey due to the potential risks of civil unrest and terrorist attacks.

Which is the most renowned historical edifice in Turkey?

The famed Blue Mosque is considered the epitome of historical structures in Turkey. Its grand design encompasses 260 windows and 6 minarets.

Which is the most picturesque location in Turkey?

Turkey boasts numerous fascinating places to explore, and the following are the most renowned among them: 1. Kabak Bay 2. Butterfly Valley 3. Patara 4. Princes’ Island 5. Cappadocia 6. Hagia Sophia 7. Mount Nemrut 8. The City of Ephesus

Which is the oldest architectural marvel in Turkey?

Gobekli Tepe stands as the oldest architectural marvel in Turkey, dating back nearly 12,000 years in the southeastern region of the country. It is recognized as the world’s oldest temple and the first awe-inspiring structure built by humans.

Are there pyramids in Turkey?

Indeed, Mount Nemrut in Kahta features a natural mountain peak measuring 2150 meters in height, with a 50-meter artificial summit constructed atop it. This summit serves as a tomb for King Antiochus I, commissioned between 80 to 72 BC.

How can I reach Topkapi Palace?

The nearest stations to Topkapi Palace are Gülhane station and Sultanahmet station, from which you can either walk or utilize public transportation to reach Topkapi Palace.

Which is the world’s oldest temple?

Gobekli Tepe in Turkey holds the distinction of being the oldest temple in the world.

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