Top Ten Unforgettable Destinations to Explore in Alaska

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Alaska is one of the most thinly populated U.S. states that attracts tourists from far and wide. Renowned for its diverse terrain of spacious areas, mountains, forests, and abundant wildlife, this state is a destination for thrill-seekers who can engage in outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, and more. In simple terms, it is a perfect destination for individuals of all age groups and interests who can relish the finest aspects of its culture at these 10 top-notch places to visit in Alaska.

Places to visit in Alaska

10 Finest Locations To Explore In Alaska For All

1. Denali National Park And Preserve

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Encompassing 6 million acres of untouched land, the Denali National Park is among the well-known Alaska tourist attractions. Positioned midway between Anchorage and Fairbanks, this park is the habitat of grizzly bears, wolves, reindeers, and elks. More than 167 species of birds have been documented at Denali National Park, which is one of the largest parks in the United States and includes the highest mountain in North America.

Locale: Parks Hwy, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK, USAPopular Activities: Biking, Backpacking, Hiking, and Mountaineering

2. Alaska Highway

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Alaska Highway

Widely known as the Alaska-Canada Highway (Alcan Highway), it is among the prime Alaska points of interest. Constructed in 1942 for military purposes, the Alaska Highway runs from Dawson Creek in British Columbia (Canada) through the Yukon Territory to Delta Junction near Fairbanks. This route serves as the land access to the Yukon Territory and southern Alaska and is favored by recreational vehicle travelers. The highway passes through Whitehorse, Canada before crossing the international border into Alaska and ending in Delta Junction.

3. Kenai Fjords National Park

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Established in 1980, the Kenai Fjords National Park encompasses a land area of 669,984 acres on the Kenai Peninsula in south-central Alaska, close to the town of Seward. The national park is inhabited by large grizzly bears that feed on the salmon, which is abundant in fat content. Safeguarding a significant portion of the coastline of the Kenai Peninsula (located south of Anchorage), this national park offers some of the most exceptional scenic views, making it one of the most splendid destinations to explore in Alaska.

4. University of Alaska Museum of the North


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Situated in Fairbanks, the University of Alaska Museum of the North is among the preferred destinations for tourists to visit in Alaska. This museum offers an assortment of over one million historical artifacts and specimens relating to natural history. The permanent collection includes items of ethnological significance crafted and utilized by indigenous groups, an impressive compilation of fine arts primarily encompassing Alaskan artwork, archaeological discoveries from prehistoric civilizations, an extensive bird collection, and samples of paleontology. Designed by Joan Soranno, the architectural design of the building incorporates captivating lines and curves that artfully mimic the breathtaking Alaskan landscape.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Location: University of Alaska FairbanksHours of Operation: 9 AM to 5 PM

5. Alaska Native Heritage Center

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Situated outside Anchorage, the Heritage Center comprises of a Gathering Place where Alaska native dances and stories are shared, as well as the Hall of Culture which showcases exhibits and local merchants displaying meticulously crafted traditional crafts and artworks. This heritage center vividly portrays the lifestyles and values of Alaska’s 11 principal cultural groups and ranks among the top-rated destinations to explore in Alaska.


Location: 8800 Heritage Center Dr, Anchorage, AK 99504, USAHours of Operation: 9 AM to 5 PM

6. Iditarod National Historic Trail

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If you are in this US state, you do not have to ponder which place to visit in Alaska? Besides exploring parks, museums, and wildlife, there is much more to the tourist attractions of Alaska. Alaska’s solitary National Scenic Trail, the Iditarod National Historic Trail comprises a network that adds up to 2,300 miles connecting Nome on the Bering Strait and Seward near Anchorage. This exquisite trail is presently utilized, and most renowned, for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Vast landscapes encompassing the entire route offer awe-inspiring vistas of mountains, glaciers, and wildlife.


7. Mendenhall Glacier

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Located in the Mendenhall Valley approximately 12 miles from downtown Juneau in the southeastern region of the United States state of Alaska, the Mendenhall Glacier spans about 13.6 miles in length. Accessible by road, the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center offers views of both the glacier and the waters dotted with icebergs, while the trails lead along the shoreline to the roaring Nugget Falls as well as the impressive masses of ice. Rafting and kayaking trips allow visitors to float among the icebergs while the local wildlife, such as black bears, porcupines, and beavers, are frequently encountered when exploring this stunning blue landscape. Make sure not to miss this destination among the many highlights of Alaska.


8. Kenai Lake

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One of the popular destinations in Alaska is Kenai Lake. Kenai Lake, a large lake with a “zig-zag” shape located on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, serves as the source of the Kenai River and is itself a destination for fishing and other outdoor activities. Covering an area of 55.9 kilometers, this lake can be accessed from both the Sterling and Seward Highways.

Kenai Lake

9. Totem Bight State Historic Park

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Situated north of Ketchikan, Totem Bight State Historical Park is a 33-acre state park in Alaska and is considered one of the top attractions in the state. In 1938, the US Forest Service initiated a project to salvage, rebuild, and create totem poles, preserving a dying tradition. Abandoned totem poles were restored or recreated, and 15 poles were erected in Ketchikan’s Totem Bight State Historic Park, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Totem Bight State Historic Park

Location: 9883 N Tongass Hwy, Ketchikan, AK 99901, USA
Opening Hours: 7 AM to 6 PM

10. Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve

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Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve is the largest and most splendid of Alaska’s expansive national parks. One of the renowned destinations to explore in Alaska, this national park consists of 9 out of the 16 loftiest peaks in the United States. This magnificent mountainous area on the frontier with Canada holds numerous glaciers, lakes, and mountain streams, and is inhabited by a diverse array of wildlife. It is an ideal destination for mountaineers, hikers, and water sports enthusiasts.


Alaska offers a plethora of extraordinary encounters beyond one’s imagination. And to uncover the allure of this incredible destination, remember to incorporate the top places to visit in Alaska into your itinerary and reserve a customizable Alaska travel package with TravelTriangle. Happy travels!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Exploring Alaska

Which region of Alaska is the most suitable to visit?

Some of the most popular regions to explore in Alaska are Juneau, Anchorage, Hubbard Glacier, Fairbanks, and Kodiak Island.

What is the most picturesque place in Alaska?

Some of the most awe-inspiring locations in Alaska include: 1. Ice Caves, Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau 2. Kesugi Ridge, Denali State Park, Southcentral 3. Exit Glacier, Kenai Peninsula, Southcentral. 4. Mt. Ascension, Kenai Peninsula, South Central 5. Tangle Lakes, Denali Highway, Interior.

Where should I lodge during my trip to Alaska?

Which is the optimal time to visit Alaska?

May to September is the prime time to relish the dry summer season and behold breathtaking views that will leave you mesmerized in this stunning city of Alaska.

What are the activities to do in Alaska?

How many days should I plan for my trip to Alaska?

Allocating 8 to 10 days is ample to indulge in the most marvelous land and water experiences in Alaska, which include a plethora of remarkable activities, visits to popular attractions, and a memorable cruise tour.

What is the ideal way to explore Alaska?

Embarking on a cruise is one of the finest ways to witness the coastal mountains, glaciers, marine wildlife, and towns of Alaska. It offers a romantic experience. However, if you desire to partake in adventure activities and explore some of the loftiest peaks, a private land tour is an excellent option.

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