Top Indian Eateries in Rome Serving Delectable and Genuine Cuisine

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Indian Restaurant Krishna,indian cuisine in rome

10 Finest Indian Eateries in Rome

These ten exquisite dining establishments in Rome offer the most tantalizing Indian cuisine that is guaranteed to turn your trip to Italy into an unforgettable experience. So, get prepared to scroll through and take note of the restaurants you absolutely must not overlook.

1. Himalaya’s Kashmir

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Just a brief stroll from the station lies one of the most well-liked Indian establishments near Rome termini that offer scrumptious cuisine at affordable prices. It is among the top-notch Indian restaurants in Rome, Italy. The delectable selection of tandoori dishes, chicken curries, dal makhani, and biryani are all seasoned with authentic spices, providing you with a genuine taste of India in the heart of Rome. The desserts such as kheer and gulab jamun are equally as well-prepared as the delightful treats found back at home. The amiable proprietor and efficient staff guarantee a pleasurable dining encounter.

Location: Via Principe Amedeo, 325-327, 00185 Roma RM, Italy Opening Hours: Open daily from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM

2. Indian Restaurant Krishna 13

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Without a doubt, this is one of the premier Indian eateries in Rome, boasting a charming decor and an exquisite atmosphere. The refined dining experience at Indian restaurant Krishna 13 in Rome is elevated by the authentic taste of every dish served here. From mouthwatering chicken and mutton delicacies to exceptional vegetarian options and delightful quick bites like the savory samosa, everything is impeccably cooked and presented with a warm smile. You have the liberty to inform the staff about your preferred level of spiciness, and it is advisable to make a reservation in advance due to its immense popularity.

Ristorante Indiano

Location: Via Foscolo, 13, 00185 Roma RM, ItalyOperating Hours: Everyday, 11AM-3:30PM, 7-11:30PM

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3. Jaipur – Indian Restaurant

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Your search for the authentic taste of India in the timeless city concludes at this marvelous restaurant in the lovely Trastevere area. You know you’ve made the correct decision among Indian eateries in Rome when the amiable staff greets you with a flute of Prosecco and assists you in selecting your meal. All dishes are prepared flawlessly with fresh ingredients and just the right combination of spices. A delightful meal and an authentic Indian dining experience await you at this hidden treasure.

New Delhi Indian Restaurant, indian cuisine, rome restaurants

Location: Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 56, 00153 Roma RM, ItalyOperating Hours: 12-3PM, 7PM-12AM (Tues-Sun), 7PM-12AM (Mon)

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4. New Delhi Indian Restaurant

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This is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Rome city center for homestyle Indian cuisine at excellent prices. The waitstaff at this affable establishment are friendly & inviting and the appetizers like samosas are as authentic as can be. If you are seeking vegetarian Indian restaurants in Rome, then New Delhi Indian restaurant in Rome offers numerous vegetarian choices as well as delectable thalis to satisfy your cravings for traditional food. Delicious cuisine and efficient service at this cozy Indian eatery are certain to capture the hearts of every food enthusiast.

Gandhi Restaurant Rome, indian cuisine in rome, delicacies

Locale: Via Milazzo, 25a, 00185 Roma RM, ItalyHours of Operation: Daily, 10:30AM-3:30PM; 5-11:30PM. Commences at 11:55AM on Sundays.

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5. Gandhi Restaurant Rome

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This charming eatery with its inherently Indian ambiance and friendly service is one of the premier Indian eateries in Rome, Italy for your Indian cuisine fix. The preparation, flavor, and display of food are of the utmost quality and the service is extremely proficient. The staff provides excellent recommendations and shows exceptional attention to children. Along with delicious murgh makhani, madras mutton, and other delightful dishes, they also serve sparkling wine as a complimentary beverage to kick-start your culinary journey here.

Indian Affairs, indian cuisine in rome,

Locale: Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 124, 00154 Roma RM, ItalyHours of Operation: Daily, 12:30-3PM, 7-11:30PM

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6. Indian Affairs

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Indian Affairs eatery in Rome comes to the rescue when the yearning for curry strikes after days of savoring delectable Italian pizzas and pastas. This cozy eatery offers authentic Indian cuisine at reasonable prices and excels in taste and service. The intimate basement setting and pleasant atmosphere are complemented by an exceptional staff always ready to assist. Everything, from appetizers like cottage cheese tikka and samosa to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses, is incredibly delicious. It is also the top contender for southern Indian eateries in Rome.Locale: Via Palermo, 6/b, 00184 Roma RM, ItalyHours of Operation: Daily, 12-3PM, 6:30-10:30PM

Maharajah, maharajah restaurnat in rome, indian cuisine

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7. Maharajah

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Delectable Indian cuisine cooked to perfection, stunning table arrangement, and charming decoration are some of the reasons why Maharajah Indian restaurant in Rome is a top choice among Indian curry enthusiasts. Whether you’re a small family or a large group, the friendly and efficient staff provides impeccable service and ensure all your requirements are met with a smile. The welcoming gesture with a sparkling wine is a pleasant touch that will capture your heart, just like the scrumptious food will. Must-try dishes include butter chicken, prawn vindaloo, dal makhani, and coconut kulfi.

Il Guru,

Location: Via dei Serpenti, 124, 00184 Roma RM, ItalyOpening Hours: Daily, 12:30-2:30PM, 7-11:30PM

8. Il Guru

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Himalaya Palace, indian cuisine in rome

The delightful flavors of India offered at Il Guru are bound to please your taste buds after all those pizza and pasta meals in the city. Among the renowned Indian restaurants in Rome, the venue provides excellent taste, generous portions, and friendly service at reasonable prices. There is also an option for outdoor seating for two and a diverse selection of beverages for a romantic encounter. The piping hot food is freshly prepared, flavorful, and promptly served by the efficient staff.

Location: Via Cimarra, 4, 00184 Roma RM, ItalyOpening Hours: Daily, 7-11:30PM

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9. Himalaya Palace

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Indian Restaurant Ganesha, restaurants in rome, indian cuisine in rome,

This pristine and well-maintained establishment provides both indoor and outdoor seating and offers delectable Indian cuisine at reasonable prices. The servers are courteous and amicable, and the freshly prepared dishes bring the authentic flavors of India to each bite. In addition to a wide range of options from the menu, this is one of the few Indian restaurants in Rome that also offers three set menus – vegetarian, meat, and fish. The assortment of flavors, tastes, and spices available here are guaranteed to satisfy those with a craving for Indian food.

Location: Circonvallazione Gianicolense, 277, 00152 Roma RM, ItalyOpening Hours: 12:30-3PM, 7-11:30PM (Tues-Thurs); 7-11:30PM (Mon)

10. Indian Restaurant Ganesha India Roma

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When in the vicinity of Colosseum, this is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Rome you should visit for an exceptional dining experience. The exquisite ambiance, scrumptious traditional Indian fare, and outstanding service are certain to make you want to come back. The waitstaff go above and beyond to ensure your comfort, while the delectably seasoned food captures the heart of every gastronome. The gracious owner even provides complimentary papadums, dessert, and even rounds of liquor shots to enhance your experience here.

Location: Via Labicana, 29, 00184 Roma RM, ItalyOpening Hours: Daily, 12-3:30PM, 7-11:30PM

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Whether you’re searching for Indian restaurants in Rome termini or anywhere in the city, you’ll be enthralled by the charming establishments that offer authentic cuisine at fantastic prices. Therefore, be sure to visit as many of these eateries as possible during your next excursion to Italy with TravelTriangle!

Frequently Asked Questions About Indian Restaurants In Rome

Q: Which Indian restaurants in Rome are near the Termini?

A: The top restaurants near the Termini are Indian Affairs and Himalaya’s Kashmir.


Q: Which Indian restaurants are near the Rome airport?

A: The top restaurants near the airport are Indiano OM and Indian Fast Food & Kebab.

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