Top Destinations to Explore During a 7-Day Family Vacation in Kerala

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Time had come for our family vacation, and living in Hyderabad, we were eager to discover the serene hills of Shimla, Kullu, and Manali. However, we were also contemplating a trip to the enchanting state of Kerala, known as God’s own country.

Fortunately, Fred and Fuzzys came to our rescue. When I was searching for tour packages online, Fred and Fuzzys offered a customizable itinerary tailored to our budget. Their travel experts provided valuable guidance on choosing the perfect destination for our holiday, and ultimately, we decided on Kerala.

Through Fred and Fuzzys, I was connected with local agents who helped me create a personalized Kerala Family Package. Now, our itinerary was set, promising a vacation filled with hill stations, backwaters, beaches, and rivers.

Details of Our Kerala Family Package

munnar family trip

Duration: 6 Nights and 7 Days

Cost: INR 59,106

munnar sightseeing

Inclusions: Flights, Hotels, Transfers, Sightseeing, Breakfast

Exclusions: Additional paid sightseeing and meals

Day 1: Munnar – Immersed in Kerala’s Lush Greenery!

We boarded a flight from Hyderabad and arrived in Cochin in the morning. Upon our arrival, our driver cum guide warmly welcomed us and after a quick refreshment, we set off for our first destination, Munnar.

munnar places to seemunnar village tour

During our journey, we were captivated by breathtaking sights, including a cascading waterfall, an exhilarating elephant ride, and magnificent views of the mountains and sprawling tea gardens. Kerala truly rejuvenated our senses, and as we beheld the beauty of Munnar, we were confident that we had made the right choice.

munnar waterfalls

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munnar places to see

Later, we checked in at “Misty Mountain Resorts,” a splendid property offering exceptional services and picturesque views. After a short nap, we embarked on a village tour (not part of the itinerary, paid separately), which turned out to be a highlight of our Munnar experience.

The village tour took us to various attractions, including the mesmerizing Mattupetty Dam, a mountain viewpoint that offered a panoramic vista of Munnar, the famous Chennai Express Point featured in the movie, a charming waterfall, and finally, a glimpse into the local village life. Each moment was filled with awe-inspiring experiences.

My husband and child thoroughly enjoyed the cool ambiance of Munnar, and truthfully, our vacation couldn’t have started on a more delightful note.

Eravikulam National Park elephant ride

Second Day: Exploring Munnar – A Feast for the Senses!

Eravikulam National Park mountain peak

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we embarked on our journey to the gorgeous Eravikulam National Park at 9 am. The scenic drive left us in awe, but nothing could prepare us for the sheer magnificence that awaited us at the park. We spent a solid 5 to 6 hours here, immersing ourselves in the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. To top it off, we bravely conquered a mountain peak, granting us a spellbinding panoramic view of the valley. Once we descended from this lofty point, we sat down for a satisfying lunch before venturing forth to discover more captivating sights, including the Echo Point, Tea Estates, Spice Gardens, and a magnificent dam.

tea gardens of munnarmunnar viewpointEravikulam National Park Peak view

As the day progressed, we returned to our hotel and indulged in pure relaxation. But the night had a special treat in store for us! The hotel staff arranged a memorable campfire dinner, where we gathered with joy and laughter, creating everlasting memories for me and my family.

sightseeing tour munnnarbest places to visit in munnar

Third Day: Embracing the Essence of Kerala in Thekkady

Fuelled by a scrumptious breakfast, we set out for Thekkady, reaching our destination by 2 pm. Once again, we were greeted by the superb Periyar Meadows hotel. After a rejuvenating check-in and some well-deserved rest, we eagerly attended the much-anticipated cultural extravaganza of the region – the Kathakali and Kalaripayattu show. These performances were nothing short of extraordinary, leaving us completely enthralled by the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Kerala.

cultural shows in thekkadybest things to see thekkadythings to see in thekkady

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martial arts show in kerala

In general, despite the oppressive heat in Thekkady, we thoroughly enjoyed our experiences there.

Day 4: Alleppey – The astonishing backwaters

After a satisfying breakfast, we embarked on a quest to take a river boat ride at the illustrious Periyar National Park. Unfortunately, due to our tardiness, we were unable to partake in this activity. Although it was not originally planned, we expected our driver to be well-informed about ticketing procedures, timings, and points of interest.

best things to do in thekkady

Subsequently, we ventured towards Alleppey and arrived at our destination around 1 pm. Upon check-in at our houseboat, we took a moment to freshen up before commencing our journey through the mesmerizing backwaters.

houseboat in alleppey

This expedition proved to be an unparalleled natural encounter. It was as if the roads had been replaced by waterways, and the familiar sights one encounters on roads, such as street shops, were now found within these aqueous realms. After indulging in some retail therapy, we embarked on an adventurous speed boat ride. All in all, our houseboat experience left a pleasant impression.

backwaters tour in alleppey

Day 5: Kovalam – Delightful moments were cherished here!

After bidding farewell to our houseboat, we set forth on our journey to Kovalam. By 2 pm, we arrived at this picturesque coastal town and checked into our exquisite hotel, known as “Sagara Beach Resorts.” We took a well-deserved break and reveled in the fact that this particular resort outshone all others. Its prime location, just a mere two minutes away from the lighthouse beach, offered captivating ocean views from almost every vantage point. Additionally, the resort boasted an extravagant pool where my family thoroughly enjoyed some leisurely moments.

kovalam sightseeing

Overall, the vibrant atmosphere of Kovalam captivated us, and every aspect, from the climate to the beaches, exuded awesomeness.

kovalam beach walks

Day 6: Kovalam – Witnessing the enchantment of Poovar beach!

We commenced our day by visiting the ancient Lord Parshuram Temple, which has stood strong for over 2000 years. Following our devotional experience, we ventured to the Marine Aquarium. However, what truly left us spellbound was our visit to the esteemed Poovar beach.

horse ride on the kovalam beach

Located approximately 20 km away from Kovalam, this journey through the town’s river (Neyyar, where it converges with the ocean) was an unparalleled experience in itself. Floating restaurants and resorts adorned the area, and the confluence of the river and ocean offered a breathtaking spectacle.

poovar beach in kovalam

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kovalam aquarium

We ventured to the very edge where Kerala meets Tamil Nadu, and the sight of the sunset in this place once again transported us to a realm of dreams.

Later, we made our way back to our resort.

Day 7: Farewell, Kerala

poovar beach trip

Following a delightful breakfast, we spent some time unwinding on the beach before visiting the renowned Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Returning to our accommodation, we checked out around 2 pm.

We were then transported to Trivandrum Airport, where we spent the remainder of our time waiting for our flight.

Parting Thoughts

Kerala provided us with an exceptional journey. From the majestic hills to the serene backwaters, and from the picturesque beaches to the awe-inspiring temples — everything emanated a sense of purity and tranquility. Our experience offered a harmonious blend of serenity, amusement, nature, and the perfect balance of leisure and exploration that captivated us like nothing before. Ultimately, we departed feeling revitalized and rejuvenated, surpassing our initial expectations. We would like to express our gratitude to Fred and Fuzzys for making it all possible.

things to see in keralagreenery in keralahills in kerala


  • The incredible ambience of Munnar and the captivating Village Tour
  • The enchanting Cultural show in Thekkady
  • The breathtaking Backwaters in Alleppey
  • The unmatched beauty of Kovalam, especially the resort and the mesmerizing Poovar beach tour

nature in kerala

Areas for Improvement:

  • Our driver cum guide, while very competent, had limited knowledge about the points of interest in Thekkady. Consequently, we missed out on experiencing the best that the place had to offer.

Travel Tips:

  • We highly recommend taking the backwaters tour during the winter season, as the weather during this time is more favorable for sightseeing and leisurely stays.

This family uncovered the wonders of houseboats and hills in Kerala, and you can too. Choose a Kerala Family Package and let us handle all the arrangements!

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