Top Attractions for a Family Vacation in Thailand

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My family and I had been planning a vacation for a long time, and when a friend of mine went to Thailand and recommended it for a family trip, we were thrilled to agree. Additionally, during my own research on destinations, I discovered that there were many great places to visit in Thailand with family, which would not only provide an amazing travel experience but also rejuvenation.

Going on a trip is quite different from planning one, especially since this was an international destination. Therefore, I decided to opt for a package, and that’s when Fred and Fuzzys came to our aid (also recommended by my friend). True to their word, they understood my requirements and connected me with their travel agents to receive customized quotes.

family trip to Thailand

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The agents sent us various quotes, and we selected the one that offered the best value for money. With everything finalized so smoothly, everyone was beyond excited for the trip to begin!

Trip Type: A enjoyable family getaway!

Trip Duration: 7 Nights 8 Days

Trip Cost: INR 1,80,000/-

Agent Name: Trip Dost Com

Inclusions: Breakfast, Airport Transfers, Accommodation, Local Transfers, Airfare, Sightseeing

Family traveling in Thailand

Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, English Speaking Driver

Best Things To Do In Thailand With Family

Here’s a day-wise account of our enjoyable family trip to Thailand – Bangkok, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket.

Day 1: From Mumbai to Phuket

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We live in Pune, but our flight was from Mumbai. So, we started the journey and made sure to reach the airport on time. From the Chhatrapati International Airport, we boarded the flight to Phuket and arrived there in the evening. The representative from the agent’s side was already there to receive us, and after a warm welcome, we were taken to our hotel.

After checking in, we decided to rest as we were tired from the journey, and that’s how our first day ended.

Family traveling in Thailand

Day 2: The numerous wonders of Phi Phi Island

Family traveling in Thailand

Today, we were transported to Phi Phi island via a ferry, and upon reaching the island, we couldn’t believe our eyes because it was incredibly beautiful. The journey to this place was also very picturesque.

Family trip to ThailandOld male traveler in Thailand

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Now it was time for some excitement and we made sure we had more than an ample amount of it as we soon immersed ourselves in a snorkeling session. It was one of the most remarkable experiences of our journey, but little did we know that the greatest was still to come in the forthcoming days.

Couple in ThailandFemale traveler in Thailand

Anyway, after the snorkeling, we had our midday meal on the island which once again was delectable and suitable for individuals who follow a vegetarian diet like us. Later, after spending some time relaxing and capturing photographs, we departed the island and proceeded back to Phuket.

Mother and baby traveling in ThailandFemale traveler in Thailand

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Family trip to ThailandOld male traveler in Thailand

Here, once again, we arrived at the hotel, took a brief rest, and then ventured out for supper. Fortunately, we discovered an Indian restaurant just 400 meters away from our hotel. Later, we returned to our hotel and called it a night. The day had been quite breathtaking and eventful.

Cruise in Thailand

Day 3: An otherworldly visit to the James Bond Island

Today we explored the James Bond Island via a traditional long tail boat and it was one of the most pleasurable and picturesque journeys that we had ever embarked on. Enveloped by lush greenery and bamboo trees in every direction, it was genuinely out of this world and looked even more extraordinary than the locations we witness in films (James Bond films).

Family trip to ThailandCruise in Thailand

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Couple on a cruise in Thailand

We stayed on the island for approximately 45 minutes and then, after a photo session, proceeded towards the Muslim Village situated on the seashore. The cuisine here was quite delectable and slightly more on the spicy side, but overall it was exceptional.

Couple on a cruise in Thailand

Honestly, we had never encountered such wonders of nature before and as we were heading back to Phuket, we truly felt reinvigorated.

Female traveler in Thailand

Day 4: Half day Phuket city tour and transfer to Krabi

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family trip to ThailandFather with her daughter in Thailand

In the morning, we completed our hotel checkout and embarked on a half-day tour of Phuket city. It was a rather delightful experience, following which we were transported to Krabi via car. We arrived in Krabi at approximately 6:30 pm in the evening, and after indulging in a meal at a nearby restaurant close to our hotel, we retired for the night.

Female traveler in Thailandfamily trip to Thailand

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Day 5: The extraordinary Four Island Excursion

family trip to Thailand

The Four Island Excursion proved to be the most remarkable tour of our family vacation in Thailand. Each of the four islands we visited left us mesmerized, and our experience of canoeing was unbelievably exceptional. It genuinely felt as though we had entered a paradise, and there are no words sufficient to describe the sensation.

family trip to ThailandFather with her daughter in ThailandFemale traveler in Thailand

The provided lunch was also scrumptious and impeccably executed, with designated sections for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and Indian cuisine.

family in Thailand

Later on, after concluding the excursion, we returned to Krabi, enjoyed a delicious dinner, and indulged in a soothing Thai massage during the night. It goes without saying that this day was one of the most invigorating of our entire trip.

Day 6: Greetings Bangkok!

Today in the morning, we boarded a flight to Bangkok and upon arrival, we were transported to our hotel. After taking some rest, we ventured out for the evening dinner cruise and had a truly wonderful experience.

family trip to ThailandBaby traveling in Thailandfamily trip to Thailand

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family in Thailand

From 8 pm to 10, we enjoyed ourselves immensely on the cruise ship, relishing the music, cuisine, and the lively atmosphere. Overall, it was a highly entertaining experience that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

family trip to Thailand

Day 7: Safari World and Marine Park

Today, we dedicated our entire day to exploring the Safari World and Marine Park. The theme park showcased a multitude of captivating performances such as the Dolphin Shows and the Orangutan Show, among many others, and we were truly captivated by each one.

safari world in bangkokfamily in Thailand

In the evening, we embarked on an animal safari, enclosed within a secure car, to witness wild animals in their natural habitat. It was truly fascinating to observe the creatures in their open surroundings, while we were safely nestled in a car that resembled a cage, allowing for better observation.

Later in the day, at approximately 5:30 pm, we returned to our hotel and headed to the nearby and renowned Indra market for a delicious dinner.

bangkok safari adventurebangkok safari

Day 8: Bangkok Tour and a fond farewell!

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marine park in bangkok

Our return flight to India was scheduled for 10:30 pm in the evening, so in the morning after checking out of the hotel, we embarked on a tour of Bangkok. Today, our main attractions were the temples, and we indulged in a lot of shopping before finally being transported to the airport for our journey back home, thus concluding our trip.

kid at a marine park in bangkoksafari world in bangkok

On the whole, reflecting back, this vacation was truly amazing and surpassed our expectations. We had the opportunity to explore some of the finest attractions in Thailand with our family, and each experience was even better than the last. From the breathtaking natural landscapes to engaging in thrilling water sports, visiting splendid temples, and enjoying the vibrant nightlife, we witnessed the best that Thailand has to offer and returned home with unforgettable memories.

family trip to Thailandvisit the safari park in bangkoksafari park bangkok tigercouple in safari park bangkok

Highlights of Our Trip:

  • The exceptional blend of nature, adventure, culture, and nightlife
  • The impeccable organization and thorough communication that kept us informed about any changes or schedule updates

family trip to Thailand

Valuable Tip for Future Travelers:

Purchase a 10-15 liter bottle and utilize it to refill your smaller bottles, as the hotel and other establishments charge for water.

Did you adore their family vacation in Thailand? We did too! But fret not, you can also enjoy a similar experience with your loved ones. Simply select a Thailand Family Package and let Fred and Fuzzys handle the planning for you.

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