Top Activities for a 6-day Family Adventure in Thailand

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Milestone’s in personal life deserve a grand celebration. A testament to the strong bond of love as Antim and Vineet raise a toast to their 10 blissful years of marriage in a memorable 5 nights/ 6 days family trip to Thailand.

Duration of Trip: 5 nights/6 daysGroup: 4 adults, 1 childCost of Trip: INR 2,53,000Name of Agent: Sabkiyatra.comMonth of Travel: February 2017Inclusions: Flights, transfers, accommodation, sightseeing, breakfast, and dinner cruiseExclusions: Lunch and dinner, visa fee

We wanted to commemorate our 10th anniversary in a majestic manner. Spending a few days at an overseas destination with our family seemed like the ideal way to make this anniversary unforgettable.

Thailand art museum

3D art galleries in thailand

These Exceptional Locations To Explore On A 6 Day Family Trip To Thailand Will Astonish You!

We were comparing different packages on the internet and we found that out of all the tour and travel companies available, Fred and Fuzzys had the most competitive prices. We wanted to go to a tropical destination in Asia. Bali wasn’t a favorable destination to go in February due to its rainy season, so we chose Thailand for our family vacation.

sightseeing in pattaya

Our daughter was really enthusiastic about having to visit a foreign country for the first time in her life. My parents-in-law wore a sense of anticipation and excitement on their faces I hadn’t seen for a while. Thailand certainly promised to be an unforgettable vacation.

Coral Island boat

Best 5 Places To Explore On A Seven-Day Journey To Thailand

Here’s an overview of the concise schedule we followed on our incredible six-day family voyage to Thailand

Day 1: Flight to Bangkok- travel to Pattaya- check-in at the hotel- Attend the Alcazar show in the evening- have dinner

Day 2: Have breakfast- enjoy a complete day Coral Island Tour- Experience paragliding and water activities- return to Pattaya- Visit the Underwater World Museum- have dinner

Day 3: Have breakfast- Explore the nong nooch village- visit the 3D Art Museum- have a leisurely evening

Day 4: Check-out from the hotel- travel to Bangkok- Explore famous temples- visit indira market- check-in at the hotel- Enjoy a romantic dinner cruise

Day 5: Have breakfast- visit Safari World and Marine Park- return to Bangkok- have dinner

Marine park in bangkok

Day 6: Have breakfast- check-out from the hotel- flight back to Mumbai

Unforgettable Moments that made our incredible journey to Thailand stand out

Coral Island day trip

There were numerous locations, moments, activities, and little things that represented each of us. Thailand as a destination, truly, had something for everyone. Here are all the moments that made us fall in love with this tropical paradise.

Marine park aquarium

Coral Island: The ideal visual delight for my little princess

She Had An Extraordinary 6N 7D Trip To Thailand With Friends

As we embarked on a high-speed boat ride, departing from the Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, we set our course towards a stunning island adorned with translucent azure waters. Coral Island proved to be the ideal destination for a peaceful and rejuvenating day trip for our entire family. My daughter derived immense pleasure from frolicking on the picturesque beach with its pristine white sands. She even fearlessly ventured into the pool for a refreshing dip every now and then.

theme park in thailand

Among the various activities we indulged in on Coral Island were paragliding, riding the banana boat, and jet skiing.

Observing the magnificent creatures of the natural world at Safari World: A thrilling day for my mother-in-law

boarding the dinner cruise

On our second-to-last day in Thailand, we embarked on a visit to Safari World and Marine Park as a family. This sanctuary served as a haven for a diverse array of rare and exotic creatures from both the terrestrial and aquatic realms.

My mother-in-law possesses an unwavering fascination with animals such as tigers, zebras, and giraffes. It was truly captivating to witness her engagement and profound interest in the wildlife. As part of our package, we also enjoyed a delectable packed lunch before venturing into the Marine Park, where we had the pleasure of encountering remarkable aquatic creatures.

Admission Fee: INR 1380 per adult; INR 1140 per childOpening Hours: 9 am to 5.30 pm

Lively nocturnal activities for my forever youthful father-in-law

Throughout our three-day stay in Pattaya, we traversed the vibrant Walking Street market and the neighboring restaurants each evening. The vivacious nightlife, burgeoning tourism, and bustling market atmosphere bestowed upon us an ambiance akin to the vibrant shopping scenes reminiscent of India.

chaophraya dinner cruise

My father-in-law relished his time exploring the nocturnal market, procuring souvenirs, and savoring the tantalizing Thai cuisine and beverages that exemplify the Thai culture.

Other noteworthy shopping destinations in Pattaya include Central Festival Pattaya, Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya Floating Market, and Mimosa.

art museum

A romantic dinner cruise for the affectionate couple

Picturesque Nature, Opulence, & A Memorable Dinner Cruise Define Shubham’s Honeymoon In Thailand

We commemorated our 10th anniversary along with Valentine’s Day on the Chaophraya river voyage in Bangkok. An enchanting backdrop on a deluxe vessel, that took us around the city of Bangkok while we feast in grandeur and relish live music. My spouse and I truly adored this evening that rekindled the sensation of love and affection towards each other which felt as formidable as it was 10 years ago.

Cruise Cost: INR 2,800 per individualSchedule: 7 pm to 9.30 pm

thailand family vacation

My household and I thoroughly relished our time in Thailand. Our experience over there was so affluent, varied, and exhilarating that it was unfeasible for everyone not to find one astonishing moment during those six days. I couldn’t have requested or envisioned a superior way to commemorate my 10th anniversary. Over the years, as we’ll reminisce about this excursion to Thailand, it’ll always be with a plethora of memories and an abundance of anecdotes to narrate.

vineet, his wife, and their daughter

valentines day in thailand

safari world bangkok

Guest Evaluation for Dusit Thani Pattaya

The lodging in Pattaya was genuinely superb. The personnel were accommodating and cordial. The accommodations in general were roomy and cozy.

Our rating for Dusit Thani Pattaya: 4/5

Guest Evaluation for Amari Watergate, Bangkok

This was undoubtedly the finest hotel we had stayed on a vacation in a lengthy period. Everything about the hotel imparted it a lavish ambiance that didn’t go unnoticed by any of my family members. The cuisine was delectable, the personnel were accommodating, accommodations were comfortable, and the hotel was centrally situated near the principal sightseeing points.

waiting for the animal show

Our evaluation for Amari Watergate, Bangkok: 5/5

Family Trip To Thailand: 3D Adventure In A Tropical Paradise


  • We encountered a few cab delays and miscommunication between the driver and our agent. As a result, our sightseeing schedule was delayed on some days.
  • The staff and tour guides chosen by Fred and Fuzzys in Thailand should be more responsive and helpful to the tourists.

Thailand offers something for everyone to celebrate. Reserve your Thailand family package and experience the enchantment of Thailand!


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