Top 9 Bandipur Resorts for an Unforgettable Wildlife Encounter.

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Vana Vihar Resort

It is now the season of travel, signifying the arrival of numerous Indians from all corners of the country who will journey to various national parks to witness exotic animals and enjoy delightful weather. And this particular time, an immense influx of visitors is expected at Bandipur National Park, resulting in a high demand for the finest resorts in Bandipur. While some travelers may opt for camping within the park, if you desire uncompromising comfort, here is a compilation of exceptional resorts in Bandipur for an exhilarating experience.

A Selection of the Top 9 Resorts in Bandipur Worth Visiting

Are you in search of a luxurious staycation in Bandipur? Well, there are a handful of resorts in Bandipur that you should consider for a comfortable and opulent stay.

  • The Serai – An Enchanting Haven for Travelers
  • Tusker Trail Resort – A Lavish Retreat in the Forest
  • Country Club Wildlife Resort – Luxurious and Stunning Park Resorts
  • The Windflower Jungle Resort & Spa – A Fusion of Modern and Rustic Life
  • MC Resort – The Perfect Experience for Couples
  • Bush Betta Wildlife Resort – A Budget-Friendly Option
  • Tiger Ranch Resort – Experience the Thrills of Wildlife While Staying
  • a well lit resort at night

  • Dhole’s Den Resort – The Superlative Resort
  • Vana Vihar Resort – A Flawless Staying Experience

1. The Serai – An Enchanting Haven for Travelers

Nestled within the dense forests of Bandipur, The Serai stands as one of the premier resorts in Bandipur, guaranteeing an enchanting experience for every traveler. From the spacious and exquisitely adorned rooms to the refined dining establishment, every aspect of this resort is designed to please its guests. Indulge in the delectable flavors of various dishes bursting with taste, and take advantage of the in-house spa that will alleviate your stress.

Unique Features: The serene location and the delectable cuisine.

Average Tariff: INR 14,000 Website | Reviews

a beautiful resort with a big swimming pool

2. Tusker Trail Resort – A Lavish Retreat in the Forest

If you are seeking resorts near or in the vicinity of Bandipur, a splendid choice would be the Tusker Trail Resort, ranking among the top resorts in Bandipur, ensuring a comfortable and lavish stay amidst the enchanting woods. Operated by the princess of Mysore, Vishalakshi Devi, daughter of the Mysore Maharaja, this resort offers rooms, suites, and six cottages, each equipped with private washrooms. Additionally, there is a splendid outdoor swimming pool. The diligent staff arranges invigorating jungle safaris, treks, and nature walks for guests during morning and evening hours.

Unique Features: Experience an incredible swimming pool.Average Price: INR 12,000 Visit Website | Read Reviews


3. Country Club Wildlife Resort – Exquisite and Beautiful Park Resorts

Bandipur Country Club Resort, known as one of the most stunning and luxurious resorts in Bandipur National Park, offers guests a mesmerizing wildlife experience. The resort also hosts renowned celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Govinfa, Mika Singh, Usha Uthup, among others, during global festivities. Moreover, they arrange captivating events such as musical nights, magic shows, tambola, and food festivals for the entertainment of their guests. During your stay at this resort, you can explore numerous nearby attractions near Bandipur.

Unique Features: Exciting events like magic shows and food festivals for guests.Average Price: INR 11,000 Visit Website | Read Reviews

a well lit resort at night in Bandipur

4. The Windflower Jungle Resort & Spa – A Blend of Contemporary and Rustic Life

The Windflower Jungle Resort & Spa is a tranquil retreat among the majestic resorts in Bandipur that combines modern comforts with the serenity of rural living. The resort’s rooms offer a picturesque sit-out area that overlooks the lush green forests of Bandipur. To encourage a deep connection with nature and loved ones, there are no mobile networks or televisions in the rooms.

Unique Features: Embrace a perfect digital detox getaway with no network or TV distractions.Average Price: INR 11,000 Visit Website

view of a resort inside a jungle

5. MC Resort – A Romantic Retreat for Couples

Experience a perfect getaway for couples at MC Resort, one of the most exceptional resorts in Bandipur Karnataka that won’t break the bank. Established in 1999, this resort spans across 5 acres of picturesque greenery. It offers 20 deluxe rooms and 3 executive suites designed to create an ideal ambiance for couples. Relish the delectable Chinese, continental, and Indian cuisines served at the in-house restaurant. Additionally, the resort organizes thrilling jungle safaris for its guests.

What Makes it Special: Unparalleled views and an exceptional in-house restaurant.Average Price: INR 5,000Official Website | Guest Reviews

an old resort inside a jungle

6. Bush Betta Wildlife Resort – An Affordable Retreat

For a budget-friendly retreat with impressive amenities, Bush Betta Wildlife Resort is the perfect choice. It features charming stone cottages with cozy beds and essential facilities to ensure your ultimate comfort. Experience exciting elephant rides, bonfires, and thrilling jungle safaris upon request.

What Makes it Special: The charming budget cottages.Average Price: INR 4,000Official Website | Guest Reviews

7. Tiger Ranch Resort – A Thrilling Wildlife Experience

Immerse yourself in the thrill of wildlife at Tiger Ranch Resort, an affordable accommodation situated within Bandipur. This resort offers basic cottages equipped with personal bonfires, and a communal campfire for all guests. The only drawback is that the cottages do not have locks or latches.

What Makes it Unique: Affordable rates and exceptional cleanlinessAverage Price: INR 3,500Official Website | Customer Reviews

8. Dhole’s Den Resort – An Exceptional Retreat

Author Name for Wikimedia Commons Disclaimer: The image is purely for illustrative purposes.

One of the most exquisite resorts in Bandipur is Dhole’s Den resort, an ideal choice for eco-conscious travelers. This national park resort is named after an Asiatic dog breed that used to be found in Bandipur. Unfortunately, this breed became extinct in the park due to excessive hunting.

What Makes it Unique: The captivating story behind the resort’s nameAverage Price: INR 5667

Official Website | Customer Reviews

9. Vana Vihar Resort – An Exquisite Retreat Experience

Author Name for Wikimedia Commons Disclaimer: The image is purely for illustrative purposes.

Located between Bandipur and the wildlife sanctuaries, Vana Vihar Resort offers a remarkable stay amidst the wildlife, surrounded by nature’s tranquility. The resort exudes a homely ambiance, while its luxurious amenities provide guests with an elegant retreat experience. Immaculate rooms and attentive staff uplift your spirits throughout your stay at the resort.

What Makes it Unique: The exceptional amenities and warm hospitality of the resort staffAverage Price: INR 2469 (approx)

Official Website | Customer Reviews

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Bandipur National Park: Exploring Resorts and Hotels

When it comes to resorts inside Bandipur National Park, options are limited. However, if you don’t mind staying outside the park, Bandipur offers a delightful selection of resorts and hotels for the perfect stay. And if you prefer convenience and a hassle-free experience, consider booking a customized tour package for your upcoming trip through Fred and Fuzzys.

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Discover Resorts in Bandipur: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to stay within Bandipur National Park?

Absolutely! Bandipur National Park offers the option to stay within its boundaries. Kaav Safari Lodge is an excellent all-inclusive resort located in the park. It provides an outdoor swimming pool and complimentary Wi-Fi to enhance your stay.

How can I reach Bandipur?

The nearest railway station to Bandipur National Park is located in Mysore city, approximately 80 kilometers away. If you prefer air travel, Coimbatore is the closest airport, situated around 84 kilometers from the park. From either location, you can easily reach Bandipur by private taxi or state-owned bus.

What are the transportation options from Bangalore to Bandipur?

From Bangalore airport, you have the choice of taking a taxi or bus to reach Bandipur. The road connecting Bandipur to Bangalore is well-maintained, ensuring a pleasant 2-hour journey.

When is the best time to visit Bandipur?

The monsoon season, between July and September, is an ideal time to visit Bandipur. However, the region’s relatively cooler summers make March, April, and May also favorable for exploration.

In which Indian state is Bandipur National Park located?

Bandipur National Park is nestled in the beautiful state of Karnataka, India.

Which is a better option, Bandipur or Kabini?

If you are on a tight budget, Bandipur is the more affordable choice compared to Kabini. Both destinations offer unique experiences, but Bandipur ensures a more budget-friendly stay.

What is Bandipur known for?

Bandipur is renowned for its incredibly diverse wildlife and for being a tiger reserve established in 1974. Tourists flock to this dry deciduous forest for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

How many tigers reside in Bandipur?

Bandipur National Park is home to an impressive population of 382 tigers, making it one of Karnataka’s most famous national parks.

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