Top 8 Luxurious Staycation Resorts Near Barog to Experience

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Barog offers a remarkable escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature. This serene mountainous town transports you to a simpler life, enveloped by majestic pine trees and stunning vistas. Additionally, Barog boasts ancient pilgrimage sites, adding to its allure. Situated in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Barog is best visited between April and July. The town derived its name from an engineer who tragically ended his life in the Kalka-Shimla railway tunnel. For those seeking accommodations near Barog, below are some exceptional resorts that provide the utmost in luxury and a relaxing getaway.

8 Superb Resorts in Proximity to Barog

Discover some of the finest resorts near Barog that are guaranteed to enhance your day and offer an enriching home away from home experience.

1. The Enchanting Wildflower Resort

a beautiful resort near Barog

Immerse yourself in the epitome of beauty and elegance at the enchanting Wildflower Resort. Nestled in the capital of Himachal Pradesh on a picturesque hilltop, this resort, once belonging to the renowned Oberoi family, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Fall in love with the snow-capped mountains and marvel at the verdant valleys. This sanctuary is a true haven for nature enthusiasts, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and adventure, such as indulging in the house spa, cycling, rafting, or practicing yoga.

Noteworthy Features: Savor a luxurious dining experience at the exquisite in-house restaurants, The Cavalry Bar and Lutyens Hall. Delight in the specialty of an open-air dinner. Enjoy facilities like an outdoor infinity whirlpool, a well-equipped gym, an indoor chandelier-lit pool, and rejuvenating massage therapies.

Best price per night: INR 24,000

Distance from Barog: This resort is approximately 65 km away from Barog.

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2. The Exquisite East Bourne Resorts

surrounded by the mountains and tress

If you dream of residing in a resort surrounded by majestic mountains and picturesque valleys that are a feast for the eyes, then East Bourne Resorts is the perfect choice for you. This resort is particularly favored by honeymooners due to its idyllic setting. For those seeking a fantastic resort near Barog, this is an exceptional option. Indulge in the beauty of the tastefully adorned interiors and revel in the well-appointed rooms, offering modern amenities and services that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Embrace the opportunity to embark on an exquisite escape and enjoy a remarkable sojourn among the captivating resorts near Barog.

Key Features: This resort offers an indoor heated pool, Akasa Spa, a health and fitness room, and more. Distance from Barog: The resort is located 57 km away from Barog.

3. Havens Resort

offer you a pleasant stay

This resort near Barog is a delightful accommodation option. Situated at an elevation of 6,400 feet and spanning across 6 acres of land, the resort boasts stunning rhododendron, cedar, and pine forests. Here, you will find luxury and comfort, surrounded by magnificent and awe-inspiring views. The resort’s proximity to Shimla’s ISBT and railway station (toy train) adds to its convenience.

Key Features: This resort offers an array of thrilling activities for the young at heart, including Burma bridge crossing, rock climbing, jummaring, river valley crossing, waterfall rappelling, and commando net. Starting Price: The rates start from INR 6,450 per night. Distance from Barog: The resort is located 53 km away from Barog.

4. Snow Valley Resorts

If you desire a luxurious resort in Shimla, Snow Valley is a name you cannot overlook. This resort offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, the town of Shimla, and the lush green pine forests. Immerse yourself in the beautiful decor, exceptional hospitality, and the enchanting location at Ghora Chowki. The resort features 72 elegantly decorated rooms equipped with modern amenities.

a luxury resort in Shimla

Key Features: The in-house restaurant serves a delectable variety of multi-cuisine dishes, while the location and decor add to the overall aesthetic appeal. Starting Price: The rates start from INR 5,500 per night. Distance from Barog: The resort is located 49 km away from Barog.

5. Sal Valley Resort

Sal Valley Resort is widely known as one of the most renowned resorts in Bilaspur. Besides its reputation for being a budget-friendly resort, it offers exceptional amenities. Located 11 km away from Bhanwar Tonk Railway Station and 21 km away from Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, the resort is conveniently accessible. It features a total of 11 spacious rooms with the following amenities: a work desk, wardrobe, attached washroom with toiletries, laundry service, travel desk, room service, and a swimming pool, among others. Airport transfers are available at an additional cost. The resort is also in close proximity to Gaurella Bus Stand (23 km).

a luxury resort in Shimla

Main attractions nearby: Amarkantak-Lapha Hill Range (36 km) and Dattatreya Temple (24 km).Address: Village Keochi, Keochi, Pendra Road, Bilaspur , 495117Best price per night: INR 7400Distance from Barog: The resort is approximately 150 km away from Barog.

6. Sonbhadra Tourist Resort

If you are looking for an excellent resort near Barog that offers great value for money, then Sonbhadra Tourist Resort is the perfect choice. It is situated 17 km away from Son Nadi Ka Udgam and 14 km away from State Highway 22 Bus Station. The resort offers a wonderful stay with 12 double bed cottages, all equipped with modern facilities.

Amenities: Guests can enjoy various amenities including a comfortable bed, ceiling fan, side table, chair, separate seating area, bottled drinking water, air-conditioning, and an in-house restaurant. Additionally, there is a beautiful lawn and garden where guests can take relaxing walks in the morning and evening. The resort is located 18 km away from Bhanwar Tonk Railway Station and 115 km away from Bilaspur Airport.Main attractions nearby: Kabir Sarovar (13 km), Shri Yantra Mandir (16 km).Address: Bilaspur-Amarkantak Road, Amadobh Village, Bilaspur , 495117Distance from Barog: This resort is approximately 160 km away from Barog.

room view of the resort near Barog

7. Anaya Resort

Anaya Resort is a highly recommended choice for those seeking a remarkable resort experience near Barog. It offers excellent value for money. The resort is located 17 km away from Son Nadi Ka Udgam and 14 km away from State Highway 22 Bus Station. It provides guests with 12 double bed cottages that are well-equipped with all the necessary facilities.

Amenities: The resort offers top-notch amenities, including a comfortable bed, ceiling fan, side table, chair, separate seating area, bottled drinking water, air-conditioning, and an in-house restaurant. The expansive lawn and garden are perfect for leisurely morning and evening strolls. The resort is conveniently positioned 18 km away from Bhanwar Tonk Railway Station and 115 km away from Bilaspur Airport.Main attractions nearby: Kabir Sarovar (13 km), Shri Yantra Mandir (16 km).Address: Bilaspur-Amarkantak Road, Amadobh Village, Bilaspur , 495117Distance from Barog: This resort is approximately 160 km away from Barog.

gives you a wonderful stay

Anaya Resort is an exquisite lodging option located in close proximity to the town of Barog, ensuring a delightful and memorable stay. With a total of 17 impeccably maintained and cozy rooms spread across a single floor, this resort offers ultimate comfort and convenience. The strategic location of the resort near Bilaspur Junction (44 km) and Kota Road Air Strip (16 km) facilitates easy accessibility for travelers.

Amenities: Prepare to be enthralled by the remarkable range of amenities provided in each of the rooms. Guests can indulge in the luxury of having a television, an attached bathroom with both hot and cold running water, a wardrobe, a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, parking facilities, security services, power backup, and impeccable room service, among others.

Popular attractions nearby: The vicinity of Anaya Resort boasts several renowned attractions worth exploring, such as the Shiv And Shani God Temple, Ghongha Dam (6 km), Maa Chandi Mandir (12 km), and more.Address: Village Karka (438025), Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Kargi Road, Bilaspur, 438025Distance from Barog: Anaya Resort is located approximately 150 km away from Barog.

best of views of the resort

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8. Marigold Sarovar Portico

If you seek to immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, Marigold Sarovar Portico in Barog is the ultimate sanctuary for you. Located amidst the enchanting surroundings of Shimla, this resort offers 47 luxurious rooms along with an array of restaurants within the premises, creating an exquisite haven for food enthusiasts throughout their stay. Additionally, the resort offers amenities like a fitness room, a spa, and breathtaking views from every room. It is truly a place to be cherished and adored.

Highlights: The resort’s convenient location ensures easy accessibility, while the in-house restaurants, Craignano and Glen, promise a delightful culinary experience.Best price per night: INR 4,000Distance from Barog: Marigold Sarovar Portico is located 70 km away from Barog.

Therefore, these remarkable resorts near Barog guarantee an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your heart. Rest assured, your trip will offer the best of both worlds, encompassing modern amenities and an intimate connection with nature. What more could one desire? When planning your next Himachal Pradesh vacation, choose one of these magnificent resorts near Barog to enjoy a serene and tranquil getaway from the chaotic urban life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resorts in the Vicinity of Barog

Which are the top-rated accommodations near the Grave of Barog?

Some of the highly recommended hotels for travelers looking to stay near the Grave of Barog include Hotel Barog Heights, Pine Drive Resort, and Misty Meadows Resorts.

What are the most renowned attractions in Barog?

Barog boasts several renowned attractions that draw visitors from far and wide. Some of these include Karol TIbba, Merli Monastery, and Jatoli Temple.

How can I reach the beautiful town of Barog?

Barog is conveniently located on the Shimla-Kalka highway, making it easily accessible by road from major cities. The nearest airport to Barog is located in Chandigarh, which serves as a great transportation hub for buses and taxis heading towards Barog.

What is the distance between Chandigarh and Barog?

Barog is situated approximately 62 kms away from Chandigarh. It can be reached from Chandigarh by road via taxis or buses.

What makes Barog famous?

Barog has gained fame for numerous reasons, such as its serene atmosphere, tranquil surroundings, breathtaking views, as well as its intriguing name and the story behind it. Additionally, the town is known for its unique railway station, which adds to its charm.

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