Top 8 Eateries in Jodhpur: Relish Authentic Rajasthani Cuisine in 2023

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Along with the captivating fortresses and breathtaking palaces, the urban center of Jodhpur is also highly renowned among visitors because of its delectable cuisine. However, when discussing fine dining establishments, the blue city presents a multitude of options, much like its tourist attractions. Therefore, if you find yourself visiting the second largest city of Rajasthan for the first time, it may prove to be slightly challenging to identify the ideal location. Thus, we have compiled an exclusive compilation of the premier restaurants in Jodhpur so that you can relish the authentic culinary delights of the Blue City at the finest venues.

8 Premier Restaurants In Jodhpur

Take a glance at all the possibilities for a satisfying meal in Jodhpur, ensuring that the food enthusiast within you won’t return home disappointed. Ensure that you visit at least 4 of these options during your journey.

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1. Indique

Situated in close proximity to the renowned clock tower of Jodhpur, this exquisite candlelit restaurant is known for being the ideal venue for a romantic dinner. Despite its small size, this glorious eatery offers a diverse range of Indian culinary delicacies, such as Biriyani, North Indian Curries, and traditional tandoori dishes, which are highly renowned among tourists. However, if you desire to relish something you have never experienced before, be sure to indulge in their delightful Laal Maas. Once you have finished your meal, you can even request the bartender to provide you with shots of gin to enhance the memorability of your evening, making this establishment a top contender as one of the finest dining spots in Jodhpur.

Must-Try: Laal Maas, BiriyaniLocation: Pal Haveli, Gulab Sagar, Near Clock Tower, JodhpurGoogle Rating: 4.2 | Zomato Rating: 4.3

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Nirvana restaurant

2. Jhankar Choti Haveli

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With its embellished stone walls and spacious cane chairs in a verdant courtyard, the Jhankar Choti Haveli provides a picturesque setting that is perfect for Instagram. This partially open-air restaurant is renowned for serving irresistible vegetarian dishes that will undoubtedly captivate your taste buds. Additionally, they also offer mouthwatering baked-cheese dishes, burgers, and pizzas at budget-friendly prices, which are also highly popular among tourists. Widely regarded as a hidden gem for one of the top Rajasthani thalis in Jodhpur for vegetarians, it also features a separate air-conditioned section and a rooftop that boasts splendid views.

Must-Experience: Oven-baked cheese dishes, Roasted Garlic Naan, Cashew CurryLocation: Makarana Mohalla, Near Fort, Behind Clock Tower, Gulab Sagar, JodhpurGoogle Rating: 4.0 | Zomato Rating: 3.5

3. Nirvana

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Indian Food Thali

Situated in the same premises as a hotel and a peaceful Rama Temple, Nirvana is widely regarded as one of the top-notch restaurants in Jodhpur Rajasthan when it comes to its aesthetics. This eatery features a rooftop dining area that offers breathtaking panoramic views, as well as an indoor café that is entirely adorned with wall paintings depicting the Ramayana. As a result, in addition to enjoying a delectable meal, you can also capture some delightful photographs here to enhance your memories. Apart from the stunning vistas, Nirvana also serves mouth-watering vegetarian dishes that carry the regal essence of Rajasthan and are absolutely scrumptious. Moreover, they also offer continental cuisine, which is highly popular among both locals and foreigners.

Must-Experience: The Nirvana PlatterLocation: Pan Gali Tija Mata ka Mandir, Near Clock Tower, Ghasmandi, JodhpurGoogle Rating: 3.8 | Zomato Rating: 3.9

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4. Jharokha 360⁰

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A section of the renowned Stepwell House of Jodhpur, Jharokha 360⁰ is widely acknowledged as one of the preeminent upscale dining establishments in Jodhpur for families. Despite its small size, this elegant establishment is renowned for offering a wide variety of dishes, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as a range of special Rajasthani delicacies. Among the delectable offerings, the Govind Gatta is especially favored by tourists. Moreover, while you’re there, don’t miss out on trying a dish called Aloo Shimla Mirch. It is one of their specialty creations that is adored by both locals and foreigners alike. In addition to the scrumptious food, Jharokha 360⁰ also offers a selection of beverages for travelers to enjoy. Among these, traditional Indian wine and zesty Spanish beer are particularly popular among the crowd.

A Must-Try: Govind Gatta, Aloo Shimla MirchLocation: Toor Ji Ka Jhalra, Makrana Mohalla, JodhpurGoogle Rating: 4.0 | Zomato Rating: 3.5

5. Kalinga Restaurant

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If you are searching for a place that can provide you with both exceptional cuisine and a serene atmosphere, then Kalinga Restaurant would be ideal for you. Recognized as one of the top dining establishments in Jodhpur for couples, this dimly-lit establishment offers an enigmatic ambiance, which will definitely enhance your overall dining experience. The chambers of Kalinga Restaurant are air-conditioned, which can assist in keeping you cool and composed while relishing extremely spicy dishes.

Celebrated for its captivating dishes, the establishment offers a variety of food items, such as North Indian Tandoori, zesty curries, and light yet delectable vegetarian meals. In addition to this, it also features a small, peculiar-looking bar where a range of beverages are served.

A Must-Try: Laal Maas, North Indian, TandooriLocation: Kalinga Hotel, Near Railway Station, JodhpurGoogle Rating: 4.2 | Zomato Rating: 4.2

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