Top 7 Sun-drenched Beaches for a Perfect Day near Monaco!

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Monaco, situated in France, possesses an extensive coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous impressive shorelines in close proximity to Monaco – both natural and manmade, consisting of pebbly and sandy beaches – which undoubtedly serve as the ultimate destinations for summertime getaways.

The primary climate in Monaco generally remains sunny throughout the year. The vast array of plants and animals, delightful weather conditions, and hospitable locals comprise its main attractions. The beaches near Monaco are mostly manmade, reclaimed from the sea, and designed to provide tourists with a complete Mediterranean seaside experience.

7 Finest Beaches in Close Proximity to Monaco

Monaco boasts several exceptional beaches known for their crystal clear waters and pristine beauty. Let’s explore some of the sun-soaked locations in Monaco where you can relish your summer vacation.

  • La Plage d’Eze Beach
  • Baie de Garavan Beach
  • Baie du Soleil Beach
  • Plage du Borrego
  • Plage de Fossan
  • Plage des Fossettes Beach
  • Larvotto Beach

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1. La Plage d’Eze Beach

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La Plage d’Eze Beach is a pebbly shoreline. This is an extremely exclusive beach renowned for water sports and swimming. Eze-Sur-Mer possesses a solitary beach, yet it is truly exquisite. It offers amenities such as restrooms and showers, and there are two dining establishments along with numerous water sports activities. It is a public beach, and showers are available on the sand.

Two private beach clubs, each with its own restaurants, sun loungers, and parasols, are also present. The water is safe and transparent, reflecting the alluring azure blue shades in the most captivating manner.

The pebbles on the beach are small and exceptionally smooth. It resembles a delicate strip of sand perfect for sunbathing. The tide rises considerably close to the shore, making it effortless to keep an eye on children paddling in the water.

Location: Eze

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Baie du Soleil Beach

2. Baie de Garavan Beach

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To the east of the Port in Menton, one can find a range of sandy beaches. They act as the backdrop for Menton’s vibrant and historical town. Undeniably, these beaches in Menton are among the finest and attract a large number of vacationers during the summer season. There are multiple private beach establishments preceding the next public beach, Rondelli.

There are two dining establishments along the shoreline that offer two very distinct atmospheres – from the chic refinement to the dilapidated eccentricity of other Monacan bays. One receives an abundance of fresh local seafood in addition to salads, meat dishes, and pasta. One can also reserve a sun-lounger and parasol.

Plage du Borrego

Location: Menton

3. Baie du Soleil Beach

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A stretch of stony beaches located on the west side of the Port in Menton. This is a collection of private and public areas and the most popular section is Plage de Fossan to the east.

The beaches appear nearly identical. You will find lifeguards in July and August. There is a selection of eateries if you are looking for some lunch or snack, but not many for variety. The beaches are clean and at every 100m, you will find public showers.

Location: Menton

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Plage de Fossan

4. Plage du Borrego

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This is the westernmost beach in Monaco and is narrow and rocky. It is frequented mostly by the locals and there are parking and beach showers available. Though undeveloped, with a relaxed pace and a laid-back atmosphere, Menton offers a couple of substantial beaches – Les Sablettes to the east leading up to the mouth of this bay.

The waters in Menton are calm and clean during the summer season. Most beaches here are covered with scattered pebbles that transition to coarse brown sand towards and into the water. It offers entry to the warm seas. These beaches are easily accessible by foot and do not require footwear.

Menton’s beaches are undoubtedly worth a visit. You can explore these beaches if you’re seeking pleasant weather and tranquility.

Location: Menton

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Plage des Fossettes Beach

5. Plage de Fossan

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Fossan Beach is a wide shoreline on a bend of sand. The water is calm and shallow, and more protected than the other beaches. It is ideal for children as there are play areas and a park for families. There is a section on the eastern side with foliage. Fossan Beach is a smoke-free beach.

The beach permits topless sunbathing. It has several areas with the quietest and most secluded spot for young mothers. The little ones and their mothers take their initial hesitant steps on the soft sand.

Location: Menton

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Larvotto Beach

6. Fossettes Beach

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Fossettes Beach is only a short distance from its neighboring beach, Fosses Beach. They make for two fantastic family beaches with calm waters surrounding them.

The most popular water activity in this area is snorkeling. Fossettes Beach is exceptional because it is one of the few public beaches along the Riviera. There is parking available, but it is often difficult to find a spot, so taking the bus is a good transportation option.

Location: St Jean Cap Ferrat

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7. Larvotto Beach

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Larvotto is one of the most popular undisclosed beaches near Monaco. Reclaimed from the Mediterranean sea, Larvotto Beach is sandy and manmade, and has been meticulously designed by experts who prioritized tranquillity and relaxation under the sun. The peculiar metallic tones of the sand evoke the clash of vibrant blues and the stunning summer sunlight. The beautiful coastal scenes are a genuine Monacan delight for the eyes. The beach offers a variety of restaurants with a range of dishes to satisfy all palates.

Location: Monaco-Ville

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Nothing could be more pleasurable here than to relish the beaches near Monaco. An array of aquatic activities in the Mediterranean – from the more native to more uncommon ones – are feasible on a journey to Monaco. You can unwind on the seashores at the Mediterranean Sea sparkling at the base of the Rock or go out for the ultimate exquisite dining experience. Whatever the situation may be, you will thoroughly savor your stay!


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