Top 7 Affordable Resorts Near Yercaud for an Ideal Budget-Friendly Getaway!

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Discovered by the British during their rule, Yercaud is an unpopular hill station located in the Salem district in the Southern part of India. However, with an increasing number of foreigners wanting to explore South India for its beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and pleasant climate, this small area in Tamil Nadu is gradually attracting more tourists every year. Surrounded by stunning cliffs, this hill station is becoming popular among travelers. And when you have a large number of people visiting each year, it’s important to have comfortable and attractive accommodations. So, here is a list of the most famous resorts near Yercaud to ensure you have a delightful stay!

7 Top Resorts Near Yercaud

The following list will help you choose between luxurious stays and budget options in resorts near Yercaud to make the most of your trip. Take a look at the best resorts near Yercaud!

1. RVR Rejoice Villa Resorts

RVR Rejoice Villa Resorts

One of the most popular resorts among tourists, this place is just a short drive from Yercaud. Surrounded by lush greenery, this resort offers stunning mountain views from their rooms and cottages. We all appreciate nature and the atmosphere it provides, but the fear of insects and pests often prevents us from fully enjoying nature in its raw form. However, in this resort, you don’t have to worry about being bitten by any airborne worms or insects, as their entire property is regularly treated to control pests. They offer five different types of rooms, including dormitories, to cater to people from all backgrounds. Located close to tourist spots such as Masilla Falls, Botanical Gardens, and Arapaleeswarar Temple, this is an ideal place to spend your holidays.

Highlights: Free Wi-Fi, Complimentary Breakfast, Free Parking, Spa and Wellness Centre, Conference Hall, ATM facility, Fire Camp

Location: No: 18/68, Osani Nagar Arapaleeswarar Temple Main Road Tempalam, Ariyur Nadu Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu 637411

Price: INR 600/- and above

Distance from the city: 111.5km

2. Silver Line Getaway

Erected at an altitude of 3500 feet, this modest resort is situated in the heart of Kolli Hills and is one of the most renowned resorts near Yercaud. Surrounded by valleys and lush greenery, it is a sustainable facility ensuring you with the finest of nature. Being at such a elevation, the air is so pristine and unspoiled that this resort makes for a delightful sojourn. Their five distinct types of rooms are adorned with all the contemporary comforts and you can choose any that suits your requirements. Their continental cuisine crafted from unfamiliar yet traditional ingredients is absolutely amazing. The resort is quite close to Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, View Point, and Boathouse, allowing you to explore at your convenience.


Highlights: Complimentary Breakfast, Complimentary Parking, Fitness Center

Location: Sandhana Paarai, Valazhavandhanadu, Kolli Hills Taluk, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, 637411

Price: INR 900/- and above

Distance from the city: 110.3km

3. D’Wanderer Lodge

Equipped with all the amenities that one could desire, this luxurious resort has everything you need for a pleasant and restful stay. They have eight villas and air-conditioned rooms, ensuring that you will be extremely comfortable during your stay here. Boasting the finest multi-cuisine restaurant and pool in the vicinity, this is a sophisticated resort for the upper class. It is also in close proximity to the highly acclaimed Thindal Murugan Temple. They also offer Banquet halls for parties and conferences.

Highlights: Complimentary Wi-Fi, Complimentary Breakfast, Complimentary Parking, Spa, Airport Shuttle

Location: Near Shree Lakshmi Duraisamy Mahaal, Naal Road, Villarasampatti, Tamil Nadu 638012

Price: INR 2500/- and above

Distance from the city: 108km

4. Relaxation Retreat

The title encapsulates the essence of this place. This location is practically designed for individuals who thoroughly enjoy relaxing and not engaging in many activities during their vacation. How many retreats do you know that offer both a theme park and a water park? Not many, correct? Well, this one does. What more can one desire on a getaway when you have a gigantic water-themed park right within the premises of your retreat? Furthermore, it is situated in a area devoid of noise, thus guaranteeing the utmost comfort during your stay.


This is one of those retreats near Yercaud where you have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with numerous unfamiliar individuals due to its layout. Relaxation Retreat goes the extra mile to ensure you truly enjoy your holidays, and I am confident that you will if you choose to stay here. The park operates throughout the year and offers all those thrilling rides at a much lower price compared to other establishments. Families with children adore this place as it greatly enhances the entirety of their trip.

Key Features: Water-themed park, Amusement park, Open Air Theatre, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Complimentary Parking

Location: Perundurai R.S. Road, Erode. 3km from GH (Roundana. to Vellore Road, Tamil Nadu 638052

Price: INR 1700/- and above

Distance from the city: 117.3km

5. Imera Spa And Resort

Imera Spa And Resort

This secluded retreat provides everything necessary to revitalize your skin and body. From massages to therapies and skincare and facial treatments, it is like a vacation within a vacation. Who says we can only explore and neglect our well-being while on vacation? You can do both here with their impeccably maintained and highly professional services. This resort is slightly costly, but regardless of what people may say, comfort always comes at a cost. They offer super deluxe rooms equipped with all the conveniences. They also have a café, an exquisite restaurant, a bar, and private dining options to provide you with a truly enchanting experience. Want to feel like royalty? Imera Spa and Resort is the ultimate choice.

Highlights: Complimentary Breakfast, Complimentary Parking, Spa

Location: Sarjapur-Bagalur Road, Kagganur Check Post, Sarjapur, Karnataka 635103

Price: INR 5000/- and higher

Distance from the city: 205.6km

6. RJ Grand Resort

RJ Grand Resort

This reasonably priced resort is ideal for when you are on a budget yet desire to have a satisfactory stay. RJ Grand Resort is more suitable for families but everyone is welcome here. The staff endeavors to ensure that you would not have to worry about anything while you stay there. They provide a swimming pool for guests to cool off during the hot summers. It is situated in Kolli Hills, so you can enjoy breathtaking views and explore the surroundings while also unwinding and having fun.

Highlights: Complimentary Wi-Fi, Complimentary Breakfast, Complimentary Parking

Location: 10/13 Pongulampatti, Semmedu Road, Valavanthi Nadu, Tamil Nadu 637411

Price: INR 2200/- and higher

Distance from the city: 107.8km

7. Nallathambi Resort

This is yet another unassuming countryside resort located on a forested hillside. Equipped with all the fundamental amenities, you will truly experience the lifestyle of the local people. If you plan to stay here for a while, you might as well have an authentic encounter. Due to its proximity to dense trees, this establishment can arrange bird watching and hiking upon request. They offer a variety of rooms based on your requirements and convenience, making them among the top resorts near Yercaud.


Highlights: Complimentary Morning Meal

Location: Kolli Hills, Semmedu, Tamil Nadu, 637411

Cost: 2000/- and higher

Distance from the urban center: 105.3km

Yercaud is the abode of everything verdant and enchanting. If you desire to unwind amidst nature and explore the delightful state of Tamil Nadu, then you should promptly design a getaway in Yercaud. Regarding the lodging, these retreats near Yercaud are flawless for a cozy staycation. By residing in these retreats, you can also discover the neighboring destinations and make the utmost out of your vacation. Kindly inform us about your vacation experience in the comment section below!

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Common Questions Regarding Retreats Near Yercaud

Is Yercaud worthy of a visit?

With its popularity gradually rising as a tourist hill station, indeed, Yercaud is unquestionably worthy of a visit.

Do you have the opportunity to observe rare birds near Yercaud?

Yercaud is situated close to Kolli Hills, which boasts numerous species of migratory birds. Thus, you will have the chance to observe rare bird species that are not commonly found in cities.

Are the retreats near Yercaud expensive?

No, the retreats near Yercaud are not costly as it is still emerging as a popular tourist destination. Even the most expensive retreats are reasonably priced for the middle-class populace.

Is it safe to travel to Yercaud?

Yes, it is completely safe to travel to Yercaud.

Which type of cuisine is renowned near Yercaud?

Yercaud is located in South India, which is famous for its continental cuisine. Therefore, continental and South Indian cuisine are highly sought after near Yercaud.

What is the weather like near Yercaud?

The weather is remarkably tranquil, making it a perfect spot for vacations.

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