Top 5 Shopping Destinations in Zurich: Essential Tips Included.

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Zurich, the stunning city of Switzerland, requires no introduction. This is the largest Swiss city, which means when we talk about shopping in Zurich, Switzerland, we know this is a land of opportunities for the shopaholics. Whether you are enamored by high-end brands or desire to wander the streets to shop for local stuff for a bargain, this is the place to be.

Our blog post here aims to inform you about the locales to prefer while shopping here. You also have bonus tips to consider. So, keep on reading!

Where to go for shopping in Zurich

1. Seefeld


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One of the finest places for shopping in Zurich, Seefeld is where you get more personalized items. Not only that, there is something in the store regardless of your preference in the fashion world, to be precise. Visit Atelier Boule Rouge for Swiss personalized handmade laptop cases, designed both for men and women, if you are tech-savvy.

What to purchase? Fashion garments, accessories, laptop cases

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2. Bahnhofstrasse

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Bahnhofstrasse or the Zurich 5th Avenue is a paradise for any shopaholic indeed. If you fancy luxury shopping in Zurich, Switzerland, this is the place to be. From the local Swiss stores like Manor and Globus, to the high-end brands such as Grieder and Trois Pommes are all at your disposal here. Bahnhofstrasse is considered one of the world’s most costly and exclusive shopping avenues. It is the downtown street of the city, so you can expect quite a bit of hustle and bustle!

What to purchase? Clothing, accessories, fragrances

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3. Niederdorf

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Kreis District

Shopping in Zurich Old Town, Niederdorf will welcome you with local heritage, and cobblestone pavements where automobiles are not permitted. The historic structures, vintage fountains, and monuments transport you to the former era as you shop for fashionable items. This old-fashioned allure is something that will completely captivate you, and you will have a wide variety of options when it comes to dining and imbibing.

What to purchase? Mementos, attire (particularly formal clothing), accessories

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4. Kreis District 4&5

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Weekly markets

Kreis District 4&5 is the ideal spot for those who are infatuated with new designer brands. This sophisticated locale is where you will discover exquisitely arranged Zurich shops and showrooms of Little Black Dress, Changemakers and other similar labels. So, come here and shop to your heart’s content!

What to purchase? Garments and accessories

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5. Weekly markets

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shopping in Zurich

When it comes to inexpensive street shopping in Zurich, the weekly markets will be your treasure trove. You can find anything and everything at appealing prices. Of course, you can also try your hand at bargaining! Bürkliplatz Flea Market is a popular weekly shopping extravaganza, where you can shop for secondhand accessories, antiques, and more. In fact, not just weekly, you also have a month-long market known as Rosenhof Market, where you can indulge in even more cheap shopping in Zurich.

What to purchase? Garments, accessories, blossoms, toys

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Tips for shopping in Zurich

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  • The majority of stores in Zurich remain closed on Sundays. However, shops in Urban areas, train stations, airports, and Zurich shopping malls remain open. It’s always advisable to consult with a local before embarking on your shopping excursion.
  • If you are traveling in January or July, you are in for a pleasant surprise as many showrooms offer discounts on their products.
  • The typical operating hours for shops in Zurich are from 9:00 am to 8 pm.
  • It is advantageous to familiarize yourself with a few German words, so that you can effectively communicate with the salesperson regarding discounts and negotiations.

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We hope this blog post aids you in having an exceptional shopping experience in Zurich. If you desire to explore this remarkable city without any inconveniences, consider opting for our customizable Zurich tour packages! Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Zurich

What is the largest shopping mall in Zurich?

Hauptbahnhof is one of the biggest shopping malls in Zurich.

What are some of the top places for shopping at Zurich airport?

One can find a wide range of options for shopping at Zurich airport to fulfill all their needs, including fashion and beauty products, pharmacy items, books, duty-free items, liquor, shoes, and more. Some well-known brand stores present here include Gucci, Burberry, Hermes, Victoria’s Secret, and Mango.

Which street is considered the best for shopping in Zurich?

Bahnhofstrasse, also known as the Zurich 5th Avenue, is regarded as the premier shopping street in Zurich.

Where can one experience the best shopping in Zurich?

Bahnhofstrasse and Hauptbahnhof provide some of the finest shopping experiences in Zurich.

Are shops closed on Sundays in Zurich?

Yes, shops in Zurich are predominantly closed on Sundays. You will only find the shops in railway stations and petrol stations to be open on Sundays.

What is renowned for shopping in Switzerland?

Swiss timepieces, Swiss candies, and cheese are the most renowned locally crafted items in Switzerland that you can purchase during your visit.

Which items are affordable in Switzerland?

Various types of electronic gadgets, as well as Swiss cheese and candies, are exceptionally affordable in Switzerland. Additionally, hiking excursions are generally reasonably priced in Switzerland.

Is chocolate inexpensive in Switzerland?

The cost of chocolates in Switzerland greatly depends on the place of purchase. If you buy them directly from the factory outlets, they might be expensive, but if you purchase the same chocolates from small-scale stores, you can get a large quantity at extremely low rates.


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