Top 5 Exciting Vacation Spots Near Texas: Unleash the Thrills Around this American State

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A combination of both contemporary yet uniquely historic coexist in the delightful state of Texas. Cities like Austin and San Antonio have renowned landmarks such as Alamo and River walk, Zilker Park and on the other hand, cities like Houston and Dallas are home to NASA’s Space Centre, Historic Dealey Plaza and other museums. So, if you’re looking for a few locations near Texas that you wish to explore while you’re here, the following list will assist you in planning an incredible vacation. Scroll down to discover all about them!

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Optimal Time To Visit Texas

Best Time To Visit Texas

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An ideal time to visit the enchanting US State of Texas is from March to May and from September to November due to a pleasant climate that enhances your journey through the place. You can also revel in events like the flower blossoming or Fiesta San Antonio to soak in the scenic beauty of Texas while you’re here.

5 Best Locations Near Texas

If you’re already out and about in Texas and are seeking a few more places to engage in a variety of excursions, here’s a list that will aid you on your journey!

Nature Travel Sand Gulf Of Mexico Beach

1. Gulf Of Mexico

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Since over 600 miles of the illustrious Gulf of Mexico touches the majestic US state of Texas, it is one of the finest places to visit near Texas to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate your mind and body. With abundant sandy beaches, ocean waves, and ample sunshine to fulfill your beach holiday plans, there are also other excursions that you might want to partake in while you’re here. Try some jet skiing when you rent one or venture into the nearest verdant areas on the shoreline to explore some enchanting wildlife at the gulf.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

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2. Hot Springs, Arkansas

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A mere 300-mile journey will lead you to this delightful destination in Arkansas and it’s certainly as breathtaking as it sounds. Exposing yourself to just the right kind of calming spa treatments followed by saunas and thermal springs makes for an astonishing trip when it comes to places to visit near Texas for an enjoyable exploration! Immerse yourself in natural mineral springs will surely assist you in unwinding but if you’re yearning for some excitement, head directly to Crystal Falls Water and Theme Park and water slides at the famous Magic Springs.

White Sands National Monument - New Mexico...dawn in the desert...

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3. White Sands, New Mexico

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If traveling to a distinctive destination is in your bucket list, then unquestionably White Sands in New Mexico should be your next destination. Also recognized as White Sands National Monument, this place is an enchanting desert consisting of powder-white sand dunes that are a delightful sight for the eyes. The Visitors Centre will provide a guided excursion of this place and you can reserve one on a moonlit night after sunset. Since there are no lodging options available in this vicinity, you can search for some in Las Cruces or Alamogordo.

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