Top 5 Delectable Indian Eateries in Korea for an Unforgettable Meal in 2023!

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The Country of the Morning Serene, Korea is globally known for its captivating culture, hospitable locals, stunning landscapes, and incredible tourist destinations. Whether it’s North Korea or South Korea, as soon as you set foot in the country, you will have a plethora of alluring activities and places to explore during your vacation. And when hunger strikes in the midst of your exploration, you can easily find a multitude of excellent restaurants where you can savor a delightful meal. Unbelievably, there are numerous Indian restaurants in Korea that serve genuine and mouthwatering Indian delicacies! So, if you appreciate the flavors of traditional Indian cuisine, then you should definitely take a look at this compilation of Indian restaurants in North Korea and South Korea!

5 Indian Restaurants In Korea

In 1948, Korea was divided into two independent states, North Korea and South Korea. Both of these states boast a multitude of restaurants that you can visit. Here is the perfect list specially tailored for all aficionados of Indian cuisine, featuring the names of all the renowned Indian restaurants in Korea. Take a glance!

Jyoti Restaurant

1. The Friendship

One of the most renowned Indian restaurants in North Korea, The Friendship restaurant is widely celebrated for its delectable Indian fare. Upon visiting this establishment, you will be treated to incredible Indian dishes and a warm and welcoming staff who are sure to remember your name. This restaurant is frequented by many tourists as it is popular in North Korea. You can also explore the international cuisine served here.

Location: Pyongyang, North KoreaReviews

2. Jyoti Restaurant

Everest Curry World

Searching for Indian restaurants in South Korea? Jyoti Restaurant is the ultimate destination if you yearn for Indian cuisine during your vacation. Jyoti restaurant has been serving authentic Indian food in Korea for the past 23 years. Situated in Seoul, Jyoti Restaurant is renowned for its delectable dishes hailing from Indian and Nepali cuisines. When you visit this establishment, be sure to try the Jeera Aloo, Butter Chicken, and Sweet Lassi.

Location: 6, Sinchon-ro 20-gil, Mapo-gu | 3 Floor, Seoul 04101, South KoreaWebsite | Reviews

3. Everest Spice Haven

Require special attention when enjoying a fulfilling meal? Head over to Everest Spice Haven and prepare to be pampered with personal care from the proprietor, some tantalizing Indian cuisine, and a staff that will provide you with exceptional services. Everest Spice Haven is a renowned family-oriented Indian dining establishment in Korea that you must visit with your loved ones during your vacation. Do not miss out on experiencing their Roasted Chicken Tandoori, Cottage Cheese tikka masala, Naan, and cumin rice.

Location: 305, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, 2f, Seoul 03106, South KoreaCustomer Reviews

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