Top 22 Luxurious Coorg Resorts for an Unforgettable Stay

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Coorg, a magnificent tourist destination in Karnataka, is truly a tropical paradise. Its awe-inspiring landscapes, captivating waterfalls, and, most notably, the Kaveri river and its tributaries make it a truly remarkable place. Besides its breathtaking beauty, this mountainous retreat offers a plethora of activities such as trekking, kayaking, and rafting, which have significantly increased its popularity as the ‘Scotland of India.’

Discover the finest resorts in Coorg that allow you to fully indulge in this mesmerizing location, located just 250 km away from Bangalore.

22 Exquisite Resorts in Coorg

If you are seeking a luxurious resort with a stunning view for your stay in Coorg, take a look at the following resorts and choose the one that suits you best.

1. The Orange Country

The magical resort in Coorg for a luxurious stay

Inspired by the enchanting Kadukuruba Hadis, this themed resort immerses guests in a tribal ambiance. Combining an exceptional location with unparalleled luxury, this is arguably the finest wildlife lodging in Coorg. Whether you seek a romantic date with your loved one or a delightful evening with your family at the Lakeside Deck Dining, this resort caters to all your desires.

Our suggestion: Book a Private Pool Villa or a Lily Pool Cottage for the perfect holiday experience.Tariff: INR 35,000 per nightWebsite | Reviews

2. The Tamara Coorg

The best resort of Coorg for honeymooners

The luxury tree cottages, with their spacious living areas and private decks, provide an unparalleled experience. Witness the mesmerizing sunrise and breathe in the crisp mountain air while enjoying a cup of tea with your loved one. The comfortable lounge chairs on the deck of this extraordinary resort are perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Our suggestion: Indulge in the Eden lotus experience, which includes a nature walk and a rejuvenating studio spa session.Tariff: INR 21,000 per nightWebsite | Reviews

3. Amanvana Resort

The most luxurious resort of Coorg

Amanvana Resort, nestled in the breathtaking beauty, offers a serene escape for families visiting Coorg. Immerse yourself in the enchanting activities that will liberate your soul from the hustle and bustle of city life. Unwind on the sunbeds in your private courtyard and marvel at the stars from the glass-roofed bathrooms.

Our suggestion: Reserve the Bungalows with moonbeams for an idyllic weekend getawayPrice: INR 15,457 per nightVisit the website | Check out the reviews

4. Old Kent Estates And Spa Resort

The master of hospitality in Coorg

Nestled among the lush green landscapes of Coorg, this is one of Karnataka’s most opulent resorts. Old Kent Estates offers a haven of tranquility for those seeking respite from urban life. Experience the refreshing ambiance and gracious hospitality of this renowned vacation retreat. The exquisite room designs, equipped with modern amenities, offer excellent value for your money. This is truly one of the top-rated resorts in Coorg for couples.

Our suggestion: Stay at the Villas for an unforgettable experiencePrice: INR 13,500 per nightVisit the website | Check out the reviews

5. Windflower Resort And Spa

Situated just 20 kilometers from Bangalore on a picturesque highway, this beautiful family resort in Coorg is one of the finest accommodations in the region. Surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, it is a haven known for its exceptional hospitality. Embark on a trek to the Brahmagiri hills and admire the lush green foliage of the dense deciduous forest against the endless blue sky near Windflower Retreat.

The famous resort in Coorg amidst lush green beauty

Our suggestion: Book the studio rooms for a romantic getaway and the suite room for a family vacationPrice: INR 13,200 per nightVisit the website | Check out the reviews

6. Ambatty Green Resorts

Escape to a private resort in Coorg that is like a miniature city nestled among the gently rolling hills of Karnataka’s most renowned destination. This idyllic retreat offers a sanctuary to revitalize your mind and soul, far away from the chaotic rhythm of everyday life. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a hopeless romantic looking for a weekend getaway with your beloved, this resort has something to offer to everyone. Embrace the perfect fusion of leisure and luxury in the heart of nature at this magnificent resort designed for couples and sports enthusiasts.

cottages and garden with trees

Our suggestion: For honeymooners, we recommend trying out the superior rooms, while families can opt for the deluxe rooms to ensure a delightful stay.

Price: INR 11,500 per night. Visit the official website for more details and read reviews from satisfied guests.

7. Coorg Cliffs Resort

If you are still on the lookout for a sublime 5-star resort in Coorg, your search ends here. Perched at an elevation of 3398 feet above sea level, this luxurious family resort in Coorg has become a prime choice for travelers in the region. The breathtaking natural surroundings of this establishment alone are reason enough to make it your preferred destination for a quality vacation.

cottages in the middle of lush greenery

Our suggestion: The resort offers a plethora of activities, including bicycling, that guests can indulge in. Don’t forget to visit the property’s well-stocked library during your stay.

Price: INR 9,500. Check out the official website for more information and read reviews from previous visitors.

8. Taj Vivanta Resort

Indulge in a blissful retreat at the Taj Vivanta Resort in Coorg. Situated amidst the untouched beauty of nature, this exquisite resort promises an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in luxury and tranquility, surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of Coorg.

The budget treehouse stay in Coorg

To make a reservation or for further information, visit the official website.

Taj Vivanta Resort, ranked among the finest 5-star establishments in Coorg, is located amidst a sprawling rainforest that covers an extensive area of 180 acres. This opulent resort guarantees a lavish and serene experience for both families and couples. The immense forest and captivating vistas will entice you to never depart from this retreat during your Coorg vacation. The accommodations offered here are generously spacious, ensuring a comfortable sojourn.

Our suggestion is to take advantage of the pool and fitness center facilities available on-site. Fitness enthusiasts would truly appreciate a visit there. The tariff for this remarkable establishment starts at INR 23,700. For more information, please visit the official website or browse through customer reviews on TripAdvisor.

The famous resort in Madikeri known for luxury

9. Porcupine Castle

To experience the epitome of tranquility, look no further than Porcupine Castle. Perched atop a sprawling 300-acre coffee plantation, this budget-friendly resort is a haven for honeymooners. The serene surroundings and aromatic ambiance warmly welcome guests to the undulating and verdant landscapes, making it the perfect place to stay in Coorg.

Our recommendation is to book the Valley View Chalets for an unforgettable stay. The tariff for this delightful retreat starts at INR 5,500 per night. For more details, visit the resort’s official website or read customer reviews on TripAdvisor.

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The nature loving place to stay in Coorg

10. Club Mahindra Madikeri

Situated in the vibrant capital of Coorg, also known as “Little Karnataka,” Club Mahindra is an expansive resort that seamlessly incorporates local traditions within a coffee plantation setting. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing aroma of coffee while surrounded by the vibrant colors and breathtaking views of the hills. The resort’s major highlights are the picturesque grasslands, paddy fields, and enchanting orange orchards, all of which contribute to its status as one of Coorg’s premier establishments.

Our recommendation is to experience the studio rooms and indulge your taste buds in the delights offered by the resort’s three renowned restaurants. The tariff for this exceptional retreat starts at INR 7,700 per night. For more information, visit the resort’s official website or browse through customer reviews on TripAdvisor.

The cultural and adventurous resort in Coorg

11. Estate of Magnolia

Magnolia estates present well-appointed and expansive accommodations for individuals who appreciate embracing nature. You will indulge in the tranquility of the secluded mountainside while hearing the cheerful melodies of birds echoing from every nook and cranny. Fashioned in the distinctive style of South India, this is unquestionably one of the most exceptional resorts in Coorg for families, nestled amidst the remarkable coffee plantations.

Our suggestion: Experience the magnificence of Villa Royale Magnolia, offering a breathtaking view of Virajpet town and its valley. Pricing: INR 5,700 per nightOfficial Website | Reviews

resort with cottage, dining furniture, and swimming pool

12. Parumpara Adventure and Cultural Holiday Resort

Parumpara is a deluxe traditional cottage offering a delightful combination of contemporary amenities in a rustic village setting. The delightful climate in the foothills of Madikeri heightens the allure of this resort, making it an extraordinary place to stay in Coorg. The serenity and coolness of this resort, combined with the captivating views, will make you feel right at home. You can revel in the performances of the in-house artists and be entertained by their modern dance and music. This is among the most highly regarded resorts in Coorg for adventurous travelers.

Our suggestions: Opt for the deluxe cottage and enjoy the Spot lounge during the evenings. If you’re traveling with your family, choosing the Jumbo Cottage will allow you to save some money. Pricing: INR 5,000 per nightOfficial Website | Reviews

cottage in the garden with various colorful flowers

13. Legacy Resort

Legacy Resort presents a charming fusion of contemporary amenities within a culturally rich village atmosphere. Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring hills of Madikeri, the serene ambiance and refreshing climate make this resort a true home away from home. Immerse yourself in the enthralling performances of dance and music showcased by the in-house artists. This resort stands tall as one of the premier destinations in Coorg for indulgence.

Our suggestion: Embrace the grandeur of the deluxe villa and embrace the Spot lounge during the nights. Opting for the Jumbo Villa can provide you with significant savings if you are traveling with your family.Pricing: INR 5,000 per nightOfficial Website | Reviews

wooden cottage in the middle of trees

If you’re searching for an economical retreat in Coorg where you can organize an extraordinary excursion, then this is the ideal spot for you. This location is a perfect sanctuary from the fast-paced urban lifestyle and will bring you closer to the natural world. With an on-site restaurant that serves delectable meals and elegant interior design, this resort is a must-see.

Our suggestion: if you visit this spot in groups, make sure to try cycling, kite flying, and swimming.Pricing: INR 9,000Website | Reviews

14. Kadkani Resort

Cottage at night

When in search of Coorg resorts with recreational activities, this one should not be overlooked. The cabins here have a veranda from where you can witness the most exquisite views. The on-site restaurant, Pride of Pachat, serves delicious dishes and guarantees a meaningful and captivating stay.

Our suggestion: try out some of the most astonishing activities like river rafting, golfing, fishing, and more.Pricing: INR 7,667Website | Reviews

15. Machaan Resort

This place is renowned in the Coorg district for multiple reasons. Situated in the southern area of Coorg, you’ll have the chance to witness the coffee plantations here. It will take you a 15-minute car ride to reach this destination from Nagarhole National Park. This opulent resort in Coorg is one of the finest destinations to seek solace and escape from the lively city life.

shot of a cottage at night

Our suggestion: If you find yourself in this area, make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll in nature, go for a swim, explore the plantations, and engage in various outdoor activities. The cost for this experience is INR 7,000. You can find more information on the official website or read reviews on TripAdvisor.

cottages in a garden

16. Silver Oaks Resort

This resort is a must-visit destination due to its superb location and friendly staff. Surrounded by lush greenery, it provides an ideal ambiance for both nature enthusiasts and adventurers. During your stay, don’t miss the chance to participate in the exciting adventure activities arranged by the resort.

Our suggestion: For those seeking adventure, the staff organizes thrilling jungle treks and other recreational activities. The cost for this experience is INR 4,004. Visit the resort’s official website or read reviews on TripAdvisor for more information.

17. Coorg Jungle Camp Resort

If you’re planning a trip to Coorg from Bangalore, the Coorg Jungle Camp Resort is a great choice for your accommodation. This resort is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway, surrounded by beautiful hills that offer a break from your daily routine. Enjoy various games and activities amidst the stunning natural landscapes.

luxurious cottage with a porch

Our suggestion: Bring your children along for an unforgettable experience filled with fun and excitement. The cost for this experience is INR 5,000. For more information, visit the resort’s official website or read reviews on TripAdvisor.

18. Casiita Resort

colorful cottage in a resort

Escape to the tranquility of Casiita Resort in Coorg. Whether you’re traveling with family or seeking a romantic getaway, this idyllic retreat offers a perfect opportunity to unwind and revel in the magnificent vistas. Surrounded by verdant scenery, inhale the fresh air and rejuvenate your senses. With its exceptional amenities, Casiita Resort will undoubtedly entice you to return for your next Coorg vacation.

Our suggestion: Indulge in a rejuvenating retreat from the monotony of everyday life.

Rates: INR 2,599 Official Website | Reviews

19. Woodstock Villa

Immerse yourself in nature at Woodstock Villa, the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. Surrounded by lush green trees, this charming retreat offers a serene and peaceful neighborhood. The modern amenities and efficient room service and housekeeping will ensure a comfortable stay. The responsive front desk staff will guarantee a hassle-free experience throughout your time here.

Our suggestion: Witness the breathtaking sunrise views, complemented by delightful culinary offerings at the in-house restaurant.

Rates: INR 8,000 Official Website | Reviews

20. Unique Experience at Coorg Evergreen County Resort

Indulge in an extraordinary adventure at the Coorg Evergreen County Resort. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere adorned with captivating decorations. The extensive use of bamboo throughout the property adds a distinctive charm. Embrace the theme of adventure, nature, and wilderness in this lush green environment that guarantees endless excitement.

Our suggestion: This resort is a haven for adventurers and backpackers.Price: INR 7,079Website | Reviews

21. Tranquility at Evolve Back Coorg

Graceful Image: Official Website

Discover a serene haven amidst untouched nature at Evolve Back Coorg. Unwind and rejuvenate with your loved ones in this 300-acre plantation. Luxurious villas with private pools add opulence to your stay. Indulge in authentic South-Indian cuisine to complete your experience.

Our suggestion: Nature enthusiasts will find this property ideal.Price: INR 26,000 onwardsWebsite | Reviews

22. Coorg Wilderness Retreat

Spectacular Image: Official Website

Escape to luxury at Coorg Wilderness, one of the finest resorts for families. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and nature in the European-styled majestic suites and rooms overlooking magnificent mountains and verdant valleys.

Our suggestion: This property is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility.Price: INR 20,000 onwardsWebsite | Reviews

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If these remarkable resorts in Coorg have tempted you to embark on a journey to Karnataka, don’t hesitate any longer. Your Coorg vacation will be a cherished memory, especially if you choose one of these budget or luxury resorts. Take your time to explore the details of each property before making your final decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Resorts in Coorg

Where is the best place to stay in Coorg?

You’ll be spoilt for choice with numerous hotels and resorts in Coorg. Some popular options include Evolve Back, The SilverOaks Resort, Misty Woods, Heritage Resort, and Club Mahindra Madikeri.

Which resorts are the best in Coorg?

For an extraordinary experience, consider The Ibnii, Evolve Back, Purple Palms Resort, The Windflower Resort & Spa, and Magnolia Resort.

What is the price range for resorts in Coorg?

You can find resorts in Coorg to suit various budgets, ranging from approximately INR 1,400 to INR 30,000.

Which location in Coorg has the highest number of resorts?

Somwarpet boasts the highest number of resorts in Coorg. There are 6 resorts along BM Road, 4 in Suntikoppa, 3 in Kakkabe, and 1 in Gonikoppal.

What are the popular luxury resorts in Coorg?

Experience luxury at Club Mahindra Virajpet, Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa, and Meriyanda Nature Lodge, renowned for their world-class amenities and comfort.

Which budget resorts in Coorg are recommended for a pleasant stay?

Consider Palm Era Resorts, Coorg Lagoon, and La Flora Jungle Hill Resort for a budget-friendly trip to Coorg.

How many days are recommended for a visit to Coorg?

Plan a minimum of 3 to 4 days to explore Coorg’s top tourist attractions and engage in various activities.

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