Top 16 Pricey Islands Worldwide for Your 2023 Exploration

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These highest-priced islands in the world will not only satisfy your desire for a luxurious vacation but also prove to be a great investment. An island getaway is always considered the most fantastic one, and if you plan to visit an expensive island, your experience will be truly captivating. The flawless beauty of these opulent locations is worth exploring.

If you are someone who enjoys avoiding crowded tourist destinations, you should definitely consider visiting these majestic islands. Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, a romantic escape, or a long-awaited family vacation, here is a list of the most costly islands to visit in the world that you must undoubtedly experience at least once in your lifetime!

16 Highest-Priced Islands In The World In 2023

Fancy traveling to an island in the midst of nowhere? If you have a taste for opulence, try to resist these pricey islands from around the world. Discover this specially curated list of the most expensive islands in the world and let us know if you don’t feel tempted at all. After all, more money should equate to more indulgence!

  • Cocoa Island- Maldives
  • Fregate Island- Seychelles
  • Mustique Island- West Indies
  • Laucala Island- Fiji
  • Calivigny Island- Grenada
  • Necker Island- The British Virgin Islands
  • Musha Cay- The Bahamas
  • Cayo Espanto- Belize
  • Bora Bora Island- French Polynesia
  • Moorea Island- French Polynesia
  • Cerralvo Island- Mexico
  • Fogo Island- Canada
  • Cyprus- The Middle East
  • Galapagos Islands- Ecuador
  • Lanai Island- Hawaii
  • Rang Yai island- Thailand

1. Cocoa Island In Maldives

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Amidst the numerous breathtaking island coastlines in the Maldives, Cocoa Island is one of the most expensive islands to visit. Its enchanting beauty and unspoiled sandy beaches, staying above the aquamarine water to witness the allure of nature, costs approximately $750 (INR 48,670) per night. Nevertheless, this island still remains one of the foremost destinations that you should definitely explore with your partner!

Where: South Malé Atoll, MaldivesFamed For: This island is renowned for some of the most exotic shores of the Maldives, and is one of the finest romantic getaways to visit on your honeymoonActivities: Delight in scuba diving, explore the marine life, or relish the splendor of nature while you spend some romantic time with your spousePlaces To Stay: COMO Cocoa Island hotels and resortsHow To Reach: You can arrive here either by taking a seaplane or sea boat from Male International AirportOptimal Month To Visit: June – AugustMonetary Unit: Maldivian RufiyaaLanguages: Divehi and English

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2. Fregate Island In Seychelles

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Fregate Island is not merely another one amongst the most pricey islands in the world, it possesses private deluxe resorts, seven stunning shores, and water sports like swimming, snorkeling, and deep-sea diving etc. Nothing ordinary and absolutely worth experiencing since it is one of the most lavish private islands in the world! It costs approximately $3,422 to $4,985 (INR 2,22,055 to INR 3,23,475) per day. So, savor the stunning images until you check off this place from your must-visit list!

Where: Fregate Island, SeychellesFamed For: This private island resort is renowned for its luxurious villas with infinity pools overlooking the Indian OceanActivities: Snorkeling, diving, cycling, hiking, canoeing, exploring the library, windsurfing, billiards, fishing, etc. are some of the countless activities to engage in herePlaces To Stay: Fregate Island PrivateHow To Reach: Fregate can be accessed via a chartered airplane, helicopter, or boat. Most air and sea transfers originate at Seychelles International Airport on Mahé IslandOptimal month to visit: April-May or October-NovemberMonetary Unit: Seychellois rupeeLanguages: French and EnglishWebsite

3. Mustique Island In West Indies

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This private island in the West Indies has emerged as another extremely popular tourist destination globally, and it is unquestionably one of the most extravagant islands on the planet. And here’s what makes it worth splurging on! It possesses awe-inspiring ocean views all around and luxurious private villas, which will captivate you for days. From deep-sea diving, horseback riding to tennis, and countless exotic spa treatments, there’s a plethora of experiences to endure here. So, why wouldn’t you aspire to live a life resembling that of Kate Middleton and embark on a journey to this island, which costs approximately $26,450 (INR 1,716,340) per day?

Where: Mustique Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, CaribbeanFamous For: This island is a renowned celebrity vacation hotspot and also recognized for its immaculate sandy beaches – Macaroni Beach, Pasture Bay Beach, and Endeavour Bay BeachThings To Do: Commence activities like deep-sea diving, sailing, and fishing, which encompass some of the aquatic sports available on this island. You can also revel in beachside delights by engaging in swimming or strolling along the shorePlaces To Stay: Firefly Hotel Mustique, Sugar Reef BequilaHow To Reach: Embark on a conventional international flight to Barbados or St. Lucia, or opt for a transfer from another adjacent island. Afterward, simply make reservations for your forthcoming travel from your arrival point to MustiqueBest time to visit: DecemberCurrency: British West Indies dollarLanguage: EnglishOfficial Website

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4. Laucala Island In Fiji

Fiji might be on your mind for a very long time. And why shouldn’t it be? It has got palm-fringed beaches and coral reefs with crystal-clear lagoons, on almost all of its 300 islands. Laucala Island, is not just one of these opulent private islands, but also the most coveted places to visit. It boasts breathtaking and exceedingly comfortable private island resorts, with vistas so mesmerizing that it will whisk you away the moment you step in, and you wouldn’t even mind spending $62,000 (INR 4,023,180) for a night to reside in one of its awe-inspiring hilltop residences?!

Where: Laucala Island, Taveuni, FijiFamous For: Laucala Island is the epitome of a sumptuous island resort in Fiji, which is bound to leave you speechlessThings To Do: Rainforest walking tours, golf, farm visits, jet-skiing horseback riding, fishing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kaya jet-skiing are some of the activities to partake in FijiPlaces To Stay: Maravu Taveuni Lodge, Matangi Private Island ResortHow To Reach: You need to hire a dock or speed boat to reach hereBest month to visit: OctoberCurrency: Fijian dollarLanguage: Fijian, Fiji Hindi, EnglishWebsite

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5. Calivigny Island In Grenada

The sandy beaches with panoramic vistas of the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans on the renowned Calivigny Island cost around £19,000 (INR 1,315,940) for a two-bedroom cottage and £90,000 (INR 6,233,400) for both mansions and three cottages accommodating up to 50 people. So, you know where to head to for your next family vacation to experience the private island getaways on this most exorbitant island resort in the world!

Where: Calivigny, St. Georges, GrenadaFamous For: This island resort is known for promoting world-class lavish living, and its substantial land size that can accommodate more than 50 guests at once, without compromising on spaceThings To Do: Go for a morning jog, bond over a game of tennis, take a plunge in the freshwater swimming pool, or engage in windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, snorkeling, sailing, and fishingPlaces To Stay: PARADISE on the Isle of Spice, WoBorn VillasHow To Reach: Calivigny Island is approximately a 5 minute boat ride from Grenada, West Indies. The nearest airport is Maurice Bishop International Airport in St George’s, GrenadaBest month to visit: September – OctoberCurrency: Eastern Caribbean dollarLanguage: EnglishWebsite

6. Necker Island In The British Virgin Islands

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This 74-acre island is Sir Richard Branson’s personal residence in the British Virgin Islands. It is located amidst the most azure waters, surrounded by coral reefs and stunning ivory sand beaches. With opulent nine bedrooms in the ‘Great House’, six separate Bali houses, and a service team of approximately 100, there would be no need for you to exert any effort throughout your vacation. Now, who wouldn’t desire a lifestyle like this, correct?! An overnight stay on this most costly island in the world amounts to around £50,000 (INR 3,463,000).

Where: British Virgin Islands, North Of Virgin Gorda, CaribbeanFamous For: This 74-acre island is the most picturesque haven for anyone seeking an escape from the tedium of day-to-day existenceActivities: In addition to daytime excursions, water sports, and rejuvenating spa treatments, reveling after sunset is among the foremost activities to indulge in here on Necker IslandAccommodation Options: Necker Island, Scrub Island ResortHow To Get There: The nearest international airport to Necker Island is on Tortola (Beef Island – airport code EIS), which is a 35-minute flight away from San Juan in Puerto Rico and a 1 hour 20-minute flight away from AntiguaOptimal Time to Visit: July and NovemberCurrency: United States DollarLanguage: English

Official Website

7. Musha Cay In The Bahamas

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We are not being dishonest when we say that this island will cost you approximately $37,500 (INR 2,433,375) per night for up to 12 guests. Furthermore, we assure you that it is completely worthwhile! It is extremely beautiful and is one of the most expensive islands in the world, making it a must-visit destination for couples or families seeking extraordinary natural scenery and thrilling water sports.

Location: Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay, Exumas Islands, Caribbean

Famous For: This is one of the most secluded and exquisite locations for a vacation in the world, and it is the personal retreat of David Copperfield.

Activities: You can partake in paddle boarding, tennis, relax on the picturesque beachside bed, rejuvenate in the steam room after a luxurious massage, or embark on a unique and special experience aboard the 28ft. Nautilus Rib Catamaran.

Accommodation Options: Musha Cay, Embrace Resort

How To Get There: You can easily reach this destination by hiring a jetty.

Best Time to Visit: November to April

Currency: Bahamian dollar

Language: English


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