Top 15 Delectable Assamese Dishes to Delight Traveling Food Enthusiasts Exploring the North East!

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If you consider yourself a connoisseur of cuisine and also have a passion for exploring new places, then Assam food is an absolute must-try for you. The culinary tradition of Assam is truly unique, with flavors influenced by Bengali cuisine. Delicate and flavorful, Assam dishes are prepared using the finest herbs, fresh fruits, and vegetables. So, whether you are planning a trip to Assam or simply want to experience authentic Assamese flavors at a local restaurant, here are the top dishes you should definitely indulge in.

Iconic Assamese Dishes

masor tenga fish curry assam

1. Khaar – A Delightful Culinary Creation

When it comes to the quintessential Assamese gastronomy, Khaar reigns supreme. This non-vegetarian delicacy gets its name from the main ingredient, khaar, which lends its distinctive flavor to the dish. Other ingredients such as raw papaya, pulses, and taro are also added to create a harmonious blend of flavors. To infuse the curry with its signature taste, the preparation involves filtering these ingredients through dried banana leaves. It is best enjoyed with a side of rice and is often a part of a traditional Assamese lunch.

duck meat curry assam food

2. Masor Tenga – A Tangy Affair

Masor Tenga, a tangy fish curry, is undeniably one of the most popular dishes in Assam. Made by slow-cooking fish in a broth infused with outenga, tomatoes, and lemon, this dish offers a refreshing burst of tanginess. Assamese locals truly adore this culinary masterpiece, and their passion for it is palpable when you engage in conversations about it.

Xaak aru bhaaji assam

3. Duck Meat Curry – A Feast Fit For Special Occasions

Duck Meat Curry is another exquisite Assamese specialty reserved for special occasions. When prepared with finesse, this dish can truly astonish your taste buds, thanks to the aromatic blend of whole spices. Traditionally cooked with Ash Gourd, it can also be prepared with sesame, pumpkin, lentils, and more, making it a versatile culinary delight.

oou khatta assamese food

4. Xaak Aru Bhaji – A Flavorsome Affair

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Xaak Aru Bhaji is a delightful assortment of indigenous Assamese greens and vegetables. This dish showcases the richness of Assamese produce and offers a burst of flavors. With its vibrant colors and delectable taste, it is a true gastronomic treat for all those who crave authenticity.

By embarking on a culinary journey through these iconic Assamese dishes, you will not only satisfy your taste buds but also discover the cultural nuances that make Assam a gastronomic paradise.

aloo pitika assamese food

Typically served as a side dish, this Assamese delicacy is crafted from a medley of vegetables and herbs with a touch of garlic, ginger, and occasionally lemon. A staple in Assam’s culinary repertoire, this everyday dish graces both lunch and dinner tables.

5. Oou Khatta

Paro Manxho assamese food

Prepare your taste buds for a sensational experience with this sweet and tangy chutney made from the exotic elephant apple (Ou) and jaggery. A must-try culinary delight that seamlessly complements your meal.

6. Aloo Pitika

Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura assam food

Indulge in the Assamese rendition of mashed potatoes, a delectable side dish that partners perfectly with lunch and dinner spreads. This simple yet gratifying dish combines mashed potatoes cooked in mustard oil, onion, salt, and coriander.

7. Paro Manxho

Ranked among the popular dishes in Assam’s culinary panorama, Paro Manxho showcases the essence of pigeon meat, revered as a regional delicacy. When seasoned with Koldil or banana flowers, its already unparalleled taste reaches new heights. Traditionally prepared during special occasions and seasons, pigeon meat is believed to provide warmth during winters.

silworm dish assam food

8. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura

A star of Assam’s gastronomy, this dish tantalizes the taste buds with the exquisite blend of chicken, bamboo shoots, and lentils. Experience the unique flavors of bamboo shoots, rarely found in other culinary creations.

pitha assamese sweet dish

9. Silkworm

Silkworms, a delicacy enjoyed in Assam,

Tastes Of North East India

Indeed, the people of Assam indulge in the consumption of silkworm, and despite its eerie appearance and nature, it is undeniably one of the most exquisite delicacies in Assam’s gastronomy. The larvae are sautéed with an array of spices, resulting in a delightful combination of a crispy exterior and a succulent interior. This culinary masterpiece is deeply rooted in the tribal traditions and should not be overlooked by any means.

Gooror Payas assamese food

Finest Desserts From Assam

10. Pitha

Pitha is undeniably one of the most renowned sweet delicacies in Assam’s culinary repertoire and can either be sweet or savory, depending on its ingredients. Although its preparation can be quite challenging, it can be effortlessly recreated at home and savored for breakfast or during evening tea time.

Narikol Pitha assam food

11. Gooror Payas

This sweet delight, similar in taste to rabdi, is prepared using rice, milk, jaggery, dates, cashews, and bay leaves. The inclusion of dates lends a unique flavor to this dish, making it truly exceptional.

Narikolor Laru assam food

12. Narikol Pitha

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Another delectable treat made with roasted coconut, flour, and sugar, Narikol Pitha is an effortless creation and serves as a perfect finale to a delightful meal.

13. Narikolor Laru

Komolar Kheer Assam food

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In simplest terms, this is a coconut laddu that combines the heavenly flavors of coconut and sugar. A single serving of this irresistible delicacy will undoubtedly leave you craving for more.

rice payas assam sweet dish

14. Komolar Kheer

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This is your ordinary rice kheer, but with a zesty twist from oranges. The addition of orange pulp brings a revitalizing flavor to the sweet dish, and one can also use the pulp for garnishing.

15. Rice Payas

Joha rice is utilized in creating this delectable dish that is enriched with ghee, dried fruits, and milk. Cooked on a gentle flame, one can also sprinkle it with cardamom and saffron to enhance its appearance. Overall, this dish is a must-try for those with a craving for sweets.

Now that you have learned all about the essential dishes of Assam cuisine, we understand that you yearn for a taste of these delicacies. If you are planning a trip to the Northeast, worry not. Simply book an Assam package from Fred and Fuzzys, and let us handle the planning for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Assam Cuisine

What is the signature dish of Assam?

Assamese Khar is one of the most popular dishes in Assam, prepared using raw papayas and chilies. It is highly recommended to try this dish along with other local Assamese delicacies.

What are the items you can buy in Guwahati?

While shopping in Guwahati, make sure to add the renowned Assam tea and pickles to your list. In addition to food items, you can also find handicrafts available for purchase.

What is the traditional food of Guwahati?

Momos and Thukpa are incredibly popular dishes that can be found in almost all restaurants in Guwahati.

Where can one purchase Assam tea?

Assam tea can be purchased in any market in Assamese cities like Guwahati. Nowadays, Assam tea is also available in other cities across India due to its high demand.

What is the famous sweet dish of Assam?

Pitha is one of the most beloved sweet dishes in Assam. The best part is that it can be prepared as either a sweet or savory dish.

What is the staple food of Assam?

Rice is the primary staple food consumed in Assam.

What is renowned in Assam?

The fragrant Assam tea and the tea estates are among the most well-known aspects of Assam. Embark on a journey to the tea estates here and acquire Assam tea during a visit to this state.

Which is the most exquisite location in Assam?

Assam is a captivating state enveloped in tea estates and verdant forests. One of the most enchanting destinations to explore in Assam is the renowned Kaziranga National Park. Additional attractions in this area include Manas National Park, Kamakhya Temple, Majuli Island, Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Kakochang Waterfalls, Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Nameri National Park, Padam Pukhuri, Haflong Lake, Haflong Hill, and Panimur Falls.

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