Top 14 Goa Picnic Spots for an Amazing Time in 2023

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Let’s envision this – gatherings, coastlines, nocturnal establishments, the Persian customs, houses of worship, scooter rides, and countless fruitless college excursions. What do we attain?

beach view in goa

Goa is an exceptionally captivating destination in India; one with a stunning vista and a remarkable ambiance. Its renown lies in its party scene, which entices numerous young people and families throughout the year, particularly during the Christmas and New Year festivities. The atmosphere in Goa is always such that it ensures every visitor a festive time.

However, Goa comprises much more than this. Aside from the nightclubs and pubs, this alluring destination also encompasses a wealth of history and culture that has persisted for decades. The extensive British colonial history associated with the place is inexhaustible – it can be readily observed through the architectural marvels present. As numerous as the beaches and clubs, there are forts, museums, and monuments steeped in history. There exist numerous concealed sites that can be considered the ultimate picnic spots in Goa. If you wish to relish an entire day with your loved ones, Goa’s locations are a splendid choice. There are numerous precious locales where one can find solace and evade the commotion of city life in the company of friends or family. Indeed, picnicking is the ideal solution.

Thus, Goa can also be enjoyed with relatives and cherished memories of childhood picnics can be relived in this locale.

14 Finest Picnic Spots in Goa

Below, we have compiled a list of the exceptional 14 picnic spots in Goa that are worth exploring, particularly when seeking a family-friendly picnic destination in Goa.

– Majorda Beach – A Visually Pleasing Outlook

– Dudhsagar Waterfalls – An Astutely Planned Expedition

– Chapora Fort – The Magnificence of Architectural Design

– Bom Jesus Church – Embark on a Historical Exploration

– Butterfly Beach – Unearth the Beauty It Holds

– Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary – A Place that Inspires Wonder

– Arvalem Waterfalls – Witness the Enchanting Beauty

– Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary – Discover the Diversity of Species

– Shri Mangueshi Temple – Connect Your Spirit with the Divine

– Mayem Lake – A Haven for a Variety of Avian Creatures

– Spice Garden – Indulge in the Purchase of Exquisite Spices

– Cansaulim Monte – A Quaint Village in Goa

– Arambol Beach – Immerse Yourself in a Splendid Landscape

– Palolem Beach – Renowned as the Tiger Beach

1. Majorda Beach – A Visually Pleasing Outlook

There is no denying the fact that if you wish to experience tranquility and serenity surrounded by the sea, then Goa is the ideal destination. Each beach in Goa has its own tale to narrate and embodies its own distinct liberation. One such beach is Majorda Beach.

Beautiful Majorda Beach

Situated along the Arabian Sea, Majorda Beach spans a magnificent 25 kilometers. Located in South Goa, this beach boasts excellent accessibility via roadways. What sets Majorda Beach apart as one of the premier picnic spots in Goa are the beach shacks and the availability of umbrellas and beach beds that can be rented free of charge. You and your family can simply relax on the beach and peacefully bask in the sun.

If your family is a fan of aquatic activities, then you absolutely must include Majorda Beach in your travel plans!

Engage in games, indulge in fresh fruits, take a refreshing swim, and create the perfect picnic experience at Majorda Beach.

  • Optimal Time To Visit: The Winter Season provides the best conditions for a visit to this beautiful beach.
  • Recommended Months To Visit: November through February.
  • Entrance Fee for Majorda: Not Applicable.
  • Places to Stay: Majorda Beach Holiday Apartment, Meadow View Resort, Saudades Homestays, The Diwa Club by Alila, Jes Guest House.

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2. Dudhsagar Waterfalls – A Well-Planned Excursion

Amazing Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls are a cherished attraction for numerous tourists and travelers visiting Goa. The allure and splendor of these falls captivate trekking enthusiasts. The name “Dudhsagar” translates to “Sea of Milk” in Hindi, aptly representing the appearance of the cascading water, resembling a stream of milk pouring from the mountains.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls secures a well-deserved spot on our list of top picnic locations in Goa due to the diverse range of activities that can be enjoyed with family and friends. These include birdwatching, trekking, and embarking on a jeep safari to explore the surrounding area. When accompanied by friends, this destination becomes an ideal option for an overnight picnic. As you take in the enchanting scenery, don’t miss the opportunity to observe the deep green pool formed before the water merges with the Arabian Sea.

  • Best Time To Visit: Post-monsoon and winter seasons.
  • Recommended Months To Visit: October to May.
  • Entrance Fee: Not Applicable.

3. Chapora Fort – Architectural Grandeur

Mesmerising Chapora Fort

Spend an unforgettable evening at Chapora Fort with your loved ones, witnessing a breathtaking sunset and reminiscing about cherished memories. There is no place in Goa more perfect for this than this historic fort!

Chapora Fort, affectionately known as the “Dil Chahta Hain” fort across India, owes its popularity to the blockbuster movie called Dil Chahta Hai, which was filmed in Goa. One of the most beautiful and introspective scenes featuring the three main characters was shot right here on this fort. To truly understand and experience the magic of that moment, a visit to this captivating fort is a must.

Situated near the Chapora River, the fort boasts a rich history. Its ruins stand as a testament to its enduring strength over time. Climbing up the hill, one can witness the convergence of the Chapora River with the majestic Arabian Sea. Additionally, since Vagator Beach is just a stone’s throw away, visitors can also partake in thrilling water sports during their visit to Chapora Fort.

  • Optimal Seasons to Visit: Winter and Summer seasons.
  • Recommended Months To Visit: October to May.
  • Operating Hours: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Admission Fee: Not applicable
  • Accommodation Options: Jungle, W Goa, Tapasya Yoga and Resort, Mulberry Suites, Riverside Villa at Siolim
  • Beautiful Bom Jesus Church

    4. Bom Jesus Church – Unveiling History

    Visiting Old Goa is incomplete without exploring the Bom Jesus Church. Situated within the expansive Old Goa Church complex, this architectural marvel demands attention.

    The Church’s ceilings showcase magnificent artwork and attract visitors from around the globe who come to witness the final resting place of St. Francis Xavier. Don’t forget to visit the art gallery located on the church’s first floor.

    The church complex is also home to several other ancient churches, each boasting mesmerizing altars and captivating architecture. Exploring the entire complex may take about 3-4 hours, and history enthusiasts may require more time. Therefore, this spot in Ponda Goa can serve as an excellent picnic destination.

    • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
    • Operating Hours: All days except Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
    • Sunday: 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM
    • Admission Fee: Not applicable
    • Accommodation Options: Home Sweet Home, ANHC Bougainvilla Hermitage, Goa Hideaway, Elegant 2BHK House, Onukonu Homestay

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    5. Butterfly Beach – Experiencing the Splendor

    This stunning stretch of shoreline derives its name from the countless butterflies that flutter around, creating a scene straight out of a fairy tale when one gazes towards the sky.


    Butterfly beach, situated to the North of Palolem Beach, beckons you to stroll on its golden sands, feeling the warmth underfoot while immersing yourself in the crystalline turquoise waters teeming with diverse marine life such as crabs, seahorses, and even dolphins.

    Beautiful Butterfly Beach

    Not only does this beach make for one of the finest picnic spots in Goa, but it can also be the perfect place for an overnight picnic getaway.

    • Optimal Season to Visit: After the monsoon season and during winters
    • Best Months for a Visit: October to March
    • Operating Hours: 6 AM to 6 PM
    • Entrance Fee: Not applicable
    • Accommodations: Crystal Goa Emerald Edition, The Nest, Art Prive, Shiv Sai Huts, Patnem Garden Resort

    6. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary – An Enchanting Place to Explore

    It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that everyone’s childhood memories of a picnic involve spending a lazy afternoon under the sun with family at the zoo. So, what would be the adult equivalent of a zoo?

    A wildlife sanctuary, perhaps. And that’s exactly what Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa is. Regarded as one of the most popular sanctuaries, it offers an excellent spot for picnics where you can engage in activities like spotting tigers and bisons, going on a thrilling safari tour, and for all the wildlife photographers out there, this sanctuary is a paradise. While you’re there, make sure to indulge in the delectable cuisine at Den restaurant. Bondla Sanctuary can easily earn a spot on your list of picnic destinations in Ponda Goa.

    • Optimal Season to Visit: After the monsoon season, during winters, and summers
    • Best Months for a Visit: October to May
    • Operating Hours: 9 AM–5 PM
    • Admission and Other Fees: 5 INR/- per person for adults, 2 INR/- per person for children, 80 INR/- per person for Elephant Ride, 25 INR/- per person for photography, 100 INR/- per person for videography
    • Accommodations: Avdhut Niwas Organic, Rock Valley Goa, The Island Sanctuary, Empire Guesthouse, Farmagudi Residency

    Thrilling Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

    7. Arvalem Waterfalls – The Enchanting Beauty

    Witnessing majestic waterfalls cascading down from the top of a hill surrounded by dense forests is an awe-inspiring sight for all travel enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

    Mesmerizing Arvalem Waterfalls

    One such place that can awaken all your senses at once is the Arvalem Waterfalls in Goa. The waterfall plunges onto the ground, forming a shallow pool that is perfect for swimming. During the monsoon season, the water flows vigorously, creating an idyllic setting for a picnic. If you’re visiting the waterfalls with your family and they adhere to Hinduism, a visit to the nearby Rudreshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva would be a great idea.

    • Best time to visit: Monsoon
    • Optimal months to visit: May to October
    • Admission fee: Not applicable
    • Parking fee: Not applicable
    • Accommodation options: The Island Sanctuary – A Village Secret, Hospitality Inn, Mayem Lakeview, Hotel Vaishali Residency, Hotel Swarnam

    8. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary – Unveiling the Diversity of Avian Species

    For those passionate about bird watching, behold the ultimate picnic destination in Goa. The Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit spot when exploring Goa. This sanctuary is a tribute to the renowned ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali, and embarking on this journey will undoubtedly enhance your knowledge of birds.

    Natural Beauty of Bird Sanctuary

    Immerse yourself in the enlightenment of avian species and the rich history of this place. Besides bird spotting, you can also indulge in boating during your visit.

    • Operating hours: 6 AM–6 PM
    • Admission Fee: 10 INR per person for Indians, 100 INR per person for foreign tourists, 25 INR per still camera, 150 INR per camcorder
    • Accommodation options: Damodar Guest House, Villa Riveria, Hotel Shaurya, Serene Waters Goa, DoubleTree

    9. Shri Mangueshi Temple – Embrace Spiritual Serenity

    Goa’s temples are known for their captivating architecture and designs, leaving you mesmerized. One prominent temple is the Mangeshi Temple. Renowned for its harmonious fusion of Hindu and contemporary art, this temple holds great historical significance in Goa’s past, particularly during the Portuguese invasion.

    Religious place Shri Mangueshi temple

    Spend some tranquil moments within the temple premises and later enjoy a delightful picnic in the vicinity.

    Apart from the Mangeshi Temple, there are numerous other temples like the Shri Nagesh Temple, Brahma Temple, and Shri Kamakshi Temple, which you can plan to explore during your visit to Goa.

    • Operating hours: 6 AM to 10 PM
    • Duration of visit: 2 hours
    • Admission fee: Free

    10. Mayem Lake – A Haven for Bird Exploration

    Credits: Gazal Aga, Wikimedia Commons

    Mayem Lake, also known as Maya lake, is renowned as one of the popular destinations for picnics in Goa. It is located in Mayem near Bicholim, in the northern part of Goa. The lake provides an ideal setting for birdwatching and listening to the continuous melodies that serenade the mind. Adjacent to the lake, there is a park where you and your partner can engage in enjoyable activities, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

    • Activities: Observing birds, indulging in boating.
    • Time Required: A full day
    • Location: North Goa
    • Entry Fee: Not applicable
    • Accommodation Options: Sea Shell Hotel, The Project Café, Prestige Hotel
    • Operating Hours: Not applicable

    11. Spice Garden – Embrace the Essence of Spices

    Credits: Haydn Blackey, Wikimedia

    Spice Garden

    The Spice Garden is a haven for an impressive array of spices and herbs, with remarkable medicinal properties. Moreover, it stands as a well-known picnic spot in Goa, offering a delightful escape to brighten your day. Visitors can also purchase spices, natural oils, and containers at affordable prices.

    • Activities: Immersing in the scenic beauty of lush greenery
    • Time Required: An entire day
    • Location: H.No. A-14, Arla Bazar Keri, Ponda, Kerim, Goa 403401, India
    • Entry Fee: Not applicable
    • Accommodation Options: Saudades Home stay, Jes Guest house
    • Operating Hours: 7 am- 6 pm

    12. Cansaulim Monte – A Charming Village in Goa


    Cansaulim Monte

    Disclaimer: The image is for illustrative purposes only.

    Cansaulim Monte, a quaint village situated atop a hill in South Goa, boasts breathtaking beaches and enchanting natural beauty, making it an idyllic picnic spot. From the hill’s summit, one can witness the splendid expanse of the beach, evoking a sense of joy and contentment.

    • Time Required: 2-4 hours
    • Best Time To Visit: November to February
    • Entry Fee: Not applicable
    • Accommodation Options: Prestige Hotel, The Diwa Club
    • Operating Hours: 5 am- 5 pm
    • 13. Arambol Beach – Embrace the Magnificence of Nature

      Credit for Image: Alexey Komarov for Wikimedia Commons

      Arambol Beach

      Revel in the grandeur of Arambol beach, nestled amongst a traditional fishing village, which captivates tourists from every corner of the globe. If you seek a serene escape from the chaos of city life, then Arambol is the ideal destination for you. Witness the resplendent sunset that will undoubtedly add wonders to your day. Arambol is renowned as one of Goa’s famous picnic spots, offering activities like paragliding and kite surfing.

      • Estimated Time: 2-4 hours
      • Location: North Goa
      • Entry Fee: Not applicable
      • Accommodation Options: Tapasya Yoga Resort, Mulberry Suites
      • Best Time to Visit: October to February
      • Timing: 9 am-5 pm

      14. Palolem Beach – Renowned as the Majestic Tiger Beach

      Credit for Image: Satyajit Nayak for Wikipedia

      Palolem Beach

      Palolem Beach, also known as the Tiger Beach, is a secluded and extraordinary destination in Goa. With fewer crowds, it stands as one of the best picnic spots in Goa. Adventure enthusiasts will find solace here, as they can indulge in exhilarating activities like a speedboat ride amidst breathtaking views. Relax and enjoy a delightful picnic on the soft sands, surrounded by mesmerizing vistas.

      • Estimated Time: Full day
      • Location: South Goa
      • Entry Fee: Not applicable
      • Best Time to Visit: November to February
      • Accommodation Options: Goa Hidesway, Elegant 2BHK House
      • Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

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      Who would have thought that the party capital Goa could offer delightful experiences through picnics and family outings?! Goa is truly much more than what meets the eye, with numerous destinations where you can pack your bags and embark on a picnic adventure. This list of the top 9 picnic spots in Goa includes forts, beaches, and temples, showcasing the diverse wonders of this fascinating region.

      Disclaimer: All images featured on our blog site, unless stated otherwise, are copyrighted to their respective owners. We make an effort to provide proper attribution and link back to the original source whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images and wish for them to be removed from Fred and Fuzzys, please contact us, and we will promptly comply. We believe in giving credit to the original author, artist, or photographer.

      Frequently Asked Questions About the Finest Picnic Spots in Goa

      Are the beaches in Goa open 24/7 for tourists?

      No, the beaches in Goa are accessible until late evening hours.

      Is Goa a safe destination for family travel?

      Goa is a safe destination for travel and holidays. The well-built and secure road infrastructure ensures safety.

      Is Goa suitable for children?

      Yes, Goa offers a range of child-friendly attractions beyond the party scene, such as beaches and temples, creating a memorable experience for children.

      Can elderly people visit Goa?

      Yes, Goa is an excellent destination for elderly individuals, with numerous temples that hold great historical significance.

      Are there dress codes for clubs and pubs in Goa?

      Most clubs do not enforce specific dress codes; however, it is advisable to check in advance. Sometimes, clubs may have themed parties for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

      Are the accommodations in Goa safe?

      Yes, Goa offers a variety of safe accommodation options, including standard hotels, home-stays, and resorts, ensuring a comfortable stay for visitors.

      Are there good transportation facilities in Goa?

      Goa offers a range of transportation options, including bikes, cars, taxis, cabs, and auto-rickshaws. Two-wheelers are a popular choice for exploring Goa.

      Which beach is known as the Tiger Beach in Goa?

      Palolem Beach is famously referred to as the Tiger Beach and is one of Goa’s popular picnic spots.

      Which traditional fishing village is located in Goa?

      Arambol is recognized as the traditional fishing village in Goa.

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