Top 14 Australian Souvenirs to Purchase in 2023!

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Tea and Coffee Beans

Going back from Australia empty handed? Don’t! You’ll regret not taking back a part of the affluent heritage and culture of this astonishing country in the form of locally produced goods. A holiday Down Under isn’t complete unless you have stocked your luggage with some of the most renowned items to purchase in Australia. Whether you choose them for yourself or a cherished one, each of these products is exclusive to Australia and will forever remind you of the extraordinary time you had on your vacation.

So, if you are planning to purchase something extraordinary for your cherished ones then gifting an Akubra will undoubtedly be an ideal present. Since Australia is well-known for its own distinctiveness, anything that you desire to purchase from Australia has its own captivating quality.

14 Vital Items To Purchase In Australia

Before you plan a visit to Australia, you can compile a checklist of some distinct items that you can bring back to your home or you are planning to buy for your partner. Listed below are some of the finest items you can solely purchase in Australia if you’re seeking the most genuine and authentic products and not replicas.

  • Tim Tams: Experience The Finest Part Of This Biscuit
  • Haigh’s Chocolates: Satisfy Your Cravings for Sweetness
  • Tea And Coffee Beans: Unwind With Its dominant flavor
  • Wine: Experience The Tempting Flavour
  • Lucas’ Papaw Ointment: Have Confidence In The Best Brand
  • Ugg Boots: Make It Your Style Icon
  • Kangaroo Leather Products: Trust in its Longevity
  • Opal Jewelry: Define Your Fashion Celebration
  • Australian Handicrafts: Engross in Australian classics
  • Didgeridoo: A traditional Symbol of Australia
  • Honey: Experience The Finest Honey
  • Pandora jewelry: Obtain The Perfect Jewelry For You
  • Tea tree oil: Obtain The Best Flavour Of Tea Leaves
  • Akubra Hat: Define Your Style Declaration

1. Tim Tams

You can’t depart for home without acquiring a multitude of packets of Australia’s cherished cream sandwich from Arnott. In fact, acquire a lot more. We don’t want you to regret not bringing in more when it becomes immensely popular among your friends and family back home! It is one of the most renowned items to purchase in Australia and is available in various flavors. So ensure you try them all before settling down with a specific flavor.

Where to purchase: Woolworth’sStarting price: INR 90 (AUD 1.80)

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2. Haigh’s Chocolates

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If you’re journeying to Australia, you’d clearly explore the metropolis of Sydney, correct? Well, in that instance, make certain you visit the Queen Victoria Building (which is one of the finest attractions in the city) where you’ll have the capacity to witness the small store of Haigh’s Chocolate and a vast gathering assembling outside to savor these delectable bars. The store was established long ago in 1915 and has more than 15 stores around the nation. These well-known craftsman chocolates are created and even wrapped by hand and are definitely one of the finest things to purchase in Australia for your loved ones back at home.


Where to buy: Haigh’s Chocolates, Queen Victoria Building, SydneyStarting price: INR 50 for 6 grams (AUD 0.90)

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3. Tea And Coffee Beans

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It might startle you to be aware that the finest things in Australia to purchase also consist of its tea and coffee. T2 happens to be an exclusive Australian chain of specialty tea shops that provide an extensive assortment of tea available year round. You’ll also relish the delightful flavor of ground and roasted Melbourne coffee at many of the cafes in this metropolis. When you’re here, you can also pick up some of your preferred types of tea and coffee beans to take back home as a present.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Where to buy: 269 Little Collins St, MelbourneStarting price: INR 840 (AUD 17)

4. Alcohol

Never forget to bring back bottles of the finest Australian alcohol from Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. All you have to do is make a day trip to this exotic and beautiful vineyard to acquire these delectable spirits as well as an enticing gourmet tour which typically includes a variety of alcohol, cheeses, and chocolates. Alcohol is in any case the best things to purchase in Australia to give as a gift to your friends and family, and of course, yourself!

Ugg Boots View

Where to purchase: Coombe Yarra ValleyStarting price: INR 1,800 (AUD 24)

5. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

The Australian Papaw or Papaya is a very beneficial fruit and can heal a number of skin ailments. Made from these papaws, the Lucas’ Papaw Ointment from Lucas’ Papaw Remedies is a highly popular ointment amongst the local population as well as for individuals traveling to this country. For decades it has served as the top remedy for minor burns, rashes, chafing, insect bites, splinters, and is even utilized as a lip balm. Winner of the ‘Lip Balm’ category in TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Award in 2014 and 2015, this is one of the best items to purchase in Australia if you wish to give something useful and advantageous to your loved ones.

Leather Products

Where to purchase: Woolworths/ Cole’s/ Big W Department Stores/ Priceline PharmaciesStarting price: INR 260 (AUD 5.25)

6. Ugg Boots

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Yes, they are crafted from animal hide. Apologies PETA! Nonetheless, these are one of those absolutely trendy objects to purchase in Australia that will enhance the style factor of your outfit and attract attention! Aside from being a fashionable accessory for yourself, they will also make excellent gifts for your female group back home. You should not miss buying these Australian sheepskin boots when you are here, and you should not attempt to discover how they are made if you love animals!


Where to purchase: Australian Ugg OriginalInitial cost: INR 4,400 (AUD 89)

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7. Kangaroo Leather Products

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If you are interested in leather products, then surely you will adore the kangaroo leather products made at Real McCaul. It is the top company in Australia that specializes in designing leather goods like jackets, shoes, wallets, bags, and more made from kangaroo skin. But why Kangaroo? Well, because Kangaroo leather has proven to be the most durable type of leather in the world due to its thickness which makes it very unlikely to tear, something you won’t find in your average crocodile skin leather. Its high quality makes it one of the best things to buy in Australia.

Australian Handicrafts View

Where to purchase: Real McCaul, 77 Memorial Dr Eumundi, QueenslandInitial cost: INR 1,400 (AUD 29)

8. Opal Jewelry: Define Your Fashion Celebration

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Opal is the official gemstone of Australia and the top item on the agenda for every female traveler who visits this magnificent country. In fact, even Sydney’s public transport card is called the Opal Card. There are various authentic stores throughout Australia where you can purchase Opal gems and stunning Opal jewelry at reasonable prices. In fact, Opal jewelry should be at the top of your shopping list in Australia if you have a special lady in your life. You can purchase it from the various Pandora outlets located throughout the country.


Where to buy: Opal Minded, 55 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, AustraliaStarting price: INR 73,000 (AUD 15,000)

9. Australian Handicrafts: Immerse Yourself in Australian Classics

The genuine indigenous artwork of Australia will surely captivate you. And guess what, you can bring a piece of it home with you! You’ll find plenty of items to purchase in Australia if you’re in search of authentic handmade goods such as wall hangings, tablecloths, bags, sculptures, and indigenous art pieces. And if nothing else, be sure to buy the traditional boomerangs, which serve as weapons for the indigenous hunters in this region. Your purchases will also greatly support the local communities there, as royalties are provided to members of the Indigenous Artists and Communities for their sold designs at Bulurru Australia.

Where to buy: Bulurru AustraliaStarting price: INR 1,000 (AUD 19)

Tip: You can purchase boomerangs from Oz Gifts at The Rocks Shop at 11 The Rocks Centre for around AUD 16 or more.

10. Didgeridoo: A Traditional Symbol of Australia

If you’re looking for more culture-focused items to purchase in Australia, then you can buy authentic Didgeridoos to take home and impress your friends and family! This is another fantastic creation by native Australians that serves as a wind instrument, resembling a trumpet or pipe. The key distinction is its potential length of up to 10 feet! It would make an excellent gift or a wonderful addition to your home decor, sure to charm your musically-inclined friends.

Where to purchase: Spirit GalleryStarting price: INR 6,800 (AUD 140)

11. Honey: Experience The Finest Honey

Honey export is recognized as one of Australia’s most popular trading methods. Australia exports honey to numerous countries worldwide, both in retail shipments and in bulk, which positions it among the top 10 honey-producing nations globally. Travelers in Australia purchase delightful and fresh honey to take back home for culinary use as well as for its healing properties.

12. Pandora jewelry: Find the Perfect Jewelry For You

If you have a fondness for experimenting with various styles of intricate and valuable jewelry at reasonable prices, then you should definitely try Pandora jewelry from the Danish retailer Pandora during your visit to Australia. The intriguing aspect of this jewelry is that visitors to this retail store in Australia will be able to purchase jewelry at a much more affordable price. Tourists may save up to INR 9660 if they buy it from the Danish retailer Pandora.

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13. Tea tree oil: Experience The Finest Taste Of Tea Leaves

‘Tea tree oil’ is becoming one of the most popular products in Australia when it comes to cleaning your home or your body. The antibacterial properties can be effectively used on the human body, so many vacationers prefer to purchase it as Australia is considered one of the finest countries in terms of producing the world’s best oil.

14. Akubra Hat: Define Your Personal Style

A famous film franchise ‘Crocodile Dundee’ is responsible for the creation of Akubra Hat, which can be paired with an oiled leather coat and is worn by a significant portion of Australians as it is considered a timeless outfit. The price range of Akubra Hat starts from INR 5272, but the price depends on the style of the hat. Akubras are available in a wide variety of locations across Sydney.

These will surely make some exquisite gifts for your loved ones once you return from your holiday in Australia. So, which of these traditional and popular items to purchase in Australia are you eager to get your hands on first? Don’t forget to share your shopping experience in Australia upon your return!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Must-Buy Items In Australia

What are the top items to purchase in Australia?

From gemstones and Tim Tams to wine, Australia has a lot to offer visitors when it comes to shopping. People can buy items such as Opal gemstones, Kangaroo leather products, Vegemite, tea tree oil, Australian wine, traditional arts and crafts, and much more.

Are clothes affordable in Australia?

Yes, clothes are readily available and affordable in Australia. Clothing is often available at discounted rates during specific seasons or special sales. Therefore, clothes are not among the prohibited items.

What clothing brands are available in Australia?

There are several renowned brands that are locally manufactured and made available to travelers in Australia. Some of these brands include Biologi, Sarah and Sebastian, Bali Body, and Noble Label.

What unique items can only be found in Australia?

Australia is known for its exclusive items such as Tim Tams, Vegemite, Golden Gaytime Ice Cream, and Vegemite Latte.

What makes Australia a famous country?

Australia is renowned for its vast open spaces, natural wonders, deserts, and beaches. Additionally, the big cities of Australia, such as Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney, are major attractions.


What is unique about Australia?

Geographically, Australia is considered the world’s largest island, and due to its geographical features, it is also known as the world’s driest continent.

What are the common problems faced by travelers visiting Australia?

Common problems faced by visitors to Australia include frequent climate changes, land degradation, water use, mining issues, and communication with locals.

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