Top 10 Thrilling Hiking Destinations in Malaysia for an Adventurous 2023 Vacation

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One of the finest places of tourist destinations of southeast Asian nations is Malaysia. And aside from the intriguing destinations to hang out with your friends or family, tramping in Malaysia could be one of the most astonishing activities to engage in. Tramping is such a rejuvenating activity that charges you up and has so many enjoyable aspects to its side. It tests your patience, vitality, and the desire to reach the summit. The liberation you experience after reaching the desired destination is simply magnificent. So when it comes to the options one would opt for to trek their way, these are the top 10 spots for tramping in Malaysia that you must consider while visiting there. Continue reading!

10 Finest Places For Tramping In Malaysia

Here’s a list of 10 finest places in Malaysia that are ideal tramping spots. Take a look and take your pick so that you can indulge in the ultimate adventure and exhilaration while trekking and tramping in Malaysia.

beautiful viewpoint

1. Gunung Lambak

It’s a place with an intriguing name and a picturesque tramping tour will let you feel simply incredible energy by your side. This is a hill and you need to tramp your way to the peak. It would be one of the most marvelous tramping in Malaysia experiences of your life. The best time to visit this place is somewhere between November to March. The luxuriant green surroundings invite you to experience freshness.

Time to reach: 3-5 hours round trip

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2. Gunung Tuhan

It is an elevated step above the easier journey at the aforementioned spot. This is considered to be the most challenging hiking and trekking option in the world. However, it can be divided into three smaller treks, starting from an area known as Sungai Relau to Gunung Tahan, the second one from Sungai Relau to Gunung Tahanand to Kuala Tahan, while the last one is from Kuala Taha to Sungai Relau via Gunung Tahan. The optimal time for this strenuous Malaysia hike would be from June to September. A fee of RM 100 is required as a permit charge.

Bukit Tabur in malaysia

Time to arrive: Different trails require varying amounts of time.

3. Mount Kinabalu

If there is a hike, there must be a mountain to ascend. Since you will be climbing to the summit of a mountain, it is essential to witness picturesque and awe-inspiring views. Another captivating aspect is the fact that you will be ascending the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia. There is a climbing permit required for both children and adults. It is part of a national park, providing you with the opportunity to explore lush surroundings. It is recommended to visit between February and April to fully enjoy hiking in Malaysia.

Time to arrive: 2 days

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Bulkit Broga in malaysia

4. Bukit Tabur

Hiking is an activity that should not be limited to a few typical locations. It is an endeavor that takes you to the most exquisite and unexplored places. Bukit Tabur is one such uncharted destination in the region. It is situated close to the renowned national zoo. An intriguing feature of this Malaysia hiking experience is that it allows you to develop your rock-climbing abilities. There are permit charges, and it is best to visit between September and February.

green trees

Estimated Time of Arrival: Approximately 3 hours (one way)

5. Bukit Broga

This location is also known as bukit Lalang. It is renowned for its abundant growth of lush green and tall grass. Essentially, it is a hill situated in Semenyih. The place is located in close proximity to Kuala Lumpur and requires approximately 40 minutes of travel time. The breathtaking and invigorating views one can experience here are truly awe-inspiring. Surrounded by greenery, the gentle breeze allows visitors to refresh themselves in this beautiful natural setting.

Estimated Time of Arrival: 30 to 40 minutes (one way)

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Penang Hill Top

6. Cameron Highland Trails

It is one of the largest hill stations in Malaysia. Surrounded by rainforests, the cool and soothing climate beckons you to embark on a journey. It captivates you to such an extent that even a whole day might seem insufficient. One important reminder is that careful hikers are required as the hiking area is not extensively developed. The months at the beginning and end of the year may be the optimal time for hiking in this region.

Gunung Gayong

Estimated Time of Arrival: 3 to 4 hours (one way)

7. Penang Hill Top

It is yet another popular tourist destination. It allows you to hike your way through various routes to reach the final destination. Anytime from December to February could be the optimal time to visit. It offers many fascinating attractions along the way. One can discover excellent food stalls offering local cuisine, religious sites, and many other fantastic places to enhance the journey. The hike takes about 4-5 hours to complete and reach the summit. An interesting feature is the train that transports you up the hill.

Time to reach: 1 to 1.5 hours (one way)

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fabulous view

8. Gunung Gayong

This marvelous hiking experience takes you to one of the mountains in the Titiwatsa mountain range. It may take around 4-5 days to reach the peaks of this mountain range. Therefore, it is recommended that only experienced hikers attempt it. The first quarter of the year might be the best time to embark on this hike.

national park

Time to reach: Different trails require different durations

9. Gunung Jerai

Another hiking spot in Malaysia is Gunung Jerai. It is one of those mountains that can be visited at any time of the year. It simply requires your time, energy, and enthusiasm to complete the hike. Typically, it is a 9-10 hourlong hiking experience. You may come across ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples at the base of this mountain. The only eerie aspect of this hike is the history of cases where people have gone missing. Hence, it is advisable to bring along a well-known guide or experienced hiker to ensure a safe and enjoyable return.

Time to reach: 9 to 10 hours

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10. Penang National Park

Occasionally, national parks are situated at such natural altitudes that moving around becomes a trekking or walking experience. This particular one is positioned on the northwestern side of the penang island. There are a few other daring activities to discover. There exists a time frame during which one must pay a visit to this park, i.e. from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Go here if you wish to encounter walking in Malaysia.

Time to arrive: 1 to 1.5 hours

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Aren’t these astonishing locations for walking in Malaysia? The next time you plan your excursion to Malaysia, attempt to encounter the delight and amusement of walking. The energy, amusing experiences along the way, and the tranquility of having finished the journey is tremendously fulfilling to one’s spirit.


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