Top 10 Thai Getaways in August 2023: An Escape from the Monsoon Season

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Thailand is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the preferred vacation destinations in Asia. Its immaculate beaches with white sand, surrounded by palm trees and rocky mountains, will perfectly fulfill any traveler’s beach dreams. The coral reefs, marine life, waterfalls, and dense forests will pique the curiosity of every adventurer. When it comes to tourism during specific months, the peak season is from November to April, while August is the month that sees the monsoon season in full swing. However, there are numerous places to visit in Thailand in August that can be enjoyed at their best during this month. This will assist you in planning your trip to Thailand in August when the opportunities are even better than during the peak season.

10 Finest Destinations To Explore In Thailand In August

If you find yourself in Thailand in August, the question of where to go should not be a concern. Get ready to discover the places in Thailand when they have been showered with rain. Here are some places you can visit and activities you can indulge in during the month of August:

  • Ko Samui
  • Ko Pha Ngan
  • Ko Tao
  • Hua Hin
  • Phetburi
  • Sam Roi Yot
  • Chumphon
  • Surat Thani
  • Nakhon Si Thammarat
  • Rayong

Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand

1. Ko Samui

As mentioned earlier, the best places to visit in Thailand in August are located in the Upper Gulf Coast. Ko Samui, Thailand’s second-largest island, is situated in the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. This picturesque island is renowned for its beaches lined with palm trees, coconut groves, and dense, mountainous rainforest.

The most popular beaches to explore during your Ko Samui vacation are Chaweng and Lamai. Ko Samui also boasts a number of luxurious resorts and upscale spas, but there are also more affordable accommodations available. A major tourist attraction on a tiny island connected to Ko Samui by a causeway is the 12-meter-tall golden Big Buddha statue at Wat Phra Yai Temple.

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Ko Tau in Thailand

2. Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is an island in southeast Thailand that is well-liked for its monthly Full Moon Party. The night-long celebration based on the lunar calendar draws in travelers to the southeastern peninsula, Haad Rin. Most of the festivities occur on Sunrise Beach, admired for its beach bungalows.

The white-sand beaches on the north coast, including Hat Khuat and Hat Thian, are much more serene. Ko Pha Ngan also boasts an extraordinary National Park and some exquisite waterfalls that you can explore. Ko Pha Ngan is one of the finest locations to experience the type of climate in Thailand throughout August.

Hua Hin in Thailand

3. Ko Tao

Ko Tao is an island and a component of the Chumphon Archipelago on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Most famous for its tropical coral reefs, the island also hosts a variety of extraordinary marine species, including whale sharks and rays. Hawksbill and green turtles also congregate here to reproduce.

Ko Toa is among the most popular scuba diving spots in Thailand. Mae Haad, Sairee, and Chalok Baan Kao are the three primary villages on Ko Tao. Each village possesses its own beaches with attractions for tourists, such as the turtle statue on Mae Haad Beach and the palm tree on Sairee Beach. This is also one of the top islands in Thailand for a honeymoon in 2023.

Phetburi in Thailand

4. Hua Hin

Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand is located in the Southern Thai Province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is one of the oldest seaside destinations in Thailand. The area is home to ancient palaces – Wang Klai Kangwon and Phrarachanivet Mrigadayavan – constructed by the Thai Royal family. The second palace is accessible to the general public. If you’re contemplating a ‘Thailand vacation’ in August 2023, then this is surely the place you should visit!

There are several deserted houses along the coastline, some of which have been converted into hotels. Hua Hin is renowned for its high-end hotels, seafood joints, kitesurfing, and water sports. This place looks enchanting during the rainy Thailand weather in August.

Sam Roi Yot in Thailand

5. Phetburi

Phetchaburi is a province in central Thailand that shares a border with Myanmar. This place exudes an ancient ‘Siam’ atmosphere with graceful temples, palaces, and centuries-old teak houses with slender alleyways. The Phetchaburi River, which runs straight through the town, is adorned with several bridges embellished with statues of the Hindu mythological three-headed elephant, Erawan.

On the eastern bank of the river, vibrant markets can be found. Phetburi boasts three palaces – Phra Nakhon Khiri Palace, Phra Ram Ratchaniwet Palace, and Mrigadayavan Palace, all constructed in prominent architectural styles.

Chumphon in Thailand

6. Sam Roi Yot

Sam Roi Yot is a district in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, situated in central Thailand. This district gains recognition for its Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. The park boasts two main attractions: Phraya Nakhon Cave and Thung Sam Roi Yot, a sprawling freshwater wetland.

The area is distinguished by its caves, towering sandalwood trees, captivating viewpoints, wildlife, and breathtaking natural allure. One unique feature of this place is the presence of numerous small limestone formations, giving it the appearance of a collection of petite islands. Your Thailand August vacation can be enhanced by including this destination in your itinerary.

A cathedral in Surat Thani in Thailand

7. Chumphon

is a southern Thai on the narrow Kra Isthmus of the Malay Peninsula. is popular among travelers for its coral reefs and white beaches. Along with its extensive coastline. district has approximately 40 islands of its own.

You can explore the Chumphon National Museum to learn more about the . Tham Rubror cave is one of the numerous caves in , and contains ancient Buddha statues. The Phato Canal and Heo Lom Waterfall in the Phato district are also major attractions for tourists.

Nakhon Si Thammarat in Thailand

8. Surat Thani

Surat Thani is the capital city in the Surat Thani Province of southern Thailand. Interestingly, the place is named after a city in India. Though there are not many tourist attractions in Surat, it is a good place to explore Southern Thai cuisine and the traditional Chinese-style tea shops, bakeries, and temples.

It is a great destination for photographers as the historic Chinese-influenced Ban Don area of the town features numerous buildings that showcase centuries-old Sino-European architecture. The lush green Tai Rom Yen National Park and Khao Sok National Park are also located in the Surat Thani Province. This place is also one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand.

9. Nakhon Si Thammarat

Rayong in Thailand

Nakhon Si Thammarat is the capital city and a commercial hub of the Nakhon Si Thammarat Province in southern Thailand. This is one of the top places to visit in Thailand in August. This place is abundant with waterfalls and long coastal beaches. If you are someone who enjoys exploring offbeat paths, this is the perfect destination for you.

Nakhon is the second largest city in Southern Thailand. Pay a visit to the 900-year-old Wat Phra Mahathat, an ancient Buddhist temple. Another place that will catch your interest is the museum and theater at Suchart Subsin’s House, one of Thailand’s most significant venues for preserving the art of ‘nang thalung’, or shadow puppetry.

10. Rayong

Rayong is a municipality on the eastern shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand and the main city in Rayong Province. Besides scenic beaches, Rayong features Baan Pae, a bustling market street with stalls selling seafood and a variety of cuisine, as well as vibrant craft stalls.

Other attractions in Rayong include Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Herbal Park, Sopha Arboretum, and the Rayong Aquarium. If you visit Thailand in August, you will have exclusive access to these places as they will be less crowded.

Weather Conditions In Thailand During August

The climate in Thailand in August varies throughout different regions of the country. August marks the peak of the monsoon season in Thailand, but the rainfall starts to lessen in the Northern and Northeastern parts of the country. As the rain subsides, temperatures may rise. You might be wondering, “Why should I travel to Thailand in August?”. There’s a reason! August is a period when nature flourishes, making it the perfect time to explore the rural side of Thailand.

This includes provinces such as Mae Hong Son and destinations like Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. Additionally, areas along the upper Gulf coast like Hua Hin, Phetburi, and Sam Roi Yot, as well as the lower Gulf coast including Chumphon, Surat Thani, and Nakhon Si Thammarat, experience much less rainfall in August compared to the rest of the country. Visiting Thailand during the off-peak season can be advantageous as there will be fewer crowds and you may find promotional offers for domestic flights and hotel accommodations.

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We Hope, after perusing this information, you feel confident about traveling to Thailand in August despite the monsoon. So don’t waste any time. Plan your vacation to Thailand now and bring back a unique perspective of this beautiful destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thailand In August

What is Thailand like in August?

Temperatures in Thailand in August skyrocket and settle between 26 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius. The sun shines for approximately 5 hours a day and the weather remains similar to June and July. Apart from this, one can anticipate a bit of rainfall, so it is always preferable to check the weather before heading out.

Is August a good time to visit Thailand?

August is one of those months that begins to receive some precipitation after encountering scorching heat in April, May, and June. Therefore, there is no doubt that August is a favorable time to visit Thailand. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor sightseeing. One can explore beaches as well as temples and museums during this month.

Is Thailand a bustling country in August?

No, August has not been recorded as a bustling month in Thailand as it marks the beginning of the rainy season. Tourists tend to avoid planning a trip during the wet season, so you might not find bustling streets and tourist crowds in Thailand.

Which part of Thailand is optimal to visit in August?

Since the weather is pleasant in August in Thailand, one can explore beaches such as Koh Samui, Ko Tao, and Ko Phangan, or even visit temples or museums in case it rains and you need shelter. So, all parts are equally suitable for exploration in Thailand in August.

Is Thailand expensive to visit?

Thailand is not a costly country to visit, and the cost of the trip depends on the duration of your vacation. If you are backpacking, anticipate a budget between 825-1150 baht per day, and if you are planning a luxurious vacation, expect a budget of approximately 3,300-5,000 baht per day.

Is it sunny in Thailand in August?

Although August is the monsoon season in Thailand, the temperatures typically remain high after rain during the day. You may also observe an extension in the duration of sunshine.


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