Top 10 Shopping Destinations in China for Authentic Souvenirs and Trendy Products in 2023

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China is an incredibly popular destination for tourists, and its unique culture and numerous natural & historical attractions are a major draw. The country has a multitude of subcultures, each with their own language, cuisines, and customs. While this may not come as a surprise considering the rich history and civilization that spans thousands of years, it’s exciting to know that as a tourist, you have a wide array of options when it comes to shopping in China. This is only made possible by the thriving Chinese economy, which has given rise to bustling metropolises like Shanghai and Beijing, where you can find anything you would in places like London or New York. There’s no doubt that shopping here is a delight!

10 Places To Shop In China

If you’re looking to shop till you drop or simply hunt for souvenirs in China’s famous streets, here is a list of must-visit places. Take a look!

chunxi road

1. Wangfujing Street

Located in Beijing, the premier shopping city in China, this is the primary street market in the area. Here, you’ll find countless stores selling souvenirs, food carts offering a diverse range of delicious Chinese cuisine, art shops, and department stores. Whether you’re in search of traditional Chinese herbs or modern amenities, you can find it all here. The evening market is particularly fascinating, as you’ll come across carts selling traditional Han and other Chinese delicacies. If you’re serious about shopping in China, this place is a must-visit.

What to purchase: Food and souvenirsLocation: Wangfujing Main Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100006, China

shangjx street

2. Chunxi Road

The best market in Chengdu can be found on Chunxi Road, and it’s a definite must-visit if you’re in Sichuan or on the lookout for the finest products to purchase from China. The province has its own distinct traditions, and if you’re seeking Chinese cuisine that’s different from what you’re accustomed to, this is the place to go. The bronze statues located at the beginning of the road where the market starts offer a glimpse into the history of this place.

What to purchase: Clothing and foodLocation: Chunxi Road, Chengdu, China

3. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Barkhor Street

When it comes to purchasing items in China, Guangzhou’s Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is the ideal location to explore. The culture of South China is remarkable, with the intricate and oriental architecture of the streets and shops that you will discover here. In a mere 1200-meter stretch, there are nearly 300 shops clustered together, so you must stay vigilant in order to seize a good bargain! You will find the latest brands of clothing and footwear here, as well as local stores that offer an exceptional shopping experience in China.

What to purchase: Fashionable garmentsLocation: Liwan District, Guangzhou 510010, China

4. Barkhor Street

central avenue

To immerse yourself in a different Chinese culture, visit Tibet, and what better way to commemorate the experience than by shopping on Barkhor Street near the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. The market here offers colorful prayer flags, along with an array of Tibetan snacks such as the delectable Tibetan-style dim sums, which are immensely popular among international tourists.

What to purchase: Souvenirs and foodLocation: Chengguan District, Lhasa 851500, China

5. Central Avenue

the bund

This picturesque street paved with cobblestones and the shops surrounding it were initially constructed by the Russians, and the place was referred to as Chinese Street. Even today, you can witness the significant influence of Russian architecture on the Central Avenue market. Proximity to their neighboring country means that you can actually find Russian merchandise in the markets, in addition to international eateries and large supermarkets. Make sure to visit this place if you are seeking a fantastic shopping experience in China.

What to purchase: Russian productsLocation: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

6. The Embankment

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Shanghai has emerged as one of the globe’s most vibrant cities, and the waterfront Embankment has been transformed into an opulent shopping experience. Luxury labels such as Giorgio Armani, Patek Philippe, and Boucheron have taken over the former colonial structures, and with the sight of the iconic Huangpu river, the Embankment market is now not only the most costly but also one of the most beautiful markets for purchasing in Shanghai, China.

What to purchase: Garments and purses from upscale brandsLocation: Zhongshan East 1st Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000

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