Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Boston: Unmissable Places to Explore and Shop in the City!

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Boston is one of those places around the globe that has its fair share of things and places that makes it popular among the crowd. If you are someone who spends extravagantly on shopping, you are going to adore shopping in Boston. More than the Museum of Fine Arts, the Fenway Park, and the Beach Hill, visiting Boston captivates you with the wide range of shops and beautiful places that are worth exploring. Prepared to splurge or even strung on a tight budget, shopping in Boston does offer a little something for every individual out there.

10 Places To Go For Shopping In Boston

If you have that true shopaholic hidden inside you, then this convenient shopping guide will assist you in discovering the top 10 places for shopping in Boston outlets to make your life easier.

Prudential Centre

1. Newbury Street

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Every individual who visits Boston has predominantly boasted about Newbury Street and the wide variety of shopping options it has for every kind of your shopping needs. Given the fact that it is the city’s primary upscale retail shopping destination, it can be pretty safely said that the same holds true for people who can primarily indulge and have the money for it. The entire street is not only filled and crowded with astonishing retail and branded shops, but it also has a good number of restaurants for you to try the food out.

Location: Newbury Street, Boston, MAWhat to purchase: Attire and designer wear

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Harvard Square

2. Prudential Centre

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Another one of the incredible spots for shopping in the Boston area is the various array of shops located in the Prudential Centre. Many visitors often tend to complain about the shops being scattered and not somewhat organized, which can be a bit of a Debbie downer, but the experience makes up for it. It is considered one of the most popular malls based and located around the East Coast.

Location: 800, Boylston Street, Boston, MAWhat to purchase: Completing shopping for family members

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3. Harvard Square

Downtown Crossing

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Don’t be discouraged by the name of this location, as it won’t give you that conservative and intellectual sensation because the surrounding area is completely the opposite of what you would anticipate. It is one of those places in Boston where you can indulge and splurge on shopping. This place truly embodies elegance and style in your shopping spree. In addition to shops and designer stores, you have a wide range of dining options to explore and enjoy while walking through the heart of Cambridge.

Location: Mass Ave at Peabody Street, Cambridge, MAWhat to purchase: Premium branded clothing

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Cambridge Side Galleria

4. Downtown Crossing

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If you have been exploring economical shopping in Boston, Downtown Crossing is the ideal place for you. Bursting with a wide variety of shops that offer all kinds of merchandise and clothing, the stores on this street always have fantastic deals and sales taking place, which can greatly satisfy your overall spending and bank account. Additionally, it offers excellent dining options and is a fantastic street to leisurely stroll and witness the vibrant atmosphere.

Location: 59 Temple Pl, Boston MAWhat to purchase: Any and every type of merchandise your heart desires

5. Cambridge Side Galleria

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Copley Place Mall

The Cambridgeside Galleria is unquestionably a superb shopping mall in Boston that you should definitely visit. Along with hosting some of the best stores for a fabulous shopping experience, it also offers fantastic stores and captivating dining experiences to explore. If you’re in the mood for purchasing something, some of the most popular stores in the area include Sears and Borders.

Location: 100 Cambridgeside Place, Cambridge MAWhat to purchase: The top stores in the area include Sears and Borders

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6. Copley Place Mall

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Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The next item on the Boston shopping guide is the Copley Place Mall. This is for the wealthy individuals because the place consists exclusively of upscale brands and stores, something that will make a significant impact on your finances. If you want to experience a touch of sophistication while in Boston, visiting (and potentially purchasing something) from the Copley Place Mall can be an incredible opportunity for you to create lasting memories. Gucci is arguably the highlight of the place, so if you are there, take a leisurely walk through the store and make a purchase if something catches your attention and you have the means to afford it.

Location: 2 Copley Pl, Boston, MAWhat to purchase: Take a look at the Gucci Store for some goodies

7. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

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Don’t worry, we have everyone’s best interest in mind, which is why we are presenting a variety of shopping destinations throughout Boston. If you are interested in exploring one of the oldest marketplaces in Boston, the Faneuil Hail Marketplace is certainly the one for you to explore. Combined with its charming seaside vibe, this place offers everything you desire in an ideal shopping destination.

Location: 4 S Market, Boston, MAWhat to purchase: Clothing and local favorites

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