Top 10 Scuba Diving Destinations in Italy for Thrill-Seekers in 2023

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Italy is an extremely popular tourist destination that is often overlooked for scuba diving. However, there are numerous locations that are considered ideal for those who want to explore the underwater world of Italy. Scuba diving in Italy is rapidly becoming a popular sport. Beautiful sandy beaches, limestone tunnels, enchanting caves, and stunning gorgonian corals will delight underwater explorers from around the globe.

Top 10 Places For Scuba Diving In Italy

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For frequent travelers, Italy is seen as a dream vacation for passionate scuba divers, it’s a pure delight. Perhaps scuba diving in Italy is overshadowed by its coastal history. However, the warm clear Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas offer perfect locations for some of the finest diving opportunities. The optimal time to go scuba diving in Italy is from April to November. Please note, August can be extremely crowded.

  • Amalfi – Caves And Grottoes
  • Sardinia – Colorful Underwater Images
  • Elba – Unusual Marine Life
  • Ustica – Tunnels, Caves, And Reefs
  • Portofino – Pristine Waters
  • Sicily – Impressive Shipwrecks
  • Sorrento – Natural Hollows And Mystical Creatures
  • Ischia – Sunlit Depths
  • Palinuro – Submerged Caves
  • Calabria – Sunken Military Ships And Corals

1. Amalfi

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Located on the west coast of Italy, on the magnificent Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is a fantastic destination for diving enthusiasts. The depths of the deep blue waters in Sorrento offer a plethora of underwater treasures to behold! Diving in Sorrento is characterized by the same geological features found on the coastline, such as grottoes, sheer drop-offs, and caves. The jewel in its crown is the protected marine area of Punta Campanella, making it the premier spot for scuba diving in Italy.Average price: INR 6,000/-Best time to dive: April to November.

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2. Sardinia


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Sardinia is among those prominent locations where you can encounter the supreme underwater exploration in Italy. This is the second largest Italian isle, situated in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Corsica. Sardinia is esteemed for three aspects: the beach lifestyle, transparency of its beaches and lively subaquatic visuals. The isle boasts abundant spots for an unforgettable subaquatic expedition in Italy. For appreciating the natural splendor of the isle, you can explore various areas such as Capo Carbonara, Orosei Gulf, Capo Testa, Sant’Antioco, to mention a few.

Average expenditure: INR 7,500/-Best period for diving: April to November

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3. Elba


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A breathtaking subaquatic exploration site, recognized for its stunning red, yellow, and white gorgonians, which envelop the seabed at approximately 20m. Generally, as you cross this region, you traverse a Posidonia meadow at 25m, then it plunges to 30m with red gorgonians reaching a depth of 40m. Upon reaching the entrance of a cavern, you will be rewarded with scorpion fish, lobster, and a variety of pelagic fish such as amberjack and barracuda.

Average expenditure: INR 6,700/-Best period for diving: Year-round

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4. Ustica

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Another outstanding diving destination of Italy is in Ustica which ranks as the absolute best in the Mediterranean. Since 1986 the entire island has been a Marine Reserve which is a reservoir of numerous fish covering some significant specimens. Ustica regularly features tunnels, caves, reefs, and walls which will enhance your experience of scuba diving in Italy. It also includes a towering, perfectly adorned wall, substantial reef of barracuda, goliath amberjacks, grouper, and a shipwreck.

Average cost: INR 8,500/-Best time to dive: April to October

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5. Portofino

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Portofino is in Liguria, a region of the Northwest part of Italy, connecting with France. It’s commonly referred to as the Italian Riviera and a popular tourist destination, especially for individuals who can afford the expense of luxurious yachts. The Ligurian Sea is a branch of the Mediterranean Sea, situated between the island of Corsica and the Italian mainland. Portofino is the hub of scuba diving in this area and is considered the birthplace of Italian scuba diving.

Average cost: INR 12,000/-Best time to dive: April to November

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