Top 10 Paragliding Destinations in Los Angeles to Satisfy Your Adventure Cravings

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Los Angeles is a popular city for tourists to experience the Hollywood lifestyle. However, there is more to this place than meets the eye. Not many are aware that the dream city also offers limitless excitement and adventure for those seeking it. While it may have numerous upscale streets and glamorous beaches for stars and celebrities, it also has several perfect spots for outdoor action. There are various opportunities for individuals to go on hikes, mountain bike rides, and even experience the thrill of paragliding in Los Angeles. In fact, the city’s terrain and its surrounding areas are ideal for this kind of adventure, which is why this sport is gaining popularity here. Los Angeles is surrounded by hills, flat lands, and other suitable locations for paragliding. Here is a list of some of the best places where you can try this sport.

10 Perfect Places For Paragliding In Los Angeles And Its Surroundings

One must understand that in order to experience paragliding over this magnificent city, they will need to visit and paraglide from locations that are situated outside the city limits. We have compiled a list of some of the top locations for paragliding in Los Angeles that are near the city and will provide you with breathtaking views of the Los Angeles landscapes once you’re up in the air.

Henninger Flats

1. Henninger Flats

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Even though it may not be the most ideal spot for paragliding in Los Angeles, it certainly makes for a great one! Henninger Flats is located near Pasadena, often referred to as Los Angeles’ twin city and one of the most renowned places near Los Angeles. You will find it filled with sand, numerous trees, and breathtaking valleys that become even more stunning once you’re up in the air. The view of the skyline from here is truly awe-inspiring. When landing, make sure to aim for the less populated areas in the canyon where the sand will provide a softer landing. The regulations at this location change frequently, so it is advisable to call ahead before visiting.

Distance from Los Angeles: 19.2 miles

Travel time: 25 minutes

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Kagel (Sylmar)

2. Kagel (Sylmar)

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If you’re seeking a location to engage in paragliding in Los Angeles and soar over mountains instead of the sea, then head to Los Angeles Mission College in Kagel. You’ll take off and touch down in expansive meadows and grassy plains which gliders find quite effortless, while the in-between will involve gliding above mountains. It’s the ideal terrain for novices and enthusiasts. And the sensation of witnessing breathtaking mountains from high up in the sky will be unparalleled and overwhelming.

Distance from Los Angeles: 26.0 milesTravel time: 31 minutes

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Paragliding Sails Of Paragliders Paraglider

3. Calabasas

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Also known as the Kardashian Kountry, Calabasas is more than simply the residence of the Kardashian empire. It conceals various valleys and stunning mountain landscapes that appear incredible from the skies. Located a little further in Los Angeles County, it presents nothing less than an archetypal paragliding experience in Los Angeles. Take-off is from the few launching areas frequented by the Malibu Paragliding Club, like the one situated off of Mulholland Highway. Here, paragliders must glide off a lofty hill that overlooks the town of Calabasas, following which they will be soaring over a multitude of Calabasas hills.

Distance from Los Angeles: 29.3 milesTravel time: 32 minutes

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Saddle Peak

4. Saddle Peak

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This is another well-liked spot for oxygen paragliding in Los Angeles that is located in Malibu and requires gliders to take off from the Malibu Paragliding Club. Saddle Peak is nestled right next to the Pacific Ocean and provides the ideal paragliding location to fly in and out year-round with the perfect California weather blessing you with calm winds. During winters, the powerful Santa Ana winds in this location contribute to strong thermals, making the experience even more spectacular. You can choose to take off from any of the five launches at this club, and you’ll land perfectly on the scenic Malibu beach after some panoramic views of the ocean. Due to the steep slope and strong winds, paragliding in Saddle Peak is best suited for intermediate and advanced gliders.

Distance from Los Angeles: 18.8 milesTravel time: 35 minutes

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Tuna Canyon in Los Angeles

5. Tuna Canyon

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Another location in Malibu, Tuna Canyon is home to some of the finest hiking trails in Southern California! So, if you love to hike, as well as paraglide, this is the perfect location for you! Tuna Canyon sits near the Pacific Ocean, so while you paraglide down the canyon, you will see a stunning panoramic view of the location, along with the rest of the Malibu canyons. Since the Santa Ana winds tend to be really strong, this location is perfect for intermediate paragliders.

Distance from Los Angeles: 24.5 milesTravel time: 35 minutes

6. Corral Canyon

Corral Canyon in Los Angeles

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Situated just a short distance away from Pepperdine University, the stunning Corral Canyon offers the experience of paragliding to both professional gliders as well as amateurs in the Greater Los Angeles area. Unbeatable and impressive, the paragliding experience at Corral Canyon offers magnificent views since this place sits right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and is bounded by a picturesque tree line. Offering Instagram-worthy aerial views during your glide, this is another favored location of the Malibu Paragliding Club for the best paragliding in Los Angeles.

Distance from Los Angeles: 33.6 milesTravel time: 45 minutes

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7. Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson View

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Most individuals only recognize this formidable mountain for its charm. However, it holds more than just that! Mount Wilson is another spectacular destination for paragliding near Los Angeles and it is situated amidst the San Gabriel Mountains. With a peak altitude of over 5,712 feet, it enables gliders to attain significant height and momentum so that they can experience complete excitement and exhilaration while soaring downwards. While you’re gliding down Mount Wilson, you’ll be able to view the boundary of the vast Pacific Ocean as well as parts of Downtown Los Angeles simultaneously.

Distance from Los Angeles: 32.7 milesTravel time: 52 minutes

8. Mount Lukens

Mountain View

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Only Mount Lukens can match the level of excitement and thrill that paragliding over Mount Wilson provides! That’s why it is another preferred location of paragliders in California aside from Mount Wilson itself. Situated right on the edge of the Greater Los Angeles region, this place is frequently utilized by the Sylmar Hang Gliding Association. It’s a massive mountain with breathtaking magnificence that is nestled comfortably in the center of the San Gabriel Mountains and the town of SoCal in Glendale. One must also take note that Mount Lukens happens to possess the highest point of elevation in the Greater Los Angeles area, which makes it one of the most fantastic spots for paragliding and hang gliding in Los Angeles.

Distance from Los Angeles: 24.5 milesTravel time: 52 minutes

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9. Point Mugu

Beach Sky Paragliding Wing Ocean Side Sun

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Another well-known paragliding spot close to Los Angeles is Point Mugu located near Malibu. It will provide you with the opportunity to take-off from the charming Laguna Peak and then glide like a bird over powerful mountains and the magnificent Pacific Ocean. Just ensure you familiarize yourself with the guidelines and contact ahead since there are a few restrictions on flying in this area due to its proximity to a military site. Two of the main restrictions state that you can only paraglide on weekends and are prohibited from flying past the PCH.

Distance from Los Angeles: 47.6 milesTravel time: 59 minutes

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10. Blackhawk

Blackhawk in Los Angeles

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Blackhawk is another notable paragliding location near this affectionate city that you can reach with just an hour’s drive to San Bernardino. Blackhawk is situated within San Bernardino and is a true pleasure for gliders who are greeted with gentle, refreshing winds and the thrill of taking off from a high launching point that offers incredible views once you’re airborne. Ideal for beginners and intermediate paragliders alike, it will provide surreal views of the valleys, the nearby Big Bear Lake, and numerous low-lying hills that will all make you wish you had your camera with you in the air!

Distance from Los Angeles: 59.9 milesTravel time: 1 hour 8 minutes

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Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or advanced paraglider, everyone will find the ideal location for paragliding in Los Angeles, California. From gliding over the Pacific Ocean to soaring high above the mountains, paragliding in this fantastic city and its surroundings offers the most thrilling experiences for adventure seekers. So what are you waiting for? Head to the US and reserve your paragliding spot at any of your preferred locations mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paragliding In Los Angeles

Which location is the optimal spot for paragliding in Los Angeles?

Corral Canyon is the prime spot in Los Angeles for paragliding. The canyon offers superb vistas as it is situated right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by a picturesque tree line.

Which site for paragliding is suitable for beginners?

Blackhawk is another well-known paragliding site near Los Angeles. It is ideal for novice paragliders and offers incredible views of the valleys near Big Bear Lake.

Which location requires the longest duration for paragliding in Los Angeles?

Point Mugu is another popular paragliding spot in Los Angeles that requires approximately one hour to cover a distance of 48 miles. It provides the opportunity to take off from the beautiful Laguna Peak and soar like a bird over towering mountains and the breathtaking Pacific Ocean.

Why is Mount Wilson renowned for paragliding?

Mighty Mountain is famous for its beauty. In addition to its stunning scenery, it is an excellent paragliding location near Los Angeles. It is situated in the heart of the San Gabriel Mountains and boasts an impressive height of 5712 feet, providing gliders with an exhilarating landing experience.

Which location is perfect for intermediate paragliders in Los Angeles?

Tuna Canyon is the premier hiking trail in Southern California near Los Angeles. It is an ideal location for paragliding. The Santa Ana winds in this area are particularly strong, making it perfect for intermediate paragliders.

Name the renowned location for oxygen paragliding in Los Angeles?

Another well-known spot for oxygen paragliding in Los Angeles is located in Malibu. Saddle Peak, positioned right next to the Pacific Ocean, offers the ideal paragliding destination to take off and land.

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