Top 10 Paragliding Destinations in Japan to Soar Above the Breathtaking Landscapes!

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Do you desire to witness Japan from a distinct perspective? If you are pondering which activity allows you to do so, then you’ve arrived at the correct place. Paragliding in Japan is one of the most renowned activities for you to partake in alone, or if you are traveling with family during your sojourn in Japan. It is recognized for having some of the most exquisite locations that will undeniably bestow upon you a lifetime worth of reminiscences. Tourists flock from all-around-the-globe to relish the simple delights in paragliding from some of the premium paragliding sites in Japan.

The Optimum Time To Undertake Paragliding in Japan


The prime time to engage in paragliding in Japan is during the autumn-winter season. This is when you can anticipate the firmament to clear, which are simply ideal to delight in the most breathtaking panoramas from above. Autumn in Japan commences in September and endures until November, and the winter season commences from December and concludes in February.

If you are questioning what you should pack for your paragliding escapade, carry long-sleeved garments which are fitting for sunny afternoons and ensure you carry a hooded coat because it is typically nippy in the mornings and during evening time here. Last but not least, ensure you carry comfortable footwear, particularly when you are exploring locations to paraglide in Japan.

How To Arrive in Japan

One of the finest ways to arrive in Japan is by flight. You can either elect to land in Narita airport, which is located in close proximity to Tokyo or Kansai airport, situated near Osaka.

10 Most Sought-after Paragliding Sites In Japan

Ready to soar through the skies of Japan? Just scroll down to learn about some of the most desired locations to go paragliding in Japan with your closest pals.


1. Hokkaido, Furano

If you wish to just relish gliding in the air without any additional effort, then Hokkaido is the impeccable place for you to visit. You can easily rent a motor-powered paraglider, and be on your way to oversee Japan’s northernmost island recognized as Furano. Furano is acclaimed for its picturesque flower fields, which makes this place one of the most splendid paragliding sites in Japan. The vistas will positively leave you in awe, while you float over fields filled with the most exquisite flowers ever witnessed.

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2. Ibaraki

If you happen to be passing by the southern region of Japan, ensure that you pay a visit to Ibaraki. This location also offers the opportunity to enroll in a paragliding course in Japan for professionals, novices, and even children can have a paragliding experience here. These courses are conducted by the Japan Hang & Paragliding Foundation. Ibaraki is also conveniently accessible since it is situated very close to a train station in Ishioka, which is only one hour away from Ibaraki. If you prefer powered paragliders, you can also check out Angel Zip Sky Sports in Joso City, Ibaraki. This place is well-connected with a train station located in Midorino, which takes only 45 minutes to reach Joso City in Ibaraki from Akihabara Station in Tokyo.

3. Asagiri Kogen


After scaling Mount Fuji, do not overlook the opportunity to embark on a paragliding venture at Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School. This school is conveniently situated at the base of Mount Fuji, and guess what, you can also experience paragliding here, making this place even more worthwhile. It is one of the most marvelous ways to admire the scenery as you soar above Mt Fuji, glide over farmlands located between Mount Kenashi, and not to mention the base of the volcano as well. Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School also offers half-day, full-day, and short paragliding courses in Japan. If you come across any regular paragliders, you can also inquire about the finest paragliding spots in Japan. The optimal time to take flight in this area would be during winter, as Mount Fuji is clearly visible while enjoying the paragliding experience.


4. Saitama

Saitama is situated in the Tokugawa town, which is located in the west-central area of Saitama Prefecture. You can glide through the skies like a bird, while you soar over the mountains from Saitama, overlooking dense forests and cities. In Saitama, you can behold breathtaking views of nature and urbanization simultaneously. Additionally, here you can find a variety of tours where you can adore landscapes by means of a powered or manual paraglide. At the Dodaira Sky Park Paraglider School, you can conveniently choose from an array of paragliding courses as well.


5. Yamanashi

The Nishitokyo Paragliding School is located in Uenohara City, Yamanashi. You can also opt for a solitary paragliding escapade or join forces with a proficient paragliding instructor. Either way, you are ensured to witness the most surreal views of luxuriant landscapes and forests throughout your journey. Yamanashi is also renowned as one of the preeminent paragliding destinations in Japan. You can even carry your selfie stick and capture magnificent photos while you gracefully glide through the sky.

6. Aichi

In Aichi, you can relish breathtaking vistas of the Mikawa Bay. This locale is brimming with splendid landscapes, verdant forests, hills, and water bodies. During your visit to Aichi, you can also indulge in a solitary paragliding flight and enhance your paragliding proficiencies. The best part is that you can directly enroll in any paragliding course that suits your preference from the Ski Jam Katsuyama Ski Resort, which is located in the northeastern part of Fukui Prefecture.

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