Top 10 Must-Visit Shopping Destinations in Naples for the Year 2023!

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Naples – A Delightful Small Town with Vibrant Structures and Hospitable Locals in Southern Italy

The city boasts a renowned past that envelops it in grandeur. Naples serves as an excellent base for uncovering the wonders of Southern Italy, including the majestic Mount Vesuvius and the iconic Pompeii ruins. Additionally, being in close proximity to Italy’s fashion capital, it is a paradise for avid shoppers. Aside from clothing retail therapy in Naples, one can discover a myriad of antiques, herbs, and souvenirs.

Via Toledo

Optimal Period to Explore Naples

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This Mediterranean gem should be visited during the spring and summer seasons. Spring presents a spectacle of vibrant and blossoming flowers while summers offer the opportunity to relish the sparkling sea. However, the most favorable time to visit this enchanting town is from April to October. In April to early June, the average temperature hovers around 20℃, while July and August witness peak temperatures reaching approximately 31℃. Summers can be hot and humid, but from late September, the temperature starts to cool down.

10 Fascinating Shopping Destinations in Naples

Scroll below to discover where to find the finest products in Naples. Apart from the essentials like ceramics, local cheese, olives, and fashion accessories, these places offer an unforgettable shopping experience.

  • Via Toledo
  • Chiaia District
  • Poggioreale Market
  • A’Curreia
  • Oblomova
  • Antignano Market
  • San Gregorio Armeno Market
  • Galleria Umberto 1
  • Galleria Principe Di Napoli
  • Resina Market

Chiaia District

1. Via Toledo

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Originating as a trading hub in the early 16th century, Via Toledo stands as the ultimate shopping destination in Naples, Italy. Disembarking at Toledo Metro Station, one cannot help but be awestruck by the captivating design and operational excellence of this magnificent station. Yet, the true marvel awaits when one steps foot onto the oldest shopping street in the city, stretching over 12 kilometers and connecting the two bustling squares.

Not only does Via Toledo offer a plethora of high-quality shopping options, but it is also an architectural marvel of Southern Italy. While strolling along the street, one encounters a blend of well-established local businesses and world-renowned retail stores. From souvenirs and local products to branded fashion, this remarkable shopping street caters to every taste and desire.

Location: Via Toledo, Piazza Dante, Naples, Italy. What to purchase: Local goods, memento, and fashion accessories

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Poggioreale Market

2. Chiaia District

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The Chiaia District possesses a prominent shopping street that links to Piazza Trieste and Trento via Roma and is known for opulent shopping in Naples, Italy. One can locate a plethora of luxury brands and upscale boutiques lining the entire street. This pedestrian-only street is unquestionably a shopping paradise for individuals who prioritize brand names. Not only do the luxury brands and shoppers dominate, but the mode of transportation to Via Chiaia is also quite sophisticated. A regular funicular makes a stop in this lavish district.

Location: Piazza Vittoria, Naples 80121, Italy. What to purchase: Luxury fashion, accessories, and beauty products.

3. Poggioreale Market

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Situated in the renowned area that encompasses the famous Poggioreale Prison and the Central Railway Station, Poggioreale Market is celebrated for its leather products such as shoes and bags. Italy is famed for its high-quality leather goods, and for individuals who wish to go shoe shopping in Naples, Italy, Poggioreale Market is the place to be. With over 500 shops scattered throughout the street, one can be overwhelmed by the range of shoes, bags, and belts available. The street also offers a selection of cafes and restaurants that provide delectable refreshments.

Location: Via Marino Di Caramanico, Naples 80143, Italy. What to purchase: Shoes and bags.

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4. A’Curreia

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A’Curreia is one of the renowned leather stores in Naples, Italy. This designer boutique is situated in the Central Business District area and is popular among the locals. The boutique showcases a wide range of leather products including belts, gloves, bags, and wallets. Each product is crafted from top-quality leather and the style varies from informal to stylish. This shop offers small functional items such as keychains, pocketbook covers, and other accessories that make great souvenir gifts for family and friends.Location: Via Domenico Capitelli 41/42, Naples 80134, Italy.What to purchase: Wallets, keychains, belts, and handbags.

Antignano Market

5. Oblomova

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Considering vintage shopping in Naples, Italy? One should definitely visit Oblomova to find a variety of vintage clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and even music records. All the products sold here are crafted by local artisans and are unique. The clothing and trinkets are all sophisticated and elegant, with some even dating back to the 1950s. The products are vibrant and eye-catching, sure to attract attention.Location: 20 Via San Sebastiano, Naples 80134, Italy.What to purchase: clothing, handbags, jewelry, and gramophone records.

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San Gregorio Armeno Market

6. Antignano Market

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Situated in the Vomero hill area, Antignano Market or Mercatino di Antignano as it is known locally, is one of the less touristy markets to explore for affordable shopping in Naples, Italy. The range of goods available here is not limited like in other markets, as it is a one-stop destination for your retail therapy needs. The market sells fresh local produce such as fruits and vegetables, kitchenware, clothing, and accessories at bargain prices. What appears to be an ordinary shop at first glance holds top-quality products at budget-friendly prices.Location: Via Marcello Casale de Bustis 13-17, Naples 80129, Italy.What to purchase: Cheese, olives, trinkets, and ceramic ware.

7. San Gregorio Armeno Market

Galleria Umberto 1

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The San Gregorio Armeno Market is the primary option of the residents of Naples during the Christmas season. The street market embellishes the city with vibrant artifacts, handmade products, and food stalls created by the local artists during the holiday period. Warm traditional and timeless Christmas snacks are available in the market, along with piping hot hot cocoa during the festive season. Nativity scenes are constructed around the corner where a massive Christmas tree illuminates every year. Although the market is seasonal, if one visits Naples during the holiday season, San Gregorio Armeno Market is a must-visit.

Location: Via S. Gregorio Armeno 1, Naples 80138, Italy.What to purchase: Local crafts, vintage items, and decorative pieces.

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Galleria Principe di Napoli

8. Galleria Umberto 1

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For traditional Italian shopping, one should contemplate visiting the magnificent Galleria Umberto 1. This stunning shopping arcade features an exquisite glass dome that alone is worth a visit. The shopping gallery is conveniently located across from the Opera House and the Royal Palace. Galleria Umberto effortlessly blends into its surroundings without disrupting the grand neoclassical architecture. This shopping mall houses all the upscale Italian retailers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and Versace under one roof. In addition to these, the mall also attracts people who simply wish to gather at one of its cafes or restaurants and enjoy people-watching.

Location: Via San Carlo 15, Naples 80132, Italy.What to purchase: linen and accessories.

9. Galleria Principe Di Napoli

vintage market

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Galleria Principe di Napoli is one of those shopping districts that leave everyone mesmerized. Both the architecture and art captivate visitors year after year. If you desire a peaceful yet remarkable place where you can shop and admire the charming buildings, then this is the perfect destination for shopping in Naples Italy.

Location: Via Ettore Bellini, 1, 80135 Napoli NA, ItalyWhat to purchase: Clothing

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10. Resina Market

How To Reach Naples

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The Resina Market is an optimal place for individuals seeking affordable treasures in Naples. Numerous fashionistas, experts, and costume designers visit the market to explore and select from the heaps of treasures. So, prepare yourself to delve into the piles of jewelry, Vintage Levi’s, trinkets, and fashion garments. If anyone is searching for locations for economical shopping in Naples Italy, then you know where to go.

Location: Ercolano, 80056 Metropolitan City of Naples, ItalyWhat to purchase: Jewelry, t-shirts, trinkets, and furs.

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How To Arrive At Naples

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All the major airlines such as Air India, Alitalia, and Etihad Airways offer direct flights to Rome from New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. From the capital, Rome, one must either take a train or a bus journey to reach Naples. Buses are regularly available that stop at the city center. However, Eurail and Thalys are superior options to consider for traveling from Rome, and the trip takes approximately one and a half hours.

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Naples is certainly a Mediterranean paradise surrounded by stunning foliage, illustrious history, and captivating town center. The coastal city of South Italy, Naples is renowned not only for its historical aspects but also for its culinary delights and retail therapy. Shopping in Naples, Italy is a rejuvenating activity to indulge in after the strenuous exploration of the Pompeii ruins. Plan your trip to Italy with TravelTriangle and relish in discovering this splendid city.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Shopping In Naples

What can I purchase from Poggioreale Market?

Poggioreale Market is renowned for the Italian leather products that are well-known throughout the world. When visiting this leather market, one can purchase high-quality shoes, bags, and belts.

Where can I find artisan crafts in Naples?

One of the popular markets for Christmas shopping among the locals of Naples, San Gregorio Armeno market is a street market that showcases various stalls of vibrant artifacts, artisan crafts, and food stalls made by local craftsmen, particularly during the start of Christmas celebrations.

Where can I find vintage items in Naples?

One of the well-known vintage shopping spots in Naples is definitely Oblomova. Those who are searching for a variety of vintage shoes, jewelry, handbags, clothing, or even music records should visit this store!

What is the ideal time to visit Naples?

To experience Naples at its finest, the optimal time to visit this destination is during the spring or summer season. Welcoming travelers with pleasant and favorable weather, Naples is best visited from April to October when the temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius.

How can I reach Naples?

Reaching Naples is not a difficult task. The capital city of Italy, Rome, is well connected with all major parts of the world and houses the nearest airport to Denmark. One can utilize Eurail, buses, or trains to travel between Rome and Denmark, and vice versa.

What are the top souvenirs in Naples?

Some of the finest souvenirs that one can purchase in Naples are Masquerade Masks, Creche pieces, Christmas ornaments, Italian packaged food, ceramics, good luck charms, local jewelry, artworks, handmade journals, music boxes, and many more.

Where is Naples located?

Naples is a city situated on the Gulf of Naples. It lies on the western coast of southern Italy and is positioned at an altitude of 450 m.

What is A’Curreia famous for?

A’Curreia is another one of the renowned leather shops located in Naples, Italy. Situated in the Central Business District area, this boutique offers visitors the opportunity to purchase all kinds of leather products, including belts, gloves, bags, wallets, shoes, and more!


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