Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations in China for an Amazing Oriental Experience!

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Culture and inheritance that extend as far back as the inception of humanity, attractions to explore in China offer an overwhelming journey. Enigmatic destinations that transport travelers back in time to give them a glimpse of the world’s oldest and most revered treasures known to mankind.

There is a tremendous amount of allure, mystery, and enchantment linked to attractions to behold in China for centuries. Starting from the medieval era, China has been a source of inspiration and admiration for numerous travelers who ventured into the unknown in search of a magical land in the East. However, that magical land may indeed be explored and charted for us in the 21st century, the intrigue surrounding tourist attractions in China has not diminished in the slightest.

Extraordinary China Attractions You Must Not Miss!

Terracotta Army

1. Forbidden City

Just as you arrive in Beijing, the capital of China, the imposing presence of an ancient palace complex will become noticeable to you sooner rather than later. Situated in the heart of Beijing, the Forbidden City is one of the most exquisite places to visit in China. Travelers have the opportunity to explore the extensive 180-acre complex that now houses some of the most exceptional artifacts and collections pertaining to Chinese history.

Interesting Fact: In terms of annual visitors, the Forbidden City ranks at the top of the list of the most esteemed tourist attractions to explore in China.

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Temple of Heaven

2. Terracotta Army

Isn’t it captivating to witness an army of 8000 frozen in time for the past 2000 years? Yes! An entire army composed of warriors, generals, and horsemen sculpted in honor of the fallen soldiers who immortalized their sacrifices for Qin Shi Huang, the first documented emperor of China.

Interesting Fact: This mesmerizing mausoleum was lost in time and was only discovered as recently as 1974 by Chinese farmers.

Great Wall Of China

3. Temple of Heaven

One of the most hallowed and venerated religious tourist spots in China, the Temple of Heaven is a splendid temple built 600 years ago in Beijing. A site where the emperors of the bygone eras would pray for bountiful crops, it has recently gained recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site. This temple, deeply steeped in Taoism, is a favorite among locals and offers a splendid opportunity for photography enthusiasts to capture breathtaking pictures.

4. Great Wall Of China

The Bund, Shanghai

The Great Wall of China is perhaps one of the most discussed wonders of the world, and for good reason! A wall spanning 6000 kilometers that was constructed 2000 years ago, it remains an extraordinary architectural marvel that would be nearly impossible to replicate even in present times. Not only does the Great Wall of China magnetize international tourists who are captivated by such a spectacle, but it also serves as a paradise for enthusiasts of history and architecture who can appreciate the intricate nature of a wall that was built and reconstructed over the years. Interesting Fact: The Great Wall of China is the sole monument on Earth visible from space!

West Lake, Hangzhou

5. The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund Waterfront stands as one of the most emblematic tourist attractions to explore in China, having endured the test of time while still exuding its allure and magnificence. The picturesque waterfront that spans the Huangpu river has become synonymous with modern-day Shanghai. Visitors can cherish the tranquil view of the river and the city’s skyline from this esteemed location in the high-tech metropolis.

Yangshuo County

6. West Lake, Hangzhou

A stunning lake surrounded by temples, pagoda, gardens, and mountains awaits travelers in Hangzhou, China. The location is so highly regarded by locals throughout the years that it was referred to as the ‘heavenly paradise’. What West Lake does is highlight the allure, mystery, and unblemished beauty of the immense and unspoiled Southern inland China. One of the most exquisite destinations to explore in China, West Lake is connected to a legend that portrays this lake as the sole gem to descend upon our planet.


7. Yangshuo County

If you’re searching for unspoiled natural beauty, tranquil rural scenery, and a generous expanse of verdant greenery, then a journey to the Yangshuo County is a necessity. A place that initially gained popularity among international backpackers in the 1970s and 1980s, Yangshuo has now expanded and evolved into a thriving tourist destination that caters to a wide variety of travelers.

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

8. Lhasa, Tibet

Upon arrival in Lhasa, be prepared to be mesmerized by breathtaking panoramas that will elicit gasps of astonishment and admiration for a city so splendid and divine. A center of Tibetan Buddhism for over a millennium, Lhasa is an immaculate sanctuary that will redefine spiritual enchantment for you.

9. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Leshan-Giant-Buddha_19th oct

We’ve all witnessed the film Avatar and been captivated by the extraordinary-shaped mountains seemingly suspended in the air like a floating enigma. The inspiration for those mountains was drawn from the pillar-like rocky cliff formations within the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is one of the few tourist destinations to visit in China that not only perplexes travelers but also poses a challenge for geologists in explaining the origin of these peculiar pillar-like mountains.

10. Leshan Giant Buddha

A colossal 230-foot tall Buddhist statue was established over 2000 years ago in Leshan, Sichuan (southern province of China). The statue was a component of the inaugural Buddhist temple constructed on Chinese territory. The immense towering figure of Buddha carved in a seated position is a awe-inspiring sight for travelers who visit this location for the first time.

Aren’t every one of these tourist places to visit in China a captivating expedition in themselves? Travelers who adore China deem that this is just the tip of the iceberg and the country holds more escapades than you can handle in one lifetime. We would also be thrilled to learn about your captivating stories from your Oriental experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Places To Visit In China

What are the finest places to visit in China in January?

Travelers can visit the Great Wall of China to witness a winter wonderland teeming with snow.

What are the places to visit in China near Hong Kong?

Vibrant tourist cities like Macau and Guangzhou can be explored while on a trip to Hong Kong.

How frequently is English spoken in China?

Communication can often be a significant obstacle in China as the majority of the nation does not speak English. When visiting rural or inland tourist places to visit in China, it is advisable to make all bookings in advance.

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