Top 10 Must-Try Cafes in Thailand: Exquisite Thai Cuisine and Refreshing Beverages!

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a pirate themed cafe in Thailand

Thailand has emerged as a popular tropical destination for a multitude of tourists from around the globe. Whether you seek a destination bachelor/bachelorette party, a summer beach getaway from work, or simply picturesque island bays to explore underwater, Thailand offers it all. Moreover, Thailand provides an abundance of culinary delights to welcome incoming tourists, and this phenomenon is particularly evident in the numerous cafes that have sprouted in the country in recent years. Boasting some of the finest fusion cuisines that are bound to captivate your taste buds, these venues serve as prime spots for socializing and meeting new people. Below is a compilation of the top-notch cafes that you cannot afford to miss on your visit to Thailand:

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focus on a certain girliness

While Thailand boasts countless eateries and bars, nothing can surpass the allure of these 10 cafes where you must make a pit-stop and relish the delectable food during your upcoming vacation in Thailand. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Pooltime Cafe

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One of the fresh additions to Thailand’s cafe scene, this cafe has gained immense popularity among patrons due to its three adorable resident raccoons named Bob, A-po, and Poon. The decor exudes a neo-style vibe, with vibrant colors and minimalist furniture, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a poolside setting. The place is highly Instagram-worthy, and the food offerings are equally captivating – don’t miss out on trying the Blue Bun burger accompanied by a delightful shake, which not only tastes good but also serves as a great subject for a photograph.

decor of the cafe is comfortable

Location: Wattana, BangkokCost for two: INR 1200

2. Sretsis Parlor

is a high-end Thai brand managed by two sisters, and the Sretsis cafe is essentially a representation of the same elegance that is a part of their brand. Just like the name suggests, the cafe embraces a certain femininity that is commonly seen in East Asia. The daisy floors and sky-like ceilings are just a fraction of the heavenly decor that combines vibrant colors with an array of floral wallpapers. Arguably the finest cafe in Thailand 2018!

the decor is related to medieval era

Location: Khet Pathum Wan, BangkokCost for two: INR 2500

3. Big Dog Cafe

Animals evidently play a significant role in the cafe culture in Thailand, and the Big Dog Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Thailand that showcases this trend. The ambiance of the cafe is cozy, and there is outdoor seating in the rear where you can sit back and unwind. However, the place is most renowned for the rare breeds of dogs that the owners house, such as the chow chow and Alaskan malamutes.

enjoy their pastries and excellent coffee

Location: Huai Khwang, BangkokEntrance fee: INR 320

4. Mocking Tales Cafe

This cafe is designed for geeks, and as soon as you step foot inside, you will understand why. The entrance is adorned with magical potions and books about witchcraft. If you’re wondering about the concept, you’ll soon discover more when witches and goblins start appearing from beneath your table. The cafe has a populist theme, so don’t be surprised if you find Lord of the Rings-inspired desserts and decor that resembles a blend of medieval and Middle Earth.

Place: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, BangkokExpense for two: Indian Rupees 2200

5. The Boulange French Bakery

The indication of a bona fide French bakery and cafe is the coffee and croissant for breakfast, and in that aspect, this cafe, located in the center of Pattaya, is a real champion. The paninis and pastries and patte and all types of the French bread that is baked right in the cafe make it one of the preferred cafes in Thailand for breakfast and lunch. Even though the place does not shut until midnight, set aside some time to peruse French newspapers and savor their pastries and exceptional coffee in a genuinely Parisian style in the morning.

Place: Pattaya-Naklua RoadExpense for two: Not Applicable

6. The Cafe for Readers

This is a splendidly calming spot for individuals who yearn to relax and concentrate. Or read, to be precise, as the cafe is brimming with all sorts of books. While most cafes in Thailand are filled with the same antiquated travel books, the Cafe for Readers is a delightful exception with old-fashioned masterpieces and contemporary hits mingling flawlessly with the most diverse books on Thai culture and travel. one of the internet cafes in Thailand, there is an extensive menu here, so there is unquestionably something for everyone here.

Place: Muang Pattaya Chong BuriExpense for two: Indian Rupees 1000

7. Cupcakes by Miss T

It is truly a marvel that you will discover something like this here. The place has the best muffins anywhere in Pattaya, and the small moments of joy are the central attraction for many locals and tourists in the region. The place does not just offer muffins though, and you can acquire dairy and gluten free cakes and specialties for your special events by special order here. And it definitely does not end here, as this unique cafe in Thailand also offers baking classes and a place where you can receive a Thai foot massage.

find delicious organic food

Location: Pattaya Chon BuriPrice for two: INR 800

8. Piratebay Cafe

On the popular Jomtien Beach, Piratebay Cafe is a cafe with a pirate theme in Thailand, complete with sunken ships, servers in pirate outfits speaking the pirate language and a menu related to pirates. A great place to bring your family, the place is actually great if you want to have a coffee or a cocktail, a really surprising combination. Located in the Pattaya City and not so much in the crowds, this is a great place to relax.

Coffee Hot Cafe Cup Cappuccino Latte Drink Faom

Location: Thappraya Road, Pattaya Chon BuriPrice for two: INR 1200

9. We Cafe

One for the millennials, this is the finest cafe in Thailand in terms of fresh organic produce. Grasping the needs of their customers, the place possesses their own greenhouse where they cultivate seven distinct types of lettuce that is utilized for the delectable salads that are the specialty here. Furthermore, vegan sandwiches, wraps, and rolls are also extremely delicious at this spot, and the place is perfect for a midday meal here. Give the mango chicken salsa a try!

Location: Changwat PhuketCost for two: INR 800

10. Pikgo Coffee and Zakka

The cozy ambiance of the spot is genuinely welcoming, with the brightly colored walls and animal couches truly making you desire to be a child again. The animal theme is quite serious, they have desserts shaped like hedgehogs, coffee foam that is molded to resemble a bear, and cake rolls with cat and dog motifs. The place is undoubtedly one of the finest spots to visit with your family, and the attentive servers only enhance the experience.

Location: Mueang, PhuketCost for two: INR 500

These cafes in Thailand are remarkably exceptional in their decor and food, and unquestionably provide picturesque moments that will result in amazingly impressive Instagram snapshots. A rather unconventional aspect of Thai tourism, it only enhances the vacations here, so plan your Thailand getaway with Fred and Fuzzys now and embark on the most fantastic vacation of your life!


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